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Add and Subtract Game

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2 minutes ago, sushilicious said:
@angelangie I’m just asking, but if Let’s just say I want to create a official celebrity thread for one of idols but found out that there was already one, but the thread has been closed. Can I create another one?:ph34r:




Which idol are you talking about? 

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4 minutes ago, angelangie said:



@sushilicious which idol is that? we can re-activate the thread and hand you the ownership :) 


@packmule3 yea this year is exceptionally very busy for me ><" 


had a last minute business travel on Dec/17 and 18......then came back and office wanted to do a last minute gathering lols....


and i be off for the whole week for a road trip next week with my family!!! :D


so yea i had been keeping myself real busy recently




Alright!!!!  I like to hear that you're taking a break now and then, @angelangie You're a hardworker. :D


Just don't be dragged by life like this cutie pup. 


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4 minutes ago, angelangie said:


ok let me get the admin to un-archived it and i will transfer the ownership to you :) 


@packmule3 i have not taken a break for a long times now.....probably didnt feel like it cause if i'm home my grandma get on my nerves lols and i didnt want to tear into her....being 1) she is my elder 2) i didnt want my mom to get caught in between....so keeping myself busy at work was the best lols.....


and work....oh well....my colleagues was on urgent break suddenly this week and i'm her backup so yea things got hectic a lil out of the sudden and the worst was she was sick about 2 month ago when an urgent case fall in her acc which mean i have to stay up to 10pm in the office to get it sorted out lols :D 






I understand grandparents...


But do take a break. Keep yourself mentally sane if they're relying on you to be the sane one.:D



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