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[Drama 2014-2015] Pinocchio, 피노키오

Go Seung Ji

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Guest rintintin

I really want to know what happened to Yoon Yoo Rae and Cap Hwang Gyo Dong after that night, when Yoon Yoo Rae get drunk and carried by Cap to the senior reporter's lounge. Did they go out together or what LOL. I really want to know though. :x :x

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Guest ktiminie

=)) =)) =))

khjpearl who seems to be a big fan of Woobin as well posted that on IG

Who to pick??? lol cr:woobinista

Edit: thanks very much @EsmeraldG for the RT link, a bit of consolation for some of us... Maybe you should just put it in spoiler tag, don't know if it is allowed according to soompi rules. Big virtual hugs >:D<

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Now that Pinocchio is finished.. i dunno what to watch anymore.. It's been a while since I experience a drama withdrawal syndrome.  8-|

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@myinnerbattles said
i think i'm going into hibernation as well.... i'm shipping them FOR REAL now and that ALWAYS ended in a disaster for me. and as much as i fell in love with lee jong suk (god knows my heart beats like crazy for him!) i will not inquire about him anymore. it's so hard to have a male biase. so much heartbreak lol

came to work today and one of my colleagues said "did you cry? you look horrible!" yeah well thanks.... i feel horrible too..... my love for this drama and the darling couple exceeded a healthy dosage by faaar.... time, please heal this shipper heart of mine and help me move on.....

I'm in your exact condition too.....:-(  I'm shipping them for REAL a lot but at the same time afraid of disappointment :-(
So, I choose to be concerned of just Shin Hye since she's my only favorite actress, & not her male co-stars. I always tell myself that as long as the guy love,care,treasure,appreciate her, I'm happy for her as she deserves such guy. Hahahaha............. But then....., I still ship them hard!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh......!!!

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selena1993 said: Wooohh!! Blu-ray dvd is really expensive ...it's almost 15k in my country. SBS really gained lots of money from Pinocchio. Imagine 15,000 and the pre orders is approximately 4000 (not sure about this)..like what??? they will earn around 60 million. dat's a huge money. !!! @-) @-) @-) @-)

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im happy they took picture together....why i happy i want they still remain friendship even pinocchio end like psh did for previous costar. .if enough to show us how comfortable each other...hope to meet them another kdrama..pinocchio really great drama with smooth plot n storyline and also greatest perfomance by actor and actres..so hard to me witdrawal these drama...

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Guest summersunbeam

Does anyone know what he is eating? I saw this dessert throughout the drama but don't know what it really is??? not ice cream right??? the texture is kinda weird but somehow i want to try it, haha


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stargazer187 said: While re-marathoning Pinocchio, I did some small investigation, hohoho :)) it is about instrumental ost which seems nowhere to be found in the latest Pinocchio release album. Here are some playlist which I'd like to find, can someone here help me??

1. In Ep 1 - at time 00.11.45 (it played along the scene of fire explosion scene and also replayed when Ki brothers were surrounded by the reporters in front of their house, then replayed in ep 5 as well, around 00/50.23 during the TGN interview process when dal po saw cha ok's face through in ha's)

2. Ep 2 - time 00.07.32 - 00.08.13 ( comediac scene In Ha splashed the mud to dal po, then replayed around minute 26.15 when dal po sliced his oh soon piggy bank to go to quiz show)
At time 00.10.01 - 00.11.13 (scene in which in ha imagined herself as an artist, ambulance scene when she cried dramatically for dal po, also when beom jo and in ha sat in the stairs watching over dal po and team leader who treats him well)
Time 00.25.01 - 00.25.30 (played in scene that dal po scolded by his teacher and asked to write a letter of apology)

3. Ep 7 - started from 00.00.00 - 00.00.42 (Scene that yoon yoo rae happily told to dal po that she glad their report will be aired)

4. Ep 16 - Around 00.30.29 - 00.33.44 (This inst. play many times before, in ep 7 and 8. Played in every tension and when dal po's voice over in)

So, Pinocchio chingudeul would u please tell me if you know where to find those inst.? What's the title and where??? :-?
I don't know what to watch, seems like every drama deosn't attract me so much like pinocchio, fiuhhh :(

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tnx @Rania Zeid :)

huhu Chinggu can u help me sign up...it's written in korean and i dont know how can i make order...please, please really want to buy Pinocchio DVD im from Philippines and i really like Park Shin Hye ever since but now i both love DARLING COUPLE wahhh i reaaly want that dvd...

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