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Go Seung Ji

[Drama 2014-2015] Pinocchio, 피노키오

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I have already watched 5 episodes ...

Fine!!! A supersky thing - and nervous, and touched, and laugh, and resent ... And I see a similar atmosphere with " While You Were Sleeping." Hand writer noticeable to the naked eye. :thumbsup:

But, of course, how the hero's family was treated, the horror ... And it was only because of that reporter !!! After all, as the boy began to list the names and characteristics of the dead, people already began to understand everything. And here she asks a control question, and everything happens again ...I want her to suffer! Much and much !!!!! :rage:

And the finale of the 5th ... it's all creepy. Whatever the man was, he is not particularly guilty, and such a painful death at the hands of the hero's brother ... horror ...:scream:

PS But a trio of top guys is a beauty! I demand bromance! Here I demand straight !!!:love:

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Great dorama turned out! All the time, the story kept me at the screen in considerable tension. After all, indeed, just one word and all ... man is no more. Not just a person, a whole family. Well, is it so necessary to blindly believe reporters ?! Horror!:blink:

But the main thing is that there are worthy journalists! These fighters for good and justice! Which are very few, because of what they seem to be real heroes ...:thumbsup:


And the love story in this drama ... Charm! Such a touching, tender, sweet couple turned out from Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye. No matter how hard they tried, they could not run away from each other either for the sake of each other or for something else. After all, only together they LIVE, and do not exist! And how many moments between them were bright ... the same time with road cones or a kiss through bread ...beauty :love:

Well, brotherly love is beautiful here! True brotherly love. When one for the other is ready to move mountains! And plus so many cool characters here ...

10/10! This is already a classic to watch, yes.^_^


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