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[OFFICIAL] Song Jae Rim ❤ Kim So Eun ☾ The LTE Couple ☽ WGM: PART 1

Guest Tinkiebell

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Tehea said:

I'm so sleepy yet I'm kinda scared to wake up tomorow morning with so much pages to read so I finally got to page 1942 and now I am shared between two feelings... 1. I want us to reach 2000 pages before next ep so we can start with Solim a new chapter of our shipper's story with 2000 more pages of delulu super delulu thoughts. 2. Although we will still be able to read back the posts from this thread closing such a wonderful chapter feels "awkward" (LOL)

Apart from the above reaching 2000 pages thing or not?... yeah I have some more to say...

I've said it a little earlier, they both look tired, and now considering the informations I got about the temperature and the time of the event, no wander they look so tired or "awkward" or whatever might come to mind... they both must be frozen so no need for further useless heartbreaking thought just let it go!  :P (trust me being tired, sleepy and nearly midnight here that was a hard one to compose   #-o  see what I mean? frozen... let it go! WHATEVER ! ! !  :-j  )

Sorry this post is getting longer than I thought it would but now typing down my thoughts I have my eyes wide opened and I should just continue right?

I've read some insightful posts and I might repeat myself about it (too much delulu don't really remember my previous posts LOL) but I agree that Solim is definitely a wonderful couple, with beautiful on screen chemistry, surprisingly tearing me between real and reel with ups and downs. I'm even more surprised to connect to our thread to enjoy some news or spazz if I can do so all that from work. If I had connection with my cellphone, damn my battery would just die like I don't know how many times during my working hours...

Doesn't it feel nice when you have work stress, and hear bad news not only from around the world but even in your own country and get all those bad vibes THEN realize that you know there is something nice to happen on Friday (or Saturday) night? that there is a ship sailing with lots of crazy yet normal delulu chingus to spazz with? Solim brings good moments and I like it. Solim ship brings good moments too. Apart from being with my family (because they are all amazing to me) Solim brings me good vibes and delulu or hyper delulu"ing" is just a great feeling.

I love it when I get all the news about both KSE and SJR getting more busy as they are getting more working contracts, a lot more of them working together still is my fav option but I want them to meet more and more success as they both deserve it (well my thought... ^_^). Of course WGM should come first for my shipper's heart :x but my KSE fan heart and with it my SJR fan heart want them to get the best for their career   [-O<

BTW when I see KSE's Wella pics I can't help but remember one of @renvic 's question about her hairstyle and I can't help to think that they are Wella team lurkers connected to this thread because they are getting really close to the hairstyle I wanted KSE to get... nahhhhh just kidding LOL

And the comments from netizens reminding us of there undeniable chemistry (delulu mind being more likely to use "attraction" instead) is just a pleasure to read for me.

As for friday/saturday's ep. I'll do some delulu analysis (mianhe! sorry! LOL) I like the preview so much because I see it this way: they are fighting their fears sure but more than fears which is an expression I don't really like in this particular case I see it as TOGETHER they can OVERCOME all OBSTACLES... pretty deep thought isn't it :-?  ? LOL

There you go... I'm done for today's inspired or inspiring post (you choose...)   :D

Remember shippers: Solim FIGHTING ! ! ! and keep it up with the good vibes while I go to sleep  =))

Good night!


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renvic said: Pyong! Good day honeybees/potato heads/solim shipper Since most of use already watch the raw episode by judging all the scene: Here are my advance question of the day for tomorrow 1. What is your favorite kse moment on the latest episode? 2. What is you favorite sjr moment on the latest episode? 3. What is your favorite solim moment on the latest episode? Bonus question: 1. From the rate of 1 to 10 and 10 is the highest, how do you hate the plate? Pyong!

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Guest adniRose

i squeal sooo loud at this scene.. probably louder when their shouting to relieve their stress..
never get tired repeating how gentleman this guy is..5nssEPEk0.gif
credit gif @aivzthegreat
i think there's some discussion before about Soeun sitting on Jaerim's lap.. just like in their school date epi, and the Kim Manager epi. as well.. and now we got this..so keep on mentioning about what you guys wish, this thread are pretty sacred because some of it turn out real.. :P
today's episode is sooo good.. i keep squealing and laughing non-stop..these two antics and chemistry can really burn my screen..and omg we're nearing 2000 pages.. what a journey we have..! big-eyes-raccoon-emoticon.gif?1302774066
it feels so long yet feel so short...thanks to all Honeybees, really appreciate meeting you guys in this beautiful thread..go go for Solim Thread 2..!

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its 12.40 AM here, have give my 6th vote. Dear God my fellow honeybees already discuss about SoLim contract, please make them calm because every thing have it fate, and their fate are married for real until the rest of their life Ps : and triplets Aamiin

and their triplets name are JaeJoong YooChun Junxu =)) =)) =))

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Guest mahomacchi

Omo omo omoooo 5 pages to 2000 omoooo~

Today episode is soooo DAEBAK! LOVE IT!!!
Please don't let them go from WGM dear PD nim..... They're so lovey dovey

Hey Jaerim please just slide your plate on next episode so you can feel Soeun lips, palliiiii! hahahaha..... XD
Aissshhh cheongmal I can't concentrate doing my work because of today episode, and I can't sleep too

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Guest caramelcake

Hi honeybees~It is like catching the first runner in a competition whenever I try to back-reading this thread, from the last page I left. This LTE title is really suitable for you all since the beginning of this thread until now. There are surely many things happened here and we'll have the second thread in couple of hours haha..time really goes fast~
I still remember when I was so excited to see Solim preview for the photoshoot episode. and I remember when there was a heated debate here, I just came home from my hectic life, and I didn't have anything to say. So, I drew this instead. 


It was made for fun. hahaha. 
Anyway, I am content with Solim's episodes and (of course) Solim's chemistry since the day one.  Today's episode is like another gold moment. The screaming part represents pretty much things they wanted to let out. With all the suffocating stuffs loaded each day, them being this free is really refreshing. I wish I could join their 'screaming parade' :))Love the eye-smile SE during the bung bung riding time.Love the charming JR <3Love the adorkable warming up Solim style before they jump into the water lolLove the way they made me hungry with their culinary segment.Love the sky-earth love analogyLove the preview! :))
I guess next week we'll have another daebak episode. Will cherish this one more than before.. ^^

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Guest ayvah

Wow! Daebak! I sooo love the the ride with bungbung's bro! Waah so romantic!

Because of solim, I am missing my husband's big bike. And I totally understand so eun. It seems scary when you haven't tried it yet but when you're in for the ride, you will find it fun and enjoyable. And I feel like big bikes are safe. WOaah so manly jae rim!

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Waiting patiently to cast my 9th vote at 2.20 am. Even now my eyes feeling so....sleepyyyyyyyyyy.
Done voted. Next vote will be at 6.20 am. With heavy eyes, i still want to say.....KEEP VOTING JUSEYO....
Got to go, good night honeybees..see you all at the new SOLIM thread, SOLIM CHAPTER 2.
Thank you for voting!Hong Jong Hyun and Kim Yura 35.86%   Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young 8.17%   Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun 27.59%   Wang Jackson and Heo Young Ji 21.38%  

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huwaaaa... 5 pages left???
Please.please. pretty please let me know the part 2 of this thread because I will a super nice auntie for 1 day for my niece's birthday party and won't be able to see the thread again until lunch time....tumblr_m2v194LGBv1qii6tmo1_250.gif

btw, since almost all of what we wish for Solim couple is become true then we need to become more greedy... wkwkwkwk...1. Real Kiss pali.pali juseyooooo.... lips to lips not lips to plate....27932c3d3625f23c9f1ceddd861866c3f4a779d0

2. more CF but as a couple juseyooooo....
3. drama together..the rom-com like emergency couple would be nice... we can see their playfulness, romantic, rule breaker, baby, kiss, skinship..and maybe scene like thistumblr_n3ogrwNMXw1qdcel5o4_500.gif


4. Meet SE parents/ the siblings/more friends to brag how close and romantic they are,,LOL
5. they get married for real for real and have their own show... wkwkwkwk..
Oh I should sleep now..anyeong chingu... :*

gif are not mine,,thanks to owner

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Guest adniRose

@caramelcake oh my your drawing is daeeeebaakkk!! tumblr_lu0ja1atkU1qbjg0i.gifso whoever has a confusion for where to stand, can refer to this.. haha

and btw i just watched Kill Me Heal Me latest episode..when the guy said "From now on, your words are the law to me", i think that lines supposed to be sweet and romantic, but i end up laughing at it because it sound so cheesy..Solim synonym is Chessiness..so yeah, this couple has ruined me..! but i'm more than willing to be ruined..:P

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Guest mahomacchi

bloomingnesh said: aivzthegreat said: Totally in love with their Jeju Trip :x

I totally feel like I'm watching a movie with these scenes..

But no, I want them to travel the best tourist spot in the world! Hahaha..Forget about the drama or movie, I want them on a travel show! :D

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i was also thinking about it @SOLIMisLOVE‌.. Jaerim looks like Alfalfa of "Little Rascals" in that picture because of his protuding hair.. you just beat me in posting it.. :)) He looks really hot and gorgeous in his leather jacket and harley davidson bike.. :x So Eun is also cute like Darla.. ;))

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