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[Drama 2014-2015] Pinocchio, 피노키오

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Pinocchio Director’s cut | LeeJongSuk & ParkShinHye  Cr: DC    

Title: 피노키오 / Pinocchio Chinese Title: 皮诺丘 Genre: Melodrama, Romance Episodes: 20  Broadcast network: SBS Broadcast period: 2014-Nov-12 to 2015-Jan-15 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21

sleepykid said: TheFoodMonster said: @sleepykid I will translate this later. :) sleepykid said: http://m.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1475871.htm  
Hello is @TheFoodMonster busy this is one of the review of the fact I hope someone can translate it for others, Anyway continue the Love
If ever you are not busy can you please translate this :) please

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@ khjpearl KimHaeSook didnt know how big or small her role was..She just accepted d role because of PD Jo SooWon & ParkHyeRyun. http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=001&aid=0007361150&viewType=pc

@ khjpearl Kim Hae Sook & Shin JungGeun have interviews with the press about their roles in Pinocchio..I supposed the 4 leads will also have one..


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  • HEADLINESic_list.gif VIEW ARCHIVES class="at_ttl" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; list-style: none; font-size: 30px; line-height: 35px; letter-spacing: -0.03em; clear: both;"‘Pinocchio’ Provided Well-Crafted Social Commentary Under The Disguise Of Romantic Comedy

    BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 17, 2015 04:58 PM EST

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  • Tags PinocchioPark Shin HyeLee Jong SukPark Hye RyunJo Soo WonJin KyungKim Hae Sook

    'Pinocchio' provided rich social commentary beyond the romance of In Ha and Ha Myeong.(Photo : SBS ) 'Pinocchio' provided rich social commentary beyond the romance of In Ha and Ha Myeong.

    “Pinocchio” concluded on January 15 with an uplifting ending for protagonists Ha Myeong (Lee Jong Suk) and In Ha (Park Shin Ha). In Ha and Ha Myeon became effective reporters, after discovering the evil nature of the drama's villain. As Seo Bum Jo (Kim Young Kwang) succinctly put it, “Bad is bad, good is good.” While he was initially portrayed as a lukewarm mama’s boy, Bum Jo held his ground to help reveal the truth regarding his mother’s pervasive manipulation of the media and government officials.

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    Viewers will miss the adorable romance between Ha Myeong and In Ha but “Pinocchio” provided substance beyond its cutesy premise. Beyond the lessons of morality which were presented, audiences were provided with the chance to witness Park Shin Hye deliver a more mature approach to her on-screen relationships. She replaced her persona of the doe-eyed ingenue with the role of a complex, speculative woman.

    On the surface, “Pinocchio” concluded with two strong female characters, Song Cha Ok (Jin Kyung) and Park Ro Sa (Kim Hae Sook), battling for their dignity and prized accomplishments. The drama initially portrayed Ro Sa as a kind, gentle woman who happened to wealthy. In the end, she was more nefarious than Cha Ok. Ro Sa defended her materialism and greed throughout the series but in the end, her Bum Jo meant more to her than any of her possessions. Stripped of titles and baubles, both women realized what meant the most to them, their children.

    While it was a subplot, the relationship between Ha Myeong and his adopted family, was resolved through similar methods. Ha Myeong held significance within the household since he entered as Dal Po but Gong Pil (Byun Hee Bong) was willing to relinquish his hold on his as a son once he discovered the true bond between Ha Myeong and In Ha.

    “Pinocchio” placed great significance on the profession of journalism, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of the job. The pursuit of truth through journalistic integrity was one of the prevailing themes of the drama. Media manipulation within Korea is common practice, particularly when conglomerates are in control of major networks and news outlets. The drama examined tragic events like the warehouse fire but also looked at issues of civic responsibility like injuries due to icy streets.

    “Pinocchio” tackled sensitive subject matter through the multifaceted perspective of victims, their family members, and the ways in which the media sensationalize current events. Even the cameo of Lee Joon as an idol facing a scandal surrounding improper use of Propofol, provided interesting context within the drama. While it was briefly interjected into the storyline, it harkened to the recent drug scandals faced by actresses including Park Si Yeon.

    The writer-director team of Park Hye Ryun and Jo Soo Won provided unique perspectives of corruption, particularly in their analysis of chaebols or morally bankrupt officials. Their insight was what elevated “I Can Hear Your Voice” to its status as one of the most nail-biting K-Dramas in recent years.

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Thanks all for sharing Fan/Staff cam from warpup party. 
And I just notice PSH always chat and looks so close to YGN senior (Jo Duk Hyun) , she ever play in same movie Miracle in shell No.7Inha ya... pls pay attention to uncle Dalpo :D

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ktiminie said:
EsmeraldG said:

How do i fill the emptiness? it is bad this time because this is the first time i saw a live korean show. i usually see tv shows which had been completed n i used to do a complete marathon. that time itself the ending wd leave such an empty feeling. bt this time it is evn worse.

i usually hate mondays as it is the start of a week bt thanx to pinochio i came to look forward to mondays as wednesdays wd come in two days. Now what will i look forward to? dont evn feel like watching any thing else.

how long will this last? feeling low n depressed!

i am still feeling low! how do i get out of it. experienced chingus pls advise!

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Finally, I'm able to enter this thread again.But only reading from page 911 (emergency number LOL)And chingu, please inbox me if you found another drama worth to watch.I need to withdrawal (which is very hard now I guess, but I'll try)

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My brave little toaster and her bagel, flirting.

Do I spy a bit of Eun Sang’s love for horror movies come out of In ha? Where was this fun and spunky side for Eun Sang? Oh, that’s right, Tan’s boring richard simmons took it all away.

I don’t compare the two because really, they’re apples and passive aggressive oranges with borderline sociopathic tendencies, but Pinocchio is a good (a bit flawed) example of how you take real world issues and graft a story around it with storytelling metaphor magic and the hammer of allegory, whereas Heirs ended up being what society is today: Rich boys suffer no consequences and poor people get blamed for everything or shunned when they aspire to better things. Because all women are gold diggers.

(출처: dramagirlreview)

#could you imagine if this writer took the heirs though #kim tan might have been bearable #Eun sang wouldn't have been his zombie corpse bride in his masturbatory dream of self fulfillment #I wouldn't have heard love is the moment #Jesus #now I'm angry all over again #dal in is everything #and nothing hurts #pinocchio

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I just finished watching the last 3 episode of pinocchio. Really daebak!!!

I'm planning to marathon this drama if I got time. Because I think I have not yet grasped all the details of drama which were beautifully written by park hye ryun. I'll make sure to spend time on the little details and stay focused.

This drama is too precious, good plot and great storyline written by an amazing writter, directed by a good director and portrayed by excellent casts altogether including the ever talented and stunning park shin hye and lee jong suk, the darling couple.

You could also get many valuale lessons from this drama, if you truly appreciate this masterpiece.

I can say that whoever cannot see or fail to see the great of this drama, its totally their lost.

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Hyung sns picturehttp://www.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=97509&thread=0002r0001r0013r0048

Darling Couple's wedding pictureshttp://www.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=97530&thread=0002r0001r0013r0048

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tumblr_nicc43qIDI1tkq3l4o1_250.gif tumblr_nicc43qIDI1tkq3l4o2_250.gif

tumblr_nicc43qIDI1tkq3l4o3_250.gif tumblr_nicc43qIDI1tkq3l4o4_250.gif

tumblr_nicc43qIDI1tkq3l4o5_250.gif tumblr_nicc43qIDI1tkq3l4o6_250.gif


        Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye at "Pinocchio" farewell party.

It’s like Dal Po and In Ha went to their respective company dinners but MSC and YGN double-booked again so they end up partying together. Dal Po was taking pictures with a co-worker until he saw In Ha talking to another male so he stood by to count the minutes. He finally couldn’t wait any longer so he swooped in to take a selfie together. hehe ^^ 

You can tell I’m no where near ready to part with my beloved Darling Couple.

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Guest selena1993

Dalpo: Inha-ya!! Aren't you done talking? We still have honeymoon. I don't want to lose to Chansoo. He has already 3 kids and us, NONE!!.=)) =)) =)) =)) HAHAHAA

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