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I kind of wish I had mentioned Kim Tae- Hee when speaking about female characters in the drama although an older drama.

Love Story in Harvard as Lee So-In. 

For I will never forget and maybe some of you will remember it as well.

It's when she sneaks into Kim Hyun-Woo's played by Kim Rae-Won law office late at night and he is a sleep laying there in the dark.  And she quietly sits down on the floor beside him as she doesn't want him to know she was even ever there or wake him up.  So she takes her hand and fingertips and outlines his face ever so slowly.  And honestly so tenderly you wonder to yourself how is it even in acting possible.   That she can be so close and never without meaning to touch him. No shaking it was as if her hand was a soft whisper...


She leans down gently and with her lips pretends to kiss his forehead, nose and lips and after leaving the room.  You realize he was awake and a tear slowly moves from the corner of his eye down his cheek.  I am still amazed when I think about that moment and as many dramas as I have seen.  I don't believe there was ever a more beautiful or gentler or humbling expression of a woman's love for her man...


My favorite line of hers as Lee So-In.

"I'm not afraid of anything... If it's for you..."



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@mouse007 I have really enjoyed KTH's dramas some of which are my favorites.  Let me know what you think of the scene I posted about:) Hope you enjoy it too!:heart:


@cenching don't worry just remember angel is a part of @angelangie's   name she really is soft & sweet on the inside.:blush: 976


@Sejabin contact itunes right away and let them know you made no purchase and tell them what has happened.  I had a charge once and they checked it out and refunded my money right away.  Usually they are pretty good about checking quickly and they will know if it was a game purchase or movies etc.  How it was downloaded or who it went to.  Hang in there I know how you feel and it's not fun...:kiss_wink:

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