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[OFFICIAL] Darling Couple (Lee Jong Suk ♡ Park Shin Hye)


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Pinocchio night in South Korea - I'm still high from episodes seven and eight last week - I hope that episode nine brings more momentum to the Darling couple, but I'm worried that angst might happen. After all, Dal Po is still keeping some major secrets from In Ha, and I think the Beomjo and Jaemyung angles still need to be developed.

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welcome @vanillatwirls and @Pitez let's all spazz together!!!!

here are some Darling Couple sweet behind the scenes moments...


Holding hands while walking with her boyfriend is one of the things Shin Hye wants to do


For such an emotional scene the sweet smile of Jong Suk off cam is really something...it's as if he has his eyes only for Shin Hye....ahem...


Too close for comfort...cough...cough...cough


leaning towards each other...


another holding hands off cam...hahahaha

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CR: ENews and Reporter Jeon Soo Mi
English Translation:
'Pinocchio' Lee Jong Suk - Park Shin Hye, Affectionate Reunion in Bed 'Explosion of Excitement'enews24_20141224134108512_zps83809a15.jp

A still of 'Pinocchio' 
was revealed showing Lee Jong Suk - Park Shin Hye showing affectionate gazes to each other while having a reunion in bed.
In the past episode 12, Ki Hamyeong said, "Don't worry. Don't comfort me." with an emotionless tone to Inha who worries about him and just left her without thinking twice. This scene has left viewers crying along with the characters. However, in the revealed still, Hamyeong looks at Inha with a warm affectionate gaze.
In the still, Inha is staring at the sleeping Hamyeong with a worried expression and eyes filled with worry and love with a sympathetic feelings which gives a warm excitement to the viewers of what is happening in this scene.
Another still has caught the scene of viewers. This still shows Hamyeong holding Inha's hand and sofly caressing Inha's face. In one still, Hamyeong has recently woken up so he stops the leaving Inha from going anywhere. In one still, he softly caresses Inha's cheek as if she might disappear if he doesn't.
Especially in one still, it shows that the eyes of Inha that are looking at Hamyeong does NOT show the longing and the affection she feels for Hamyeong which raises the curiousity of viewers of what is happening in this scene.
Above all, the place where Hamyeong and Inha are in is the house where Dalpyung and Grandfather are, the house where the Choi family happily lived. This has aroused curiosity of viewers. After all, he left the house without looking back. Therefore, the viewers are wondering what happened for him to come back to the house.

Credit to : @TheFoodMonster

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English Translation: 
Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk, Skinship Acting Contains "Truth"?

The skinship of the actor Lee Jong Suk and actress Park Shin Hye is once again gaining attention.
In 'Pinocchio' Lee Jong Suk's blushing red ears in his recent kiss scene and affectionate skinships in the drama is attracting much attention from many netizens.
Many people have witnessed his ears turning red if Lee Jong Suk is ashamed or embarrassed.
On the broadcasted SBS Drama Special 'Pinocchio' on the 4th, in episode 8, it was shown that Choi Dalpo (Portrayed by Lee Jong Suk) and Choi Inha (Portrayed by Park Shin Hye) had their first kiss.
Choi Inha stated that she could hide her feelings for Dalpo and treat him as family, but she hiccuped. Because of this hiccup, Choi Inha tried to escape, but Choi Dalpo caught her and held her in place. 
Choi Inha is surprised at his actions so she tries to explain her hiccups, but Choi Dalpo approached her and tried to kiss her to prevent her from making any more excuses. 
Choi Inha wanted to prevent Choi Dalpo from coming closer so she put her hand on her mouth, but Choi Dalpo kissed her on her hand. 
Following this, Choi Inha put her hand down and let Choi Dalpo kiss her on her lips and she kissed him back.
This romantic scene is gathering a lot of attention again. 
Recent highlights on the 'red blushing ears' of Lee Jung Suk has attracted attention again. 
This issue seems not to die down because of the many BTS scenes and Instagram photos of Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk that seems to show like they are real lovers and comfortable with each other and their continuous off-screen skinship. 
Do you think they are going to be a real couple soon?

Credit eng translation to : @TheFoodMonster

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