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Jang Hyuk and Jun Jin Hyun (Windstruck)

Guest aidsincera

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Guest iamshipper

Wuhuuuuuu... new home new home..

well as my name 'iamshipper', i live for shipping everyone that i wanna ship..

Jang hyuk oppa and jeon ji hyun... oyeahhh..

Thanks for making me a new home @aidsincera‌ hahaha..

<:-P \:D/ >:D<

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Guest ilikemangoss

Jang Hyuk attends Jun Ji Hyun's wedding

old interview of jjh, jang hyuk, and cha tae hyun. They look so young!

More windstruck BTS

Hella old music video of JJH and Jang Hyuk 
(lee guuuun, is that you with blonde hair?!)

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