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[Drama 2014-2015] Pinocchio, 피노키오

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Finally this lovely thread was open :*

*Big hug*

I really cant wait for the confirmation from lee jong suk, but I'm sure he will join :P

Thanks @nilerose for fill up this thread with many news :*

And @sleepykid of course.. You may.. Even you must :P

Yeyeyeye I cant wait for november already (even that month I have an examination lol) :))

From chingus, who from indonesia in this thread, let's also disscuss together on my blog


Bcause I posted all about Pinocchio there :))

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Pinocchio Director’s cut | LeeJongSuk & ParkShinHye  Cr: DC    

Title: 피노키오 / Pinocchio Chinese Title: 皮诺丘 Genre: Melodrama, Romance Episodes: 20  Broadcast network: SBS Broadcast period: 2014-Nov-12 to 2015-Jan-15 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21

May I join as well? I am too hyped up when I know about Park Shin Hye being in this drama, hope Lee Jong Suk will be confirm to join this drama. Anyway, if the inclusion of PSH, it's another anticipating drama in my upcoming list. I am gonna amend my signature's drama list then.
Wait till you see then!  :x

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PARK%2BSHIN%2BHYE%2BAND%2BLEE%2BJONG%2BSbobo1.jpgCr: to the ownerLJS haven't confirm ths drama till nw, i dn't knw why i feel doubt tht he will accept ths drama.... Wht if Lee Jong Suk reject ths drama? Who will b d male lead? Really i feel so curious right nw... :-BLJS why u make us waiting? It wud b great if u gave confirmation abt ths drama... Accept ths drama pls [-O< [-O< [-O<

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yupiiii the thread is opened  
Hi guys  :-h 
happy to see u all in here >:D<hope sukiii will confirm very soon ...in few a days maybe  :-w let s have fun in our new home... \:D/
Please PINOCCHIO be an amazing , awesome , Daeback drama...make us prouuuuddddd 

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Part of promotional activities the long wait made the fans uneasy its a good way to excite the viewers and wellmade said they are considering favorably let's wait l, they look so fresh together and good eye candy, another factor is that they can act.

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Just not sure about the leads... I guess we'll just have to find out... and see what happens.  I am looking forward to the drama though.  I loved Dream High and IHYV.  Really looking forward to the whole thing. ^^  We'll see who the main male leads are. ^^  This will be a fun ride regardless...  I do hope Lee Jong Suk-ssi takes this one though.  It'd be a lot of fun...... just not sure about the female leads....

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More about 'Pinocchio'

Source: DC 
Translation note: Actually sent to me a few days ago but I just got around to it. Thank you! 


Special Drama ‘Pinocchio’

Director: Jo Soo Won
Writer: Park Hye Ryun
Air Date: November 12th
Time Slot: 10pm, Wed-Thurs

A young man lost his family because of what one reporter thought was ‘the truth’ and grew up hating reporters. A woman with ‘Pinocchio Syndrome’, who would begin to hiccup if she ever tried to lie. These two people have now become trainee reporters at the social issues division of a TV station, and come to know the truth about human nature while searching for the answer to ‘What is real truth?’

A new project from the writer-director team of ‘I Hear Your Voice’! A youthful genre drama with personal growth and mystery!

by: hitoritabi  


More on Pinnochio - Part 2

Source: DC 
Translation note: Please don’t let me be translating this for another person… honestly feels like an interesting drama anyway. 


Tue-Wed Special Drama ‘Pinocchio’ - 20 Episodes

When Pinocchio tells a lie, his nose will grow. Eventually he learned his lesson, did not tell lies anymore and became good. It is so that even a puppet could become a real boy and live happily ever after… This is the beautiful moral tale of ‘Pinocchio’. This child’s tale is well known to everyone.

However, let’s branch out our thinking a little. Is there any person who could live without lying? No, even before that, is lying always bad anyway? Is the truth always righteous and beautiful? Are there not cases where people get irrevocably hurt by truths that they could have done without knowing, and end up becoming twisted by that knowledge?

These kids are searching for the answers to these questions.

"Is there anyone who will immediately get found out when they lie? And what about if such a person became a reporter?"

Last year, in the drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’, writer Park Hye Ryun and PD Jo Soo Won brought us a moving drama which talked about a boy who could read other people’s hearts. This time they will return with a story which focuses on a woman who has ‘Pinocchio Syndrome’ but became a reporter, and a man who became a reporter because he no longer believes in the truth.

A young man lost his father due to a reporter who acted on what he believed to be ‘the truth’ and displayed it to the world. To hide from the world and the publicity, he, Choi Dal-po, had to take another identity, Ki Ha-myeong. A girl who cannot stop her hiccups whenever she tells a lie, so she decides to use it as her weapon and becomes a reporter who can only tell the truth, since ‘truth means life’ to her.

However, these two people who are the same age is actually uncle and niece.(T/N: wtf.) While their families know about this strange relationship, they kept it quiet in front of them because of the influence of one mysterious person. In any case, the man and the woman became intern reporters at two different broadcast stations, with completely different aspirations and values in their heart. The two stations are rivals with one another, with a history of bad blood between them, especially the social issues departments…

A man who hates the ‘truth’ of reporters and a woman who sees ‘truth’ as important as her life. They inevitably butt heads with one another, and who knows if the resulting world they reveal is the truth? Or just another bunch of lies?

Writer Park Hye Ryun has a deft hand in building intricate stories and creating realistic characters. PD Jo Soo Won is known for his dedicated direction style and ability to wrangle multiple genres. The fact that the two are joining hands again is certainly good news for audiences. Airing in the second half of 2014, surely ‘Pinocchio’ will become another SBS drama that incites heated discussion.


Few more tidbits:

The script for ‘Pinocchio’ is completed to the 6th episode now and they are also looking for young actors to play the young versions of both the boy and the girl (I vote for the kid who always plays Young Jongsuk ).

Also, if you want more ~proof~, SBS is apparently airing two Jongsuk movies (Hot Young Bloods and The Face Reader) next week; and HYB has Kim Young Kwang in it too.

by : hitoritabi  

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I'm sure we will see a different Shin Hye, that's why I'm so excited for her to work on this drama coz the writer is known for having a strong female character and since she's a reporter her character should have grit and strong personality since she is fighting for the truth. So will have to see. :) and Knowing the production, PD, writer and the network wanted her from the start goes to show their trust on her acting. I will love too see her improvement in this drama.

Writer Park hye ryun, PD Jo soo won, iHQ(prod team) and SBS's choice has been Park shin hye from the very start.

The star agency said the drama was intended to star Park from the beginning. The drama producer, iHQ, has been in constant call to have the actress take over the lead character in Pinocchio, the star agency added. (khnews@heraldcorp.com)

Park Shin Hye’s casting is right up SBS’s alley as the network revealed that she was their number one choice for the role and are thrilled she accepted. (From OCKoala's article)

Brand sides reportedly sent a steady love calls to Park Shin Hye from the planning stage.Has hinted he "sent a love call ever since," "proposal came shortly after the Park Shin Hye kept in mind that only the lower station" and "Pinocchio" make official. (Dispatch kr-google trans).

Park Shin Hye was instantly cast for the role of Choi In-ha, which was apparently created with her in mind. (Hancinema thru OSEN kr)

via resrimith at PSH thread

I hope we will have the male lead confirmation soon. I only watch LJS in the tennis movie with HJW and he seems a good actor there and this will be my first time watching him in a drama if he confirms. I feel like he will accept the offer soon coz if he will reject why make the production wait for long?

I pray for the best for this drama. Fighting!

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Why chingus.. Join here, must have a permission?? :))

Then.. I am.. :)) lol join without permission \m/

Anyway.. Do we all going to disscuss about confirmation role from LJs??

For me, I really trust to him.. He will join this team. Why?? There's to reason behind :

1. It's SBS

2. The PD and SW are from IHYV

There is no reason he reject this project (cc @BluenB) :D

Moreover, his agency said (CMIIW) that he will give his statements, when the filming date is already near, then is there any space for the CW and Prod. Team to found another candidats for the role??

I think nope. :D:))

And then, the wellmade ent want to clear the rumor about KWB that offered first to bcme lead male, but SBS already confirmed it that it was wrong.. So, maybe LJS want to focuss to his fanmeet on his birthday first, then he will confirm it :)

I'm so excited for this drama not just bcs my bias is comeback, but I also like their acting, LJS on IHYV was really amazing, and the storyline is really complicated, I like the SW and the PD. Such a great combination.

I'm excited bcsthis is comeback for PSH in 2014.

I hope she will received a good feedback from haters :-@

Then, I really like her characters as Choi In Ha, I hope she won't many cry anymore.. Hehe :D

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OMO...Pinnochio thread is open, so excited, I Love park Shin Hye since You're Beautifull, love her even more in Heartsring, Flower Boy Next Door, and Heirs, hope this drama will be Daebak. Fighting Shin Hye!!!
Oh and pinnochio only start airing in November, is that means this drama will not included in sbs year end drama award this year? I really hope seeing her in  red carpet though...

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OMO...Pinnochio thread is open, so excited, I Love park Shin Hye since You're Beautifull, love her even more in Heartsring, Flower Boy Next Door, and Heirs, hope this drama will be Daebak. Fighting Shin Hye!!!

Oh and pinnochio only start airing in November, is that means this drama will not included in sbs year end drama award this year? I really hope seeing her in  red carpet though...

it will be included pretty sure about that.

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Oopss... I'm a little late to join the party! Glad that the thread is now open. We now have a place to talk about the drama~^^
Lee Pil Mo Oppa!!!~ So happy that you joined the casts. Now I have one more reason to be excited for November (aside from it's my favourite month of the year. LOL)
ck1Oz said:I'll take him as the male lead. He's young enough. He is a great actor. Plus he has abs. And can kiss. 
What else do we want? Remember this?

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@Rania Zeid- thanks for the synopsis. Who do I actually credit this to? I am thinking if using it for the viki page. It's only temporary as once the official synopsis and character description comes out- we will translate it ourselves and change the design page. This is until Nov.

Because I don't know about the DC translation. It sounds like an article and speculation. I am not sure how much we can use. Every time I use the wrong information I end up having to explain to viewers it's not the final design.


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