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Add and Subtract Game

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@kokodus oh which one? The discussion or the mad lib games?? :D you have to join the game kokodus. Hahaha. Well.. have u caught up until 14? Geez, I don't like the cliffhanger!  and I hate to wait another week! :bawling:


@triplem it's OCN drama tho, the subs will be pretty slow usually. Unless, it is so hyped and more online channel platforms cover them.  



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why soompi support is very slow and just keep ask and ask and ask, do I really want my acc back because it is seems normal.. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF NORMAL when I become black and white and lost my messages huaaa huuuu huuu huuu :bawling:

and why must they ask thousand times and not just restored it.. I am begging to them 3 times and they just ask and ask and ask.. I lost my patience huuuu huuuu huuu :bawling: if they restore that acc I will just keep it like that. I will use other acc. they owe everything they deleted from me there!! :bawling: huuu huuuu huuuu.. 

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