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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2014] Swords of Legends 古劍奇譚


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Details:Title: 古劍奇譚  /Gu Jian Qi Tan
English title: Swords of Legends
Genre: Ancient wuxia fantasy (RPG), RomanceDirector: Liang Sheng Quan (梁胜权), Huang Jun Wen (黄俊文)Episodes: 50Broadcast Date: July 2, 2014Broadcast Days: Wednesdays & Thursdays
Cast:Li Yi Feng as Baili Tusu / Han Yun XiYang Mi as Feng QingxueQiao Zhen Yu as Ouyang ShaogongMa Tian Yu as Fang Lan Sheng / Jin LeiZheng Shuang as Xiang LingGillian Chung as Princess Xunfang
Tian Yong City 天墉城William Chan (陈伟霆) as Ling YueChen Zi Han as Hong YuKen Chang as Reverend YinzhenDi Li Re Ba (迪丽热巴) as FuquZong Feng Yan as Reverend HansuYing Jun (应俊) as Ling DuanCai Zhen Tao (蔡振涛) as Ling ChuanDai Zi Xiang (戴子翔) as Zhao Lin
You Du and Wu Meng Spirit ValleyGao Wei Guang (高伟光) as Yin Qianshang / Feng GuangmoLiu Fang as Grandma You DuYang Cheng Cheng (杨诚诚) as Huan HuanLi Xiao Lu as Han Xiuning
River QinZhang Meng as Fang RuqinZhang Na (张娜) as Sun Yueyan / He WenjunJi Yang (吉阳) as Cha Xiao GuaiQi Wei as Ye ChenxiangYue Die Li (岳跌利) as Ye Wenxian
Synopsis:In Legend of the Ancient Sword, which takes place during the Tang Dynasty, young martial artist Baili Tusu (Li Yifeng) feels a mysterious aura in him that can be suppressed only with the Sword of Burning Solitude. When fighting bandits, he meets Ouyang Shaogong (Qiao Zhenyu) and Fang Lansheng (Ma Tianyu), who are on a quest to find a jade ornament that will help them create a resurrection elixir. Tusu decides to join them on their adventure, hoping that the elixir will be able to awaken his slumbering mother. During their trip, he meets Feng Qingxue (Yang Mi), an immortal who has come to earth to look for her brother. After Shaogong’s elixir proves to be a success, Tusu discovers that his mother is in danger and that he must fight with the power-hungry Shaogong to save the world.
Watch it here with English subtitles!
Raw Trailer:

OSTs:Heart of the Sword - Zhang Jiehttp://youtu.be/S8l2ssNN95U

Lover Song - Anson Hu

Additional Links:
Swords of Legends 古劍奇譚 Viki English Subbed Episodes
Swords of Legends 古劍奇譚 Raw Episodes

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