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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2014] Love at Second Sight 一見不鍾情

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Details:Title: 一見不鍾情  /Yi Jian Bu Zhong Qing
English title: Love at Second Sight
Genre: RomanceEpisodes: 27Broadcast Date: August 10, 2014 - August 20, 2014 (China)December 26, 2014 - 2015 (Taiwan)Broadcast Days: Sundays (China), Fridays (Taiwan)
Cast:Zheng KaiRainie YangMichael ZhangYang Yi TongIvy Shao
Synopsis:What happens when a marriage planner, Fei Luo Luo (Rainie Yang) and online love specialist, Lu Zhe Xi (Zheng Kai) encounter where the former provides marriage planning service and the latter, tries to break up the same couple?Since young, Luo Luo has hoped to have an unforgettable and perfect wedding planned by her. She sees love and marriage as the world's most romantic thing. Because of this, she always strives to overcome all difficulties faced in order to provide her customers the most perfect wedding program. On the other hand, Zhe Xi who has experienced the ups and downs of her mother's marriage believes that love is about being rational, logical and practical and all relationships need to go through the test of reality and time. As a result, he is also known as a "break up" specialist, setting up various obstacles to couples.

Small translation by sugarplum892That is too much!  Using people's unhappiness as his utensils for eating!  Destroying their happiness and then pretending it's like nothing!I am the hottest person on the internet, a breakup specialist.  Before people are willing to say "I do", I will make them wake up from their dreams.However, it never occurred to him that...Too ordinary...too old fashioned...I want something suited for young people.Its not me who wants to gift this to you, its my mom.If you really don't like me, then tell me. It's alright, if your wish is for me to disappear, then I will go away.Lu Zhe Xi, don't leave (me)!

OSTs:JJ Lin - Encouragement of Love

Rainie Yang - Is It Going To Be You At The Next Corner?

Rainie Yang - I Want To Love

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Rainie and Michael Zhang were on the talkshow, KangXi Lai Le to promote the drama that is currently being broadcasted in Taiwan!  Link to full raw episode is here.

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