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[Drama 2014-2015] Pinocchio, 피노키오

Go Seung Ji

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10 K-Dramas That'll Make You *Love* Park Shin Hye Even More

Let the marathon begin!
by GIGI YIA-MISA | 12 hours ago
Park Shin Hye dramas are full of heart. The Hallyu darling made her acting debut in the 2003 classic Stairway To Heaven. In it, she plays the younger version of female lead Choi Ji Won's character. Since then, she's taken on pivotal roles in 11 films and more than 20 dramas, which have seen her play roles that ranged from a cross-dressing rock star to a neurosurgeon who crushes on her high school teacher. Here's a rundown of her 10 must-watch K-dramas.

8. Pinocchio (2014)

This slice of life drama features Shin Hye as a reporter plagued with a "Pinocchio Syndrome," which makes it super obvious when she lies. Together with childhood friend and ultimate crush Choi Dal Po (played by K-drama heartthrob Lee Jong Suk), she discovers what being a true reporter is all about.



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The Best Romantic Korean Dramas

The reviews are listed chronologically. I also mention a couple outstanding rom-coms from other Asian countries, just to give you more options. Before diving into the reviews, you might want to take a look at the FAQ page – especially if you are new to Kdrama.

Here’s our all-time Top 10:





I love it when dramas address current social or political issues. Like in this one. Park Shin Hye (You’re Beautiful) and Lee Jong Suk play two apprentice reporters for a big news show. We learn a lot about how news is produced and manipulated and how political pressure is applied. Of course, this story is fictional but I wouldn’t be surprised if the world it creates bears a strong resemblance to reality. Not that anybody should think that this is a dry educational documentary – not at all: It’s entertaining with an interesting story and a romance that works well. Park Shin Hye’s Pinocchio syndrome (she can’t lie without hiccups) adds a cute touch. Don’t be too shocked by the melodramatic first episode. It’s pretty harsh – but no worries, the rest is rom-com fine. My favorite Park Shin Hye drama. Excellent.
Go here for more visuals.
SBS. Written by Park Hye Ryun. 2014-15




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List Of Korean Dramas Every Beginner Should Watch

BY Staff Reporter | Jan 16, 2020 08:30 AM EST


List Of Korean Dramas Every Beginner Should Watch


There's something in store for everyone, from warmhearted dramas to funny variety shows like Busted! That will have you laughing until hard your stomach hurts, to the 100-episode dramas with increasingly ridiculous storylines that you can't help finding yourself hooked to it.


Here's a list of Korean dramas every beginner should watch:

1. Pinocchio

This is not an adaptation of Disney's wooden puppet. Korea's Pinocchio drama features charming actress Park Shin-Hye who plays the role of Choi In-ha, that every time she tells a lie big or small she finds herself hiccup-ing.

Alongside with her friend Choi Dal-Po (also Ki Ha-Myung), played by Lee Jong-suk, they become trainee reporters at rival networks. Later on, it turns out Ki' Ha-Myung'ss family is a victim of fake news way back, and its executioner was none other than Choi In-ha's mother, who in the current day is already an extremely successful reporter.


There is a twist of fate for both characters that are working on the same goal which is to take down fake news.







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