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It's not just KBS that has these strict restrictions and they aren't even new, it's just that in the past, they weren't communicated in English that clearly because they were mostly focusing on domest

@ruizaio i got mine today (it made it halfway across the world to Washington, DC!) and it had all the goodies ... and Healing Times translated in Hangul!  what a pleasant surprise!  I remember you men

hey guys!!!!! one of the peeps here who has gotten her BluRay copy! OMG SOOOO ECSTATIC TO HAVE IT.     ^IT'S SOOO GORGEOUS AND HEAVY. I don't even have words to describe how pretty it is. I can tell

Thank you all for the live recap sadly I slept through it, it's kind of hard when it starts at 5am where I live.

Looking at the translation of the couch scene, I am scared for MH :-SS , it's a trap!!! YS will be held hostage by whoever is in MH penthouse and MH is kidnapped.

JH will save YS and MH will be willing to give his life up for her too... Oh no SJN please don't do it don't do it ... chaebal!!!

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And MS can seriously go burn in hell!! X( how sick can he be!!! He twists the truth of 1992 on national TV to his advantage to win more people for his candidacy as Seoul Mayor... Sick I tell you sick :-&

What does MH have to die for him to stop being the elders puppet or what ??? Omg I am so enraged!!! ~X(

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Guest snowhite1989

Appa and YS:

Father: But that guy, when will he come?
YS: What guy? i know lots of guys, u know...
Father: Drag him here...
YS: I can't drag him here..
Father: Hey you, why does it have to be such a weakling guy? U're weak with things related to violence and abuse so then why didn't u choose a strong, big guy that u can just hide right into (his arms). I was so hoping for that for u. And u have to choose such a coward (that has many fears) and fragile guy...
YS: Hahahaha
Father: Why are u smiling? Is this funny?

@aroma83‌ thank you so much for all the translations especially this one. This made me lol, father Chae is the best!

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Guest AnneVarattha

I have to admit this......

Since from the first episode of Healer, after seeing his blood-head and cold face during missions.

I've never expected that Healer/SJH in his ENTIRE TRULY SELF through out 18 episodes, will be this kind of POSSESSIVE,HARDCORE SKINSHIP-LOVER, LOVE-SICK, JEALOUSY and SHOW-OFF boyfriend type like this! Lol!

I don't know if he just be like this by his basic instinct or just develop the traits because of CYS, either way CYS is sure a lucky girl!

Awwwwwww such a CUTIE BED-LOVE-SICK PUPPY CYS has tamed hereeeee, squeeeeeeeeeeee, i want one too!

=)) =)) =)) =)) =))

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Have you pre-ordered your copy of the Healer Director's Cut DVD or Blu-ray yet? We are currently in the process of negotiating what extra goodies will be included in the pre-order set, and the more people do the pre-order, the more likely for KBS and the producers of Healer to comply! Also, keep in mind that the Blu-Ray is a limited release! If you are ordering from the US or Canada, Innolife is the only option, and because their English is bad, here's a detailed instruction with screenshots on how to order from them. YesAsia declared that they can't ship to the US because of licensing issues. Follow us on twitter or visit our website for more information!

DVD pre-order linksYesAsia EnglishInnolife English Innolife 日本語Innolife 中国語
Blu-Ray pre-order linksYesAsia EnglishInnolife English Innolife 日本語Innolife 中国語

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