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[Variety] Abnormal Summit (비정상회담) - JTBC

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Let´s take a moment to enjoy our Belgia-France-Australia trio revive Julian´s idol dream :D

Zhang Yuan, Takuya and Tyler Happy. Aka U.S.A-China and Japan making up ^^

Guillaume xD

Takuya (please xD) ft. fanboys and a flustered Zhang Yuan

But seriously though, every time I feel sad or upset I´m going to rewatch these guys performances :P It´ll 100% make me rofl and cheer me up xD And the PDs are so good at casting the members since they´re perfect together. Super charming, fun and dorky =)
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Interview: Julian and Tyler (Abnormal Summit)21193_41720_712_99_20140917083021.jpg

Q: Is there anything that changed after you came on broadcast?

Tyler: I have less time to study. I try to avoid the study rooms because I'm afraid the sunbaes will order me around in English. Also, a lot of people recognize me when I go study in cafes.

Julian: Just going out, pictures are being taken of me. I don't know if it's different because 9 years have passed, or because it was through the show, but I feel like people have become more friendlier. They don't just ruthlessly take pictures of me but asks me gently.

Q: What are the reactions of the foreigner friends around you?

Julian: When foreigners say they're having fun watching me, it makes me feel good. They said foreigners used to come out on shows with a clown-like feel, so it's nice seeing us on a show that talks about social problems such as same-sex marriage.

Tyler: There are two sides. Some say they watch it optimistically, but others question whether they can trust me on a show. There are also skeptical people that think that I'm making different kinds of biased opinions. The most fun part is that I can talk about really important things while laughing.

Q: Why is this show popular?

Julian: It's not common to see a debate program in Korea. In Belgium, it's normal to have a program that talks about things like politics, but I think there hasn't been any programs like that. It doesn't have to be all heavy and serious, it can be done in a fun way. It's also fresh. Before, only Sam Hammington spoke Korean well, but now, all 11 do.

Tyler: There are times when really fresh comments are said. It's also funny. It seems hard to maintain that balance when we're all talking so freely. The staff are really amazing because they edit what we say in a way that still delivers our points across and keeps it alive. Because of them, we are able to see the various points of our discussion.

Q: Why did you decide to join the show?

Tyler: I was searching for part-time jobs in my international school site. I saw the JTBC ad looking for foreign students and thought about joining. It was a time when I needed money. When I went to take the interview, it was 1-12. I wondered if it was that important. It was a place where I could talk freely.

Julian: I learned about it because someone I knew worked in the casting related field. I drank a lot the day before and was less alert, but I went in for the interview with Robin (France). Before broadcast, the questions came, but they were so obvious with stuff about your first impression of Korea, so I thought it wouldn't be fun. After the first broadcast, I changed my mind that the show would do well. I went on a lot of programs in Korea, but I never had so much fun in one.

Tyler: There's a rumor amongst the foreign students. One Mongolian student came on broadcast. The staff asked if they ride a lot on horses in Mongolia but they said that only happens in the countryside. The staff then said they must say that they do instead, so they did in the end. There are a lot of Mongolian students in Korea and so I became skeptical around broadcasts that formed prejudices. I also worried whether it would be okay for me to come on this show. But we talk really freely. It feels like we're talking about topics that come up in the bar.

Q: Did you feel any burden because you were representing your own country?

Julian: Even though there were a lot of things I knew, as time went by, I became unsure about the more recent Belgium so I talk a lot with my family. The thoughts are my own, but everything I say are true. Belgium is the 2nd country to legalize same-sex marriage, and allows euthanasia. It is an open country, but there are people that are even more conservative than Enes (Turkey). I try to present the facts and have tasteful opinions when I talk.

Tyler: I think it would be so fun if a Californian, Texan, and New Yorker came to have a debate. (laughs). Zhang Yuan (China) once said this. If you talk poorly on broadcast in Korea, about 40~50 million people get angry but in China, 1.4 billion people do. It must be burdensome. There're two things. The first is that I don't know where America really is. Not that I don't know where it is, geographically, but it's hard to know where the Eastern and the Western sides stands. Currently, 35% of America uses Spanish. It's slowly changing. The second thing is about politics; it's hard to talk about those kinds of things because I don't really know much about the federal system.

Q: Don't you become more careful with your words since there are articles on everything you guys say? It seems like you guys get excited during the debates.

Tyler: I don't become careful. I trust the PDs. It's like how in music, there are some instruments that are not heard; in conversations, there needs to be listeners as well. There are times when everyone gets excited, but there also needs to be someone who's quietly listening. I'm usually a really excitable person, but I refrain myself. I kick under the table. (laughs)

Q: Unexpectedly, except for a few countries, the social ranking culture didn't seem to bother anyone.

Julian: I thought a lot about it, but we are foreigners living in Korea. You get fired if you oppose it, especially as a worker. Foreigners are always special people. There are not as many foreigners that suffers company dinners as much as Koreans.

Tyler: How should I say it. I think it's good not to talk much about Korea. We're not there as Korean representatives, nor is it a place place for us to talk about Korea, so I think it's right to just talk about our own issues. The point of the show isn't to judge things about Korea.

Q: There are not much Southeast Asian people to be part of the panelist.

Tyler: There are a lot of Mongolian and Vietnamese workers in Korea but those that are in Korea can not keep up with the pace of our discussions. It's not an intellectual problem but an economical problem. It's hard to find someone that studies in Korea.

Q: The show also gets compared to KBS <Chitchat with Beauties (Misuda)>.

Julian: They mostly talked about Korea. We don't. If we criticize Korea, we'll be called too open or too conservative. It's satisfying because we get to talk about our own country's ways.

Tyler: When female foreign students get questioned by professors, they always get asked whether they're going to marry a Korean. Due to that situation, when they talk in Korean, they're bound to talk about men. There are lots to talk about, but it was a shame that they focused on shallow topics.

Q: What kind of country is Korea to foreigners living here?

Julian: I think it's a time where the social culture is changing. In Belgium, changes are always occurring. I think it's nice how I can take the role of changes here.

Tyler: I agree 100% There are a lot of possibilities. Especially things that foreigners can do. The culture has double standards. We are able to get rid of those. It's not necessary to completely change the ways, but a person who can test the waters. I think that kind of person will be able to succeed in 10 years time.


[Naver: Sisa In Live] We will be the first to get rid of society's double standards

1. [+16, -1] They're really amazing~~ 

2. [+13, -0] Julian seems to have a good personality and he livens up the atmosphere well and is also plentiful in emotions... I like smart Tyler as well.. hit more daebak the both of you!

3. [+8, -0] What a nice article. It was fun to read.

4. [+6, -0] It's really fun watching Abnormal Summit'!! I learn about a lot of things and get to hear about different opinions. Every time I tune in, it's different and I feel like I'm receiving a large present?? A fulfilling kind of feeling.. I like each and every member

5. [+0, -10] They're good at speaking Korean but what kind of noise is that I hear of people saying that they talk better than Koreans.ㅋㅋㅋ Saying that they speak better than Koreans is freaking funny so why are you matching to them? And honestly, the panelists seem like Chinese spies ㅋㅋㅋ
Credit: Knetione@blogspot
Julian and Tyler is two of my fav members, so happy to read their interviews, These guys are really sensible even while expressing their opinion :-)

I really love how 
intelligent and wise Tyler´s answer usually is, he makes me want to read and learn more. But lol he was so mad at Sam Hammington for calling him bookworm and during the speed quiz game in Chuseok special though haha, and his grove during Happy was so unexpected, he and his flexible hip like Hyunmoo xD
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Guest adikkeluangman

2AM′s Jo Kwon Gets Nervous If there is No Internet
Appearing on Unusual Summit, 2AM′s Jo Kwon shared his thoughts on the internet.
In a recent recording of jTBC′s Unusual Summit, Jo Kwon appeared and had a debate about the internet culture with the 11 foreigners on the panel. 

"I always have my smartphone in my hand, and when I′m done with my schedules, I come home and turn on the computer right away. When the internet doesn′t work, I get nervous," said Jo Kwon. 
"I′m one of the celebrities who actively use SNS. When I wake up in the morning, I check my smart phone and look at my smart phone until I fall asleep." 
Julian from Belgium then asked, "Have you ever thought that these kinds of actions are getting in the way of your life?" 
Jo Kwon replied, "When I′m exercising, if I get a message before the first set is over, I hurriedly exercise." 
The episode will air on September 22. 

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I'm in love with this show, Zhang Yu An is a bit misunderstood at first by the way he brings himself but he's only directing towards the government, (which I also feel the same way as him)... I like his love-hate relationship with Takuya (they actually seem like good friends behind the scenes, their relationship really cracks me up) and he seems pretty close with Tyler. Although he's nationalistic, he's actually not that narrow-minded, Enes is more conservative than him actually, hahaha! He grew on me a lot and have became one of my favorites. I was surprised to see the voting result of most popular G11 member in Korea though, didn't expect Zhang Yu An to win it as he may come across as too serious or too patriotic but he's actually a soft-hearted guy. I find his awkwardness endearing. 
Enes is just so funny, I would never imagine he's such a conservative when I look at his face. He's been one of my favorite member since episode 1. I find Julian, Robin really cute, little duck and the innocent Robin. Robin and Sam seems like the "heodang" of the team though, haha! My favorite will be Zhang Yuan, Enes and Tyler. Tyler is soooo cute, the way he brings himself seems so innocent, his eyes is so glittery, hahaha! I really like all of the members, none are dislikaeble. Aussie Daniel seems to have taken the back-seat lately, I hope he can get more air-time, I love seeing his interaction with Enes and Julian. 

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Guest randomnumb3r

I fell soooo hard for this show!! All the members are amazing, each has his own charm, although Enes has been a strong favorite since the beginning of the show. His unique personality is something that makes you really pay attention to him.

But more than that, their interaction is the best. And finally the show is not just another pointless variety or something but REAL debates. I LOVE IT...

I hope it goes on for a long time while keeping it's original color and tone.

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Guest dramaok

I think this show is pretty awesome. i don't really think they need a guest with a proposal or inquiry. that part always seems forced. like they really didn't need to come on the show to tell them they are abnormal or not. i think the members are interesting enough w/out the guests. i wouldn't mind seeing them go to outings sometimes like a restaurant or something that's less stuffy environment-wise. tyler cracks me up with his super big vocab. he really does seem more like a seoul U student than someone from america. robin is so pretty. Enes with the proverbs, hilarious. yes, joseon scholar totally but i don't think he is like that in real life. this show reminds me of misuda (chitchat with beauties) from like a decade ago. i think the 3 hosts are awesome too. 

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Guest elyliyana_87ec

Is the show on hiatus? I've been watching, watching, watching then waiting, waiting, waiting and no episode 14... I'm following all of them on insta and it seems like there is? Anyone knows where I can watch with subs? I tried watching previous ep without subs and got a headache. They are fast talkers

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elyliyana_87ec said: Is the show on hiatus? I've been watching, watching, watching then waiting, waiting, waiting and no episode 14... I'm following all of them on insta and it seems like there is? Anyone knows where I can watch with subs? I tried watching previous ep without subs and got a headache. They are fast talkers

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elyliyana_87ec said: Is the show on hiatus? I've been watching, watching, watching then waiting, waiting, waiting and no episode 14... I'm following all of them on insta and it seems like there is? Anyone knows where I can watch with subs? I tried watching previous ep without subs and got a headache. They are fast talkers

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Does anyone know why Daniel Snoeks was not present at the event they had today? I didn't see any pictures of him on twitter but he updates his personal insta.Also in a recent insta post by Julian the Australian flag isn't there anymore? All the comments are asking where the flag is too.I hope its not what I'm thinking!!

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Guest TeddyAllen

I am totally in love with the show. Each individual has their own charm, and honestly they're all handsome and cute.
The show is also fun and informative to watch. Give me lots of international knowledge. No wonder it's being loved in Korea.

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Australia Daniel on SNL Korea

He'll appear as a host along with Ryohei and Fabian on the 25th.
He was supposed to go on with Takuya and Robin but it seems they couldn't make it due to conflicting schedules. It would have been interesting to see G3 on the show. When Enes was on last time it was entertaining and well received lol
Off topic but does anyone remember when they exchanged gifts and Aus Daniel got something that looked like a pipe? I see gifs on instagram but I don't remember watching that episode lol.

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it was the chuseok special, episode 10.

Are you talking about the IG post with the G11 cake? The australian flag is on there. You can clearly see 10 flags total but that's including the korean flag too. So that means the 2 other flags are on the sides but can't be seen clearly from the picture.

Episode 15 was probably my favorite topic so far with a great guest.
I seriously love Tyler & totally agreed with his view on the topic. If Park Ji Yoon was a man, no one would question her working & having a family but because she's a woman, it can come off as her neglecting her kids. It's a double standard & something that's such a big deal today about equality between men & women.
Also, the maternity leave topic was pretty interesting. It was disappointing to hear that even though korea does give women maternity leave, women don't actually use it like it should be out of fear of the repercussions at work. It just shows how it's even harder for females in the work industry.
Anyways, I loved the games in this episode. It was nice to see a different side of the guys and zhang yuan was so adorable. I hope he does get to become a dad in the future.

This episode had everything that makes this show so good. It's informative yet still entertaining but also knows how to tug at your heart. Basically why I keep watching every week :)

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Ah. Well, since the flags are usually lined up in a straight line, from the picture, I guess you can say they're missing 2 flags because of the spaces in between. My guess is maybe they were at the beginning of filming and the flags weren't brought out on set yet. I don't think it's something to worry over.

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Guest sexy4yennie

I really love this variety show recentlythis show make me laugh with their jokes and learn something new about the culture of other countries

They all look so great!

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said: @taengstache, I think she was talking about this picture with the flags in the back --> 


It could be how the show is edited but Ausniel reminds me of myself at work. I'm the youngest out of everyone and it's hard to express myself because everyone is a lot older than me (10-20 years older) with more experience plus they all have big personalities. I'm always afraid of saying the "wrong" thing even though I know full well that I'm more than capable of doing my job just as much as they are. Nevertheless, it was nice seeing him speak more in episode 15 though!

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