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[Variety] OnStyle W.I.S.H (Where Is my Super Hero) HOTSechgodRG

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Where Is my Super Hero <W.I.S.H>



Moon Heejun H.O.T

Eun Jiwon Sechskies

Danny Ahn g.o.d

Chun Myunghoon NRG




HOTSechgodRG members were given the goal of reaching 69,950 likes on their official facebook account. Once they get to the said amount, they will hold a (guerilla) concert at the Jamsil Stadium which has a 69,950 seating capacity.


It aired every Saturday at 10PM KST


HOTSechgodRG W.I.S.H OFFICIAL Facebook Page




Episode 1 July 19, 2014

Episode 2 July 26, 2014

Episode 3 August 2, 2014

Episode 4 August 10, 2014


This show has already ended, culminating with a mini concert/gathering with their fans. For some reasons they decided not to pursue the show, which I think is a pity. :'( HOTSechgodRG boys are so funny... But anyways, anyone who wants to fangirl with me! Do post in this thread!

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