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[OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun ☾ The LTE Couple ☽ WGM: PART 1

Guest Tinkiebell

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Continuation of the conversation in the dark room...
Back in the dark room...
JR asks SE : About your age...How old are you then?
SE : I'm rather young. I just graduated from high school not too long ago. She also adds that, "The subject of Marriage has never once crossed her mind."
She then asks JR in return : You seem like your much older. Is that true?
JR jests : Yeah, that's true. I'm of marriageable age.
SE opens her mouth ajar...
JR continues saying : The song, "Around my thirties" is already heard 5 to 6 years ago.
SE starts to exclaim aloud as she does her mental calculation of figures.
SE : Forty years old? It can't be that you're already 40 years old?
JR plays along and didn't reply.
SE looks pretty worried now.
JR then continues to tease her and asks : How come she has nothing much to say now? Are you crying now?
When JR was interviewed later, he revealed that when he lied about his age and SE thought that he was really 40 years old, he could hear the heartbreaking sound of her voice. At that moment, he really thought that she has broken down into tears.
SE when interviewed later confessed that she knew her imaginary hubby was lying about his age as she could hear it from the sound of his voice that he was lying. She is simply pretending to play along with him because he seems really pure and innocent.
JR finally confessed later that he is just thirty years of age. He also asks SE, "Are you an actress?"
SE lies and says : I can't really say that I'm an actress.
JR then asks her : Are you a singer then?
SE then lifts up her hands showing a playful gesture implying "it's up to you to guess my profession".
Se : Can you see my hand gesture that I'm making now?
JR replies : Yes, I can...
SE then places her hands down so JR remarks that he can't see her hands anymore and moves in to take a closer look.
SE jokes and says that she has beautiful hands.
Hence, JR asks if she wants to shake hands with him. He then grabs hold of her hand and shakes her hand while saying, "Let's take good care of each other from now on."
JR doesn't release SE's hand immediately after the handshake but he gently touches/caresses her fingers saying that they are really soft, causing SE to feel somewhat shy and embarrassed.

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wow I really like kim so eun and I'm quiet surprised that she joined wgm because I think most of star joining wgm is a rookie correct me if I'm wrong and I consider Kim So Eun not a rookie star she has build her name as an actress. I like the idea that they are both actors. And I think these two are straightforward and blunt person. I'm looking forward for these two couple.

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Preview for Ep 239...
SE : Are you looking for trouble eh?
SE (in a threatening tone) : Have you ever been hit or punched for looking at someone's selcas? 
JR (pretending to sound worried) : Will you really hit me?
SE : Of course, I won't hit you!
The next scene when they seated on the sofa and JR has his left hand rested on the back on the sofa seat.
While looking at some pics on her cell phone....
SE asks JR : Will these do? Or are they too simple?
She feels JR's hand behind her and asks him...
SE : Do you always placed your hand in this manner when you're seated down?
JR teases her and says that he usually sits in this manner on the couch.
When they are outside, JR starts holding SE's hands. So the host remarks that he seems to like holding her hands and that they seems to be progessing rather fast.
The scene moves back to the dark room....
SE asks JR if he is also an actor and how long has it been since his debut.
JR leans forward and tries to catch a closer glimpse of who his wife is...
SE : Don't come so close to me...What are you trying to do?
She asks him again : How long has it been since your debut?
JR : 6 to 7 years...
SE adds on : I'm your sunbae...
SE continues to asks JR : Do you have long hair?
JR replies that his hair is short.
SE boldly asks if she can touch his hair and JR replies that it's fine with him.
He starts grabbing hold of her hand and places on his head.
SE starts touching his hair and remarks that it seems rather long.
JE replies : It's much shorter now as compared to my longer hairstyle in the past.
SE claps her hands in delight and exclaims in excitement.
SE : I think I know who you are now. I can sense it.
JR laughs aloud and says : That can't be. I should be the one to guess your identity first.
SE continues to asks JR further as if to verify that her guess is correct.
SE : I know....Have you starred in movies before?
JR replies : Yes, I have acted in movies before.
This further confirms that SE knows who her imaginary hubby is...
She remarks " Now, I'm 100% certain that my guess is correct...
JR doesn't give in and asks SE : What's your surname?
SE replies : I'm not telling you...Then she adds, "I seem to know what your surname is too..."
JR replies that his surname is not a common one...
SE : However, I am still not planning on telling you....
SE : You don't seem like one who stars in comedies....
JR : That's because I don't appear and seem very humorous right?
JR then laments : She seems to have guessed correctly who I am...I'm really lost out to her this time round...Oh...it's driving me crazy...
At the park where they finally reveal to each other who they are...
JR is seem mumbling to himself while still trying to guess who his imaginary wife is...
Jr : She graduated from high school not long ago and has a really direct and forthright personality. She has also starred in many dramas and movies too.
He remains clueless who she is...and laments that this is driving him crazy trying to guess her identity...
When he was interviewed later, he remarked that he is not very sensitive when it comes to things as such and expressed his disappointment that in spite of knowing all these details about her, he is still unable to guess who she is...and she is just seated next to him...
Back to the scene at the park and SE is seen making her way to their meeting place.
She shares that she is feeling very nervous...
SE : I'm guessing that it's probably close to 80% that he is KIm Shi Hoo or maybe about 38% that he could also be Song Jae Rim...(Wow, she has indeed hit the bull's eye cos it isn't easy for her to guess someone's identity in the darkness).
SE continues saying : He seems to have a small face. She starts to worry and says : When he is together with me, what should I do if my face appears to be larger than his?
SE saying in a shy voice : Seems like we won't encounter much problems when we have more skinship between us (referring to the parts that they already have some form of skinship in the dark room).
SE then adds saying that : She won't feel so shocked by it nor taken aback. For I will know what I should do next.
JR confesses that he seems to be taken aback by the statement that she has made that, I'm not intending to tell you about my identity..."
JR starts mumbling : Do I sound very incoherent in my speech? And that there seem to be unnecessary pauses in my speech.
SE approaching JR saying that she can see his back-view now. She starts using her clutch bag to cover her face.
JR exclaims that SE is trying to be mysterious by using her bag to cover her face.
JR then jests : Since she is covering her face with her bag, I will also use my hands to cover my face too.
He then adds on : She really doesn't seem like an ordinary person.
JR starts to bend down and hide away from SE...
When SE is in front of JR, they exchange greetings with each other.
JR suggest that they count down to 3 then they would reveal themselves to the other.
SE isn't shocked to see JR is actually her imaginary hubby since she has already guessed who he might be.
She simply said : Annyeonghaseyo!
JR looks at SE and asks : Who are you?
SE : You mean you don't know who I am?
This caused the both of them to feel rather shy and embarrassed...
JR admits that he really doesn't know who she is when SE queries him again.

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The final scenes of JaeEun couple together in Ep 238....Also contains Preview for Ep 239...
When interviewed later, SE shared : So my guess which is 38% that is Song Jae Rim is correct. At some point, I managed to guess his true identity so I'm kinda happy and exhilarated to know that I've guessed correctly after meeting him in person.
She added on : No matter what the circumstance is, he has never once seen me before?! So I'm going to work really hard and slog like a cow so that everyone in Korea will recognise me and know who I am.
When being interviewed, JR laments that it's only right he should be able to recognise his imaginary wife straight away. Their meet-up should go something like that, "Oh, I see you're so and so and I'm really pleased to meet you."
Then he admits that he doesn't really know many female actresses so he feels that he needs to socialise more with the other artistes. He further adds that it seems like he has seen her (referring to SE) a few times.
Back to the scene at the park...
SE : I'm Kim So Eun...
JR : I'm Song Jae Rim...
Both say let's take good care of each other from now on...and burst out laughing...
The next scene when they are in a car....
JR tells SE : When they are cheering each other on, they should express themselves with more feelings...
SE exclaims : What should I do then....
At the living room...
SE is showing JR something and tells him that it has her lipstick stain on it...
JR replies : Then in that case, I will remember how your lips is like.
At the cafe....
JR asks SE : Is there anyone else aside from me?
JR starts resting his head on her arm that was placed on the couch....
SE then admits that JR seems like a "formidable match" too and that his manner of speech is a little....(starts drifting off)...
JR feeds SE with some spicy(?) food and remarks : Even though you seem angry but it seems like you like it...
At his words, SE starts to hit him quite hard on his back (wow, way to go, our sassy gal!)
JR exclaims : What are you trying to do?
SE : Call me sunbae....
SE carresses JR's pet cat and says in a teasing tone : Song...Song ah....I'm umma...
When they are outside, JR motions to SE that they should hold their hands in this manner. They start holding hands and laughing along delightfully.
P.S. At one point, JR even refers to SE as "that fella' implying that he is on rather close terms with her and feels comfortable enough to call her by this "pet name".
End of recaps for JaeEun scenes...:)

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Ahh so glad I found this place! I've been dying to talk about the first episode. I watched it without any subs so I wasn't sure what they were saying. I'm glad to see from the summation above that I wasn't too far off. Song Jae Rim seems like such a cute troll. Teasing her so much. Did he really not know who she is??? From the previews he seems like one touchy feely Guy. Also someone mentioned that Song Jae Rim gained weight and it looks good. I agree 100% his face filled out and it really suits him. Does anyone know if he's speaks with an accent? I don't think it's sartoori but the way he pronounces words sounds a little different. Am I wrong?

Someone above said he's a handful. LOL that seems true...so playful. The preview makes it seem like he keeps teasing So Eun about touching or something...

It almost sounds like he has a lisp.

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Guest gigietha

어머나, I've been watching WGM since season 1.. I love many couple of WGM.. Every cpl has different characters and chemistry.. I am a Pocangurians due to I really love Jung Joon Young-Jung Yumi Cpl.. They are my fav cpl before.. Now, after watching Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun, they remind me with Jung2 Cpl.. But, JaeRim looks more aggresif.. It makes me feel more excited.. But, sometimes I worry for type of man like Jaerim or Junyoung.. They can read woman's mind.. Fortunately, Soeun has strong personality.. It will hard for Jaerim, too, right? And, their skinship!! It really fast, right? But I love it.. I dont know how to say, but it makes me, what is it called? In Indonesia its called 'gregetan' or 'gemes'.. (Someone help me pls :o) Btw, I notice, Jaerim has a big arm, right? I cant even compare with Soeun.. But, they hands really compatible.. Yup, 남자다!! Cant wait for next week.. Jaerim's attack (?).. Haha.. Sorry with my english..

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Sharing my thoughts about the JaeEun couple...

I'm loving the vibes coming from them and I'm definitely looking forward to their unique ways of relating and interacting with the other. They seem like such a refreshing and adorable pair to watch onscreen and I do find myself smiling non-stop to myself when I'm doing the translation of their dialogue.

So Eun is one who will not give in easily to her hubby and she has no reservations about speaking her mind so I can foresee she will try to have her ways when they are together. Song Rim also seems like a formidable match for her and I can see him trying to coax her into doing things for which So Eun may just give in to him.

I still find it's hard to believe that Jae Rim doesn't know who So Eun really is but maybe, it's becos like he has mentioned before that he doesn't socliase very much so he is not very familiar with many female actresses.

Initially, I was looking out for this coupe because I've always liked So Eun and find her to be such an endearing, down --to-earth and genuine actress who is rather hard to come by. As I started watching their interactions together, I'm also beginning to find that Jae Rim is such a
cutie too if I may say so, and he seems really innocent and child-like in some ways which I find is quite rare to find in an actor. Hence, I feel they are a truly compatible match for each other. The fact that they seem to enjoy teasing each other incessantly and seem totally at ease in doing so while also playing along with the other will without doubt, bring much delight and laughter to the viewers too.

Hmm...I had in mind initially that it wouldn't take up too much of my time to do the recaps for a variety show as compared to a drama but it seems like I may be mistaken cos i do have to follow their conversations rather closely while I'm translating the lines in their dialogue. The fact that it seems to be moving back and forth does leave me wondering if these are the scenes in the current epi or the upcoming episode. Hee hee...that's becos I do have to admit that it's my first time watching the reality variety show, WGM. 

Let's continue to spazz about our favourite WGM couple... :)

(Off to grab some dinner now)... :-h

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Seems like skinship is natural for them. I really don't find this couple as awkward with each other unlike those other wgm couple in their first meeting. Also, Soeun seems confortable with Jaerim. They look like a real couple. 

Can't wait for the next episode!!! Jaerim♥Soeun ByDEyg8CUAAiXh3.jpg
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Annyeong! I am a jjongah shipper and now a jaeso (i am not sure if that's the couple name, i just made that up haha)

Song jae rim uhmmm iliked him more when he got long hair haha kim so eun uhmmm been seeing her here abd there and to what i know she recently starred in a movie with kang ha naeul ;)

This couple seems to have a lot of things in common starting with their pets haha but rather than rooting for them because of their similarities which is a lot maybe i am more excited that they are both actors - i think this js the first time they recruited both actors haha

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Hi First time posting here.I stopped watching WGM long time ago but after seen the news about Kim So Eun joining the programme, I decided to try and now I am really into it.Don't know how many times I watched yesterday's clip and next week preview!!
I really like how playful Song Jae Rim is. 
I wonder what their couple name going to be
Lastly Thank you very much peaches_2280 for the translations :)

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"SE then jests with him, "Doesn't my hubby have hands of his own?" For which, JR replies that, "Yes, he does.". SE then tells him that there is no need for her to serve him then since he has his own pair of hands and she would help out if he has no hands or his hands are full."

BOOM! - Loved how SE put JR in his place! :)
@peaches_2280 Thank you for the translations! I hope you don't get tired of providing them for us every week! I know it's really hard work but just know that we appreciate it very much! 
So that's how their conversation went in the darkroom huh?! Very interesting! Loved the banter, the flirting and everything else in between!
It's very surprising to see how JR acts on this show...i've always thought of him as this stiff, badazz who takes everything so seriously...he just gives off that vibe for some reason...on his print ads, drama characters...I totally wasn't expecting him to be such a charming and humorous guy! I especially find it too damn adorable the way he reacted to when SE said she also has a pet cat! LOL 
(and I know someone mentioned how he gained a bit of weight?! I did notice that he kinda bulked it up a bit, since I can't stop staring at his biceps! HeeHee! )
and I felt like SE have really matured and grown up from her Ga Eul days...she seems to be a force to be reckoned with!
As much as SE can put JR in his place, I also love how JR can keep SE on her toes! The witty remarks and the bold skinship (in the dark nonetheless!) but i'm glad that SE seems to have accepted that they're not gonna have any problems in the skinship department.
Now that I think about it, it might really be for the best that JR didn't know exactly who she is, there were no preconceived notions so he was able to formulate his own opinion about her on clean slate rather than based on what he have read or heard about her and from what I've seen so far it looks like she made a good first impression on him!
Given that it's only the first episode, I like what I'm seeing so far...nothing too over-the-top, I hope they get to know each other more and hopefully it keeps progressing into the right direction.
So can't wait to spazz again next week and let's keep this thread rolling!...i've been MIA on soompi for a bit since there hasn't really been anything that I find interesting lately...until now!
so are they the JaeEun or JaeSo couple? lol doesn't really matter tho..

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Peaches! thanks for the translation that was a lot of work!! Kickazzkriss I also thought JR seemed as if he would have a chic, aloof personality. But instead he is this playful, flirty, dorky dude that dresses really casually. What's with those draw string shorts like in 5 different colors??!!

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@garnetstar24 Hahaha! Yes! I noticed the striped shorts in multiple colors as well! I thought to myself...."you debuted as a model right?! LOL!"
but you know what at least it shows that he doesn't always care to look like a damn model every single time! he's just a normal guy who just wants to be comfortable from time to time!  :))

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Guest gigietha

wow I really like kim so eun and I'm quiet surprised that she joined wgm because I think most of star joining wgm is a rookie correct me if I'm wrong and I consider Kim So Eun not a rookie star she has build her name as an actress. I like the idea that they are both actors. And I think these two are straightforward and blunt person. I'm looking forward for these two couple.

wow I really like kim so eun and I'm quiet surprised that she joined wgm because I think most of star joining wgm is a rookie correct me if I'm wrong and I consider Kim So Eun not a rookie star she has build her name as an actress. I like the idea that they are both actors. And I think these two are straightforward and blunt person. I'm looking forward for these two couple.

You're right.. most of them are rookies. And ussually, they will more popular after join in WGM. I dont even think SE will join In WGm, due to she already participate in Love and Lyric with Junho 2PM. Also, somebody are shipper her and KB.. But, I really thanks to PD-nim to make them as a cpl.. They are an unique cpl..

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Guest dellrdl29

I can't wait to see the progress of this couple! that could be my favorite 'first meeting' episode to date! it was just really unique.. the concept of getting to know the other one without seeing the physical appearance was just brilliant. and who would've thought that jae rim is REALLY playful! i mean wah i didn't expect it at all. i really like the fact that he likes to tease her a lot.and i really like the fact that so eun is such a strong and feisty girl that could balance out jae rim's personality
I've repeated the raw episode so many times and the funniest moments were the one where jae rim's voice was getting high-pitch and excited-like when so eun mentioned that she also has a cat!! lol i totally agree with you @kickazzkris. i cant stop repeating his response and its always made me laugh
and the second one is the moment where they were both finally see each other but in less than 3 seconds jae rim ruined the moment and was like "NUGU YA?" loool 

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