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2 hours ago, Dhakra said:


Whoahoahoahoa....hold your horses little lady.....when did you become a sister? Did-did I miss something? I already have a slightly annoying, oppa-driven, totally unreasonable and only sometimes barely close to likeable sister with an unexplainable impulse to not like anything I do or say. An-an-and don't trust @USAFarmgirl when she says I like my lil sister or would protect her. Naaaaah! Lil sis is like....uhm....like my emergency ration of white german Eszet Schnitten.

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As long as I know they are there, safe and nothing is broken, I feel fine and don't worry. I mean.....they are really cu.....okay, okay, horrible example.

Where were we? Ah yeah, when did you become a sister? @kokodusis a horrible elder sister. She even doesn't lend me socks! And there can't be a lil, lil sis. How does that sound? Liller sis? Even more little sis? <koko sis? Naaaaah!

And my SLS is really a pain, I mean ask @kokodusShe pretty much hates every girl I like, may it be kpop or in dramas. Not to mention dramas itself. If there wouldn't have been DotS, we wouldn't have a single drama we like!



What in the world?!?! Slightly annoying....??? Unreasonable...??? Unlikable...?!?! You do really want to die, don't you?!?! ./rage. I thought I'll be nice to you since it's the new year and all, but guess what, it will never happen. You are so going to be a dead meat today.


Credit: dhakra :/

@sushilicious I'm so sorry You just became a baby sis, but he is already dead, otthokhe?!? Please do attend his funeral. 


Also what is wrong with City Hunter?!?! It is one of the best works of Oppa. Of course all his dramas are masterpieces, but City Hunter was on whole new another level. 





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@stargazer187 thanks for the recommendations! I started watching MoA but I got distracted and didn't make it past ep 1. I will try to pick it up again. I was considering MOO.. is it supposed to me a melodrama? My Strange Hero sounds intriguing.. I was also considering The Last Empress..LOL so many choices it seems!



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1 hour ago, Dhakra said:

Yes, that is true but what you didn't show was me saying that I'm really bad at remembering things that aren't in the recent past. I said that I can't remember things that are longer than one day away. 


You said "a few pages" back, so I thought you were talking about today. But you were talking about the 23th, which is quite long ago for me. So my initial reply was I couldn't remember, since I'm not good at remembering.

But then I tried really, really hard to remember, because I'm such a nice guy and I really wanted to remember. And then it came to me, that I actually DID reply and looked it up. And as you can see above, I was correct. 

You can't argue with my crystal clear proof! 


It seems the tides have turned. YOU(!)actually ignored my reply and then accused me of not answering. Wow. :( That's really sad. 


Hmmmm, from these convo it’s seem that you have an early onset of either Alzheimer or Dementia......:bawling: Plus hormonal imbalances since you seem to be very emotional....:bawling:


Oh well, I will let it go....poor @Dhakra  :bawling:




Do you watch 大江大河?



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@mouse007 Watch Because of you. Ok ok I know I said, I wouldn't recommend it. But after finishing sweet dreams, I think BoY is sooooooooo much better than that. It is addictive and it has Deng Lun with a little baby girl. 



@phikyl I forgot to warn you about Sweet dreams. While I won't stop you from watching it, because I do know you have a greater tolerance and patience level than me...but it gets too absurd towards the end. Noble idiocy plays a huge ugly part....watch it at your own risk. Let the ffd button be your friend. LOL. 

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27 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

@mouse007 what genre are you into? 




@sushilicious my favourites are rom-coms but I do branch out every now and then. As long as it has a happy ending. Basically love stories.. no horror, no extreme violence. 


@stargazer187 I don't think I've ever watched a weekend family drama so I'm intrigued. Why was The Last Empress too much for you? What didn't you like about it?


@kokodus ok I will give it a go just because... Deng Lun. I cannot get enough of him. I mean, his smile.. I just die.



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My sons have a Science Fair with Eco Friendly Themed at school and the students are require to submit a Science Project Proposal. My crazy youngest told me that his idea for SPP will be Eco Friendly Funeral Service which’s instead of  burying the corpse in a coffin and the trimming, he will suggest to donate it to the farm....:skull:


Your saying about @Dhakra being dead reminds me of it....:naughty:  



I had to go back to find  @kokodus‘s post about that....I love the gif...:joy:




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1 minute ago, kokodus said:

@cenching what they will do with his body in the farm?!?! I was thinking of donating his body to my med University. Cadavers are so in demand these days. LOLOL. 


That gif was made by dhakra himself. LOL. 


The farm will use it for Eco Friendly all naturale organic fertilizer....:skull:


1 minute ago, mouse007 said:



@cenching LOL so what did you tell your son?



I said, put it down in your proposal, submit it to your Teachers and let them decide...:glasses: His Teachers are get used to his antics anyway....My children are studying in a progressive school so he will be fine...:lol:



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