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Hi @LSGLMH_88, unfortunately, I’m lagging a lot today, so not sure how long I’ll be around. Still, let’s add while we can. :) 

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2 hours ago, LSGLMH_88 said:

I just did not understand that stupid king's character...!!!! how fickle minded he was...

He was fickle but he was also sneaky. He sometimes puts BJ in a tight spot or punishes him not because he believes in the lies the others have spun but he was wanting to get a reaction from BJ. He wanted BJ's loyalty . He wanted to control BJ. But he would never ever really kill BJ because without BJ , he was nothing. 


@bedifferent I agree very much with you post.  Especially this part. Very good point. If you have time do post in the thread. 

1 hour ago, bedifferent said:

When Director Jang and HR buried the truth about TW being the killer, they go against what they have been all drama.  Weren’t they all about the truth?  If they have let TW confessed and if TW had the courage to turn himself in despite MW’s move, it may have been a better path for TW. Though he would have been jailed, he would have been less ridden with guilt and perhaps, still alive.  Even when HR strayed from the truth, hiding her hsb’s crime,  she still couldn’t help him.  It was difficult but I wished she had stayed with the same guiding principles that she gave Jiwon.  



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