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[Drama 2014-2015] Pinocchio, 피노키오

Go Seung Ji

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<Pinocchio>: Quote of the Day #11
All we could do with suspicions was

ask questions.
The questions seemed powerless, but

the more they were asked, the more

they tried to conceal their answers. 
Eventually their move to conceal

became the key to finding the answer.



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Collection of Drama Roles Played by Actor Lee Jongsuk in a School Uniform


He has played the role of a student a lot. 


Lee Jongsuk debuted as a model in 2005 at the age of 17. He then began his career as an actor in 2012. He has consistently captivated hearts with his hit dramas. He has been loved for his great acting skills and good looks.


Perhaps because of his young looks, his dramas often show him playing the role of a student. He is over thirty, but wearing a school uniform is just his specialty. Without further ado, check out the dramas in which he wore a school uniform!


'Pinocchio' in 2015








Image Source: The Qoo




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