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[Reality Show] The Genius 더지니어스 Season 3 - TVN (Season concluded 17th Dec 2014)


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My initial favourite was Choi Yeonseung (the Oriental doctor), but it looks like Lee Jongbeom (web cartoonist) has a lot of potential. He is definitely much better than his peer Kim Pong from S1.

Kim Kyunghoon has single-handedly made life difficult for himself by ruffling too many feathers and stirring disdain in just one episode - both from his own camp and the other, so besides the cute Oh Hyunmin whom he gave the life token to, the rest are not going to give him an easy time.

Yoo Sujin has a calculative mind and the potential to usurp Kim Kyunghoon as the betrayal icon.

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"Betrayal is common in The Genius. It's what's after that comes is the problem." Lee Jongbum's way of "comforting" embarrassed Kyunghoon when his betrayal was revealed XD

Watermelon group had it coming to be honest. So many signs that the other players were going to come after them yet they didn't consider the option of changing to a different fruit until it was too late. They should've done it when Yoohyun changed to watermelon but instead, they were too worry about letting him take all the money for watermelon sales that they just matched his low price so that at least they got something.

As for Ahyoung, her mistake was relying & trusting one person too much. Especially when the game has just started & you don't really have anything to go on. She just made it easier for Kyunghoon to betray her. Hopefully she's learned her lesson.
Definitely sucks for Juri. She had the advantage but she was too cautious which led to her miscalculation.

Seeing the preview for next week's episode, I wonder if it has anything to do with Kang Yongsuk's comment about Ha Yeonjoo at the press conference lol

Does anyone know how far in advance does the show record?

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Guest SheenaF

After watching the subs

Jang Dongmin kinda stands out too much, he might be in danger next time.Ha Yeonju, Lee Jongbum, Kim Junghoon, Choi Yeunsung doesn't get enough screentime for me to assess.Kim Yoohyun and Kim Kyunghoon are quite the ambitious bunch.Oh Hyunmin is sneaky as heck! But I think others might catch on to him...Yoo Sujin is quite a calculative lady but I don't know what is she doing revealing stuff to the other team while still using that secret for apples X_X (I still like her a lot though don't judge)Kwon Juri...;;Shin Ahyoung is definitely too trusting and ended up in the deathmatch because of it. It looks like in the 2nd episode, she hasn't learned her lesson? We'll see. She has the potential as a DM player though.Nam Hweejong is lucky enough he got the loud Dongmin to cover him LOLI feel like I'm missing one person...

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Guest m1deoyo

thoughts on the episode:

it's smart that nam hweejong is using jang dongmin as a cover... and for interpersonal relationships. he still comes off as awkward when trying to get people together, but now, he has dongmin for that. he better hope that dongmin doesn't wisen up and catch on that he's being used.

kim yoohyun was quite disappointing? imo he should've been able to create better contingency plans due to his experience as a poker player. while i understand it's a different field altogether, the one thing both games (genius and poker) would have in common would be taking into consideration what other players would put out. as such, contingency plans should've been his thing.

didn't see ha yeonju's potential this episode. she was barely in any scenes and seemed like a sheep. i'd love to see it in the upcoming round though.

kang yongseok's strategy will make or break him in the game-- either he'd get people acting as legs because he's trustworthy, or they'll dump him because he's easy target. we'll see what happens in the upcoming round or so. he's a public figure, a politician at that, so he's gonna stick to being 'truthful and honest' like lee junseok (from season 1) and the others will take advantage of that.

kim junghoon seemed to be barely there. i'd like for him to be more comfortable so we'd get to see what he can actually do.

shin ahyoung trusts too quickly and is easily betrayed. she should learn from the first round that she should always have a backup plan. didn't they teach her not to put all her eggs in one basket? shame, her father's the FSC chairman.

lee jongbeom showed potential then faded into the background. don't drop the ball! always be on your toes in this game. i hope he steps up soon.

kwon juri, another sheep. she misjudged the last portion of the death match. a safer thing to do would have been to use half of the remaining points. while prudence is important, being bold is what takes you far in this game.

yoo sujin seemed calculative but she also didn't seem to be as present as the others. i hope she picks up the ball because she's a financial advisor, a risk manager, game theory (prisoners' dilemma, at that) is something she faces everyday!

oh hyunmin's very sneaky and cute. i hope he doesn't get caught early. but i do like that he has backup plans and is not limited to just one alliance. he seems to be a very fluid person, i see how he won kaist's version of the genius.

choi yeonsung was another sheep. sighs. please step up and make this enjoyable.

finally, kim kyunghoon. props to him because of his strong desire to win. but showing greed and power this early in the game may be dangerous. he's certainly shown them what he's capable of and now they'd be more wary of him and more likely to ally up against him.

the first episode was okay. i look forward to the rest!
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Guest snowdjinn

- includes "Most Powerful Players" Ranking
- includes Top 5 favorite players Ranking
spoilers !! *Click "Show" to view*

A. Main Match
There is no easy strategy for the fruit game. Its pretty much like Stone-Scissors-Papers. You have to anticipate the actions of the other players, you have to know who you can trust. Its a good choice for a 1st game. There are many different ways to play it, so each player reveals a little bit of his habits and favorite way to play a game. People who are willing to betray are tempted to betray. People who understand gameplay will talk about it, people who are not good at games will not understand how to use "secret" and "change" etc.

B. Death Match
Dealer Yuri made a lot of strange decisions and ended up getting eliminated. Honestly, i think AhYoung, who survived, is a bad player. She was just lucky that her opponent was so weak. (maybe thats why she picked her?)


1. The Most Dangerous Player seems to be PokerPlayer YooHyun. He understood the game. He came up with many good strategies, even sneaky ones. He was able to persuade his allies to give HIM the victory in this game. THIS is very important and shows you that he is the most dangerous player. Not only can he lead people and make them trust him, he can also make them give him points with the reason "i switched teams for you so give me all your points". Well, they all happily gave HIM the points.

2. Runner-Up for Most Dangerous Player has to be Web-Toon-Writer Jong Bum. He was very confident from the first minute he appeared. He was confident enough (because of his psychology background ?) to immediately analyze other players. When the game was announced he showed that he is a very quick thinker and immediately came up with some strategies. Maybe he is a bit too agressive and cold-hearted ? He keeps mentioning betrayal as a possible strategy again and again.

3. Comedian Dongmin is a loud-mouth but unlike Noh HongChul he knows what he is doing. Dongmin understands games very well and comes up with a plan. The fact that he talks a lot and entertains the viewers puts him in the spotlight but since he is a comedian, he will not be targeted by the other players for that. I think Dongmin has the skills to survive. He already gained "Hweejong" support because Hweejong wants to hide behind Dongmin. Others will join him since he is so much in the spotlight. His loud-mouth character is a bit risky but it may pay off.

4. Lawyer  Yong Suk is doing the exact opposite of Dongmin. He also talks a bit but he tries to be fair and nice to everyone and tries to stay in the background. I like that strategy and i think i would use that strategy too. I think Yong Suk is honest but not naive. He still chooses carefully who to ally with. His calm logic style and honesty can get him some allies. Especially the trustworthy players, who hate betrayal, might ally with him (since they are afraid of betrayal and only Yong Suk seems to be trustworthy to them). Of course, there is always the risk of attracting a betrayer and getting betrayed. His calm silent honesty is a bit risky but it may pay off.

5. What a cutie ! Hyunmin looks like a cute innocent kid. But deep inside, he is a strategist who obviously enjoys plotting and coming up with strategies. Still at his young age, he lacks the life experience of other players. Other than that, he is player with a lot of potential. I think there is a good chance that he survives for a long time. (especially if the other players underestimate him because of his cuteness)

6. Financier Sujin. She has a good intuition and was able to predict the actions of her opponents. That makes her a powerful player but she is a bit moody and switches allies when she feels like it. She had no problem revealing information to the opponents behind the back of her team. If she is not careful this kind of attitude can backfire and lead to her elimination.

7. He is back ! Hweejong is giving it a 2nd try. He is a bit awkward. He begs the other players to not pick him. He says he is humble but by saying that he looks pitiful. I dont care if Hweejong is smart.. his social skills are THE WORST ! He tries to hide behind Dongmin. Sometimes he cannot hold back and his arrogance shows. I think everyone knows who Heweejong is. I think sooner or later people will push him into the deathmatches. If Hweejong can survive 3 deathmatches, he will be a powerful player. If not, he will be eliminated early. I dont think he can avoid deathmatches for long.

8. Well, Actor Junghoon seems to be a good Allrounder. Some Charisma, Some understanding of gameplay, a bit aggressive but also a bit careful, he has potential. I expect him to join Dongmin and Hweejong. If he allies with the right players, he will go far. If he allies with the wrong players, he will be eliminated early.

9. The Betrayer KyungHoon ruined his reputation in the 1st episode. Yes, he got first place but that just puts the spotlight on his betrayal even more. KyungHoon is almost doomed to get eliminated. He was too obvious, he is also very very nervous at the set. Maybe it was just because its the 1st episode but it seems he cannot handle stress.

10. Actress Yeon Joo didnt do much. Maybe its unfair to call her a weak player after just 1 episode. But if you look at the competition in S3 then i dont think YeonJoo has any chance of winning. Maybe i change my mind after Ep2 but it looks like she will be eliminated soon.

11. okay this man is naive. Oriental Doctor Yeonseung seems to be a little bit too easy-going. He is in a team that betrays the other team. But he seems to be supershocked that some members of his team betray him. Well, expect that to happen again in the show. If this guy doesnt get eliminated in the first 6 episodes, i will be quite surprised. this guy is really naive and clueless !

12. Announcer AhYoung is the definition of Helpless. She is just confused. "I dont know", is all she says and she trusts other players blindly. Even in the Deathmatch she just did EXACTLY what she was told by her allies. "Bet 0" or "Bet 10" or "Bet 20". she just did that. AhYoung already gave up playing the games in the 1st episode and just relies on other players. She will be eliminated sooner or later. Maybe a strong player keeps her as a useful ally/puppet but as soon as she is no longer needed she will be casted aside and eliminated.

13: Dealer Juri should have won the death match. She had an easy opponent but she made mistakes. Okay, maybe she was too nervous. Sadly, Juri is out ! So her chance of winning is 0%. That means she gets last place in my list of most powerful Players.

D.) my Top Five Favorite Players after EP01
1. Actor Junghoon (okay, i am weak when man are good-looking. sorry.)
2. Youngest Hyunmin ( okay, i am weak when boys are good-looking. sorry.)
3. Lawyer Yongsuk (uses the same strategy i would use, makes me like him.)
4. Comedian Dongmin (he is funny and he is loud. i hope he stays long then S3 will be entertaining.)
5. Webtoon Writer JongBum (better than i thought, impressive player. i want to see more of him.)

@Taengstache: i think S1 and S2 they showed Ep1 on TV after recording of ep6 and before recording ep7. So that would mean, for exampe, when we watch Ep4 on TV then they record Ep10 next. I am not sure about the Final Episode though. They might wait longer to film that ?

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I really don't like it when players trust others in this game and continuously says in their interview that he/she doesn't know what to do and basically relies on others and just goes with the flow.

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Thanks i will watch this as soon as i have time can't wait ♥


Just finished watching. Too early for me to comment as I am still confused as to who is who :P. I wish there were a poster with names + pictures of everyone.

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Guest SheenaF

EP 2 stuff
Main match is Judging? Game?

Citizen team won. Yongsuk sent to DM, picked Kyunghoon as opponent.

DM and elim

DM is Betting Rock Paper Scissors

Justice prevails!!

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hei guys. i really like the genius but i didn't get to watch the season 2 before. i just want some advice do i have to watch season two first or just continue to watch season 3 without watching the 2nd season?

thanks for the advice ^^

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Guest leemaxi_ffcf

just a question for people that already watch ep 01.

in round 1 of main match, all the player have the same amount of money. so if there are no betraying and yoohyun didnt change to watermelon. didn't their money will be same until round 4 end ? if that happen who will be going to the death match

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Guest SheenaF

leemaxi_ffcf said: just a question for people that already watch ep 01.

in round 1 of main match, all the player have the same amount of money. so if there are no betraying and yoohyun didnt change to watermelon. didn't their money will be same until round 4 end ? if that happen who will be going to the death match

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hi, kinda new here, first time posting =D
anyone watched ep.2 yet? the subs are not out yet though...
watch it here [RAW]...www.inthekpop.net/2014/10/141008-genius-3-black-garnet-episode-2.html

credits to the site, the people who upload it on Dmotion & tVN~

edit:Erm.... clicking the link won't work. You have to highlight the link, right click and click on the "Go to www.inthekpop......" to get to the site...

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Anyone can tell me how to cover up spoilers? Will be real helpful..thx in advance!
I'll just discuss on Ep.1 for now~
I LOVE the changes to the general rules. It's good that something like season 2 won't happen again. That EP with Doohee was horrible. Good television but horrible ugly situation. He was backstabbed TRICE!!
It feels a bit more like S1 now, the atmosphere is much much more friendly compared to S2 where it was cold shoulders from the start.
I was also think that the producers are more careful now so that no BIG alliances are made, you can't really stick with the people you want unless you tried really hard. i.e. using change. You could only stick with people who were in the same fruit type as you, and essentially to see who would betray their group using 'secrets' as a camouflage. Yes it could have been used to confuse other teams, but I personally think it was a lame move when it was done in this situation; what would have been awesome was if the secrets were done and there was an actual deduction in the evenly distributed profits, sadly none of that happened....The contestants this round are a bit too afraid to backstab, even when there was golden opportunity to, they played it too safe. Still ! I liked the ep. very much. 
There was the laaast plain backstabbing so clear everyone could see who the traitor was, though surprised me, really wasn't the smartest move. Also the badly planned strategy of the watermelons to change to 1000w when an extra person changed in. The dealer girl shouldn't have went into the watermelon group as it had too many people making it more risky in many ways. Either, watermelon members would be tempted to lower the price for their own personal gain and does it before any other person from their group doing the same; being the target of all the other fruits coz ur now easier to manipulate and harder to trust on each other. She should have gone with the first group which was strawberries & something else....orange or melon...., but even that might have not worked out too well coz they were betrayed by the seoul uni guy the 4th round...
I think both deathmatch participants deserved to be there, the announcer for being too trusting and the dealer for switching sides wrongly. Wasn't sad to see the dealer go at all, she didn't really know what she was doing both in the main(she would have been safer with the fruits she had) & deathmatch(at least the other girl was counting!! the announcer had some strategy- though not a very good one-). It's one thing to play dead in the main match, sometimes that strategy works; It's a total idiocy to throw away a death match! She wasn't even writing down anything! i doubt she even knew how many points she had left. If she did her calculations properly she could have won! Frustrated with her lack of will to survive.
As a previous dealer myself, I kindda know dealers aren't that smart. There's no need for a very high education to be one, and also, every calculation the dealer does in the casino comes with formulas, so you just have to memorise and repeat a thousand times during your work so nothing much to challenge the brain. She's also too nice by wanting to play it all straight&narrow. This game is about deceit, and how you pull it off with cunningly or with decency. SO both the dealer and the seoul uni guy failed in that sense...
BUT... then again it's just the start! so let hope it gets wayyy~ more interesting XXDDD
People I like :- in no particular order.Lawyer(though I didn't like him much in CS), Comedian(funny & surprisingly smart), WebtoonArtist(improvement from KimPoong!), PokerPlayer, FinancialPlanner and KAISTstudent
People I meh:- mixed feelings, nothing , dislike.Announcer, Actor, Actress, Doctor, Dealer, SeoulUniGuy.

My thoughts reflect only the first ep of who I like & meh. On how they play the game(more) and stuff(less)..I do have a feeling it would differ much after a few more eps...
Also! I didn't put the ReturnGuy in because though he's in the 'meh' for me, I thought It might need a bit more explanation.I'm glad that the Pd's decided to introduce a first round eliminated contestant as a returnee instead of previous contestants who went far in the game(1.returnee will not be seen as too big of a threat, 2.will be on same level playing field as other contestants, 3.no huge advantage over first timers).I have my reservations on this guy, maybe because I didn't like his attitude in S2 and I think(mayb it's just me being paranoid..)the attitude is still there and he's not hiding it very well...I also don't like that he's hiding behind the shadows of the comedian & trying to manipulate him. Idk about everyone else, but I much rather be manipulated by someone charismatic like LeeSangmin then this guy who just pales in comparison...I hope he changes his tactic a bit, not be so scared of elimination and stuff....  

P.S. Apologies if it's confusing as I jump from place to place... it's not organized very well..heh....sorry! >~<

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Okay, just finishe
leemaxi_ffcf said: just a question for people that already watch ep 01.

in round 1 of main match, all the player have the same amount of money. so if there are no betraying and yoohyun didnt change to watermelon. didn't their money will be same until round 4 end ? if that happen who will be going to the death match

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