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Why is this thread so alive again? Are there people watching this for the first time? Because I haven't continued watching it after finishing ep.3... If there will be discussions, I might try watching now.....

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It's not just KBS that has these strict restrictions and they aren't even new, it's just that in the past, they weren't communicated in English that clearly because they were mostly focusing on domest

@ruizaio i got mine today (it made it halfway across the world to Washington, DC!) and it had all the goodies ... and Healing Times translated in Hangul!  what a pleasant surprise!  I remember you men

hey guys!!!!! one of the peeps here who has gotten her BluRay copy! OMG SOOOO ECSTATIC TO HAVE IT.     ^IT'S SOOO GORGEOUS AND HEAVY. I don't even have words to describe how pretty it is. I can tell

15 hours ago, stroppyse said:

The bits of JH videotaping himself, answering questions about being Healer is a bit confusing. The D-cut actually handled this part much better. While casing YS’ room early on, Healer had found a list of questions that YS had drawn up to ask Healer. At some point, JH had started answering her questions about being Healer, and taping it to give to YS.


That is REALLY interesting to know, because both times I watched it I was totally confused why he does it and whose questions he is answering. I even thought at the beginning it was a scene from the very start, before he met anyone. 

That's really something good to know.


15 hours ago, stroppyse said:

And, YS comes to think that Myung Hee knows who she is. So, why not allow them to have a reunion? I’m a bit puzzled by this actually.


This is probably the thing that annoys me the most. During almost 20ep they build up this story about her being MH's daughter and although we do know she knows at the end, they never have a real reunion and we don't see MH's joy about finding her long lost daughter.

It almost feels like a missed opportunity to include a big, big chunk of emotions at the end, since it's one of the greater aspects everyone was waiting for. 



About the OST, It's definitely not one of my fav OSTs and I guess I wouldn't even mention it when I would count my fav OSTs of all time. When thinking about it.....I wouldn't even put it into my top 10. 

The song is not bad though, but the excessive use of it make it so annoying at one point. Whenever the slightest moment of potential sadness appears or just whatever other reason, they throw it at you. 


24 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

Why is this thread so alive again? Are there people watching this for the first time? Because I haven't continued watching it after finishing ep.3... If there will be discussions, I might try watching now.....


We were rewatching it, since most of us already watched it at one point. I guess some are still not finished, I don't know if there will be a lot of discussions in the future. :D 

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12 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

Why is this thread so alive again? Are there people watching this for the first time? Because I haven't continued watching it after finishing ep.3... If there will be discussions, I might try watching now.....


LOL... after reading the past few pages, looks like I missed the train this time. You're all reaching the end already. I'll just put this back on my to-watch list.

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Finished episode 19, and the kidnapping part got resolved more quickly than I expected. things I noticed this episode:


I remember when I watched this the first time I got tired of the flashbacks, but haven't found them as bad this time around - I guess they all happened at the beginning as set up, but at the time I just wanted to know about the present. This time around I knew where the story was going so didn't mind them. Along the same vein - I remember that I really disliked MS at this point round 1, this time I just find him pathetic.


Happy that Myung Hee has found some strength and moved out of MS's house and has started helping out at Someday. Also confused whey they haven't told her that YS is her daughter - it seems to me she'd be fine with happy news, it's bad news/difficult memories that usually cause her seizure. That along with perpetually taking sleeping pills can't be the healthiest thing for her - which it also seems she realises because she's stopped taking them to not feel so muddle headed.


I didn't mind the separation when Healer goes underground again, mostly because they showed both characters thinking of each other fondly, and they didn't drag it out excessively. Then we get to see everyone together at the end ready for the last showdown.


@Dhakra liked YS in her red dress - I think she's looking pretty good in the black trench in the ending montage. I've enjoyed all the knitwear that various characters have been wearing all series as well.


Onto the last episode...

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50 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

Why is this thread so alive again? Are there people watching this for the first time? Because I haven't continued watching it after finishing ep.3... If there will be discussions, I might try watching now.....


I think I’m the only one who just recently  watched this for the first time. I’m just glad I was able to catch a few people here rewatching the drama and giving their thoughts again. I was surprised too when I keep seeing this thread with new posts so I checked it out. It feels like this drama has never gotten old. It’s surely one of the most enjoyable drama I’ve seen. Even if I’m so late, I’m happy to be part of the Healer bandwagon now...lol.

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Here is my thought on ep 16 through 18



Ep 16

“That’s right – But, why didn’t you tell me? “– YS to MH

JH on the search for proving his dad’s innocence.  It’s funny JH say he never met her(Ajumma) just the preying mantis and YS got to meet her.  LOL.  MS takes YS to his office instead of the interview with his MHee.  He trying to divert their meeting and also cast doubt on Healer and MH.  Secretary Oh is in jailed and YS help investigate that with JH.  I think that is why she don’t waiver in front MS and Team Leader Ahn.  However when MH finds her she start questioning him about MS escorting and him coming here to meet her.  She start to piece things together and finally MH tells her the truth.  Team Leader Ahn is very strategic and planning all the finding for JH about his father.  Of course JH knows it’s a trap but moves forward.  YS calls him while talking with the thugs and she tells him about MS and that he know that is Healer.  This YS at her vulnerable state as she is learning her mother is alive and she needs JH at this moment.  She flashback with her conversation with MH as he tells her more about her mom and the reason why she was abandon.  She also learned that JH knew and didn’t tell her.  Again it must of hurt her that they both kept this from with the excuse of being scared.  She is stronger at this point because of her dad and upbringing.  She finds out the JH dad killed her father. 

MHee calls MH and ask about YS.  It seems that MHee did not he became the CEO of Someday.  I’m not sure why MH did not tell.  MH really has a problem with communicating important info.  MH tells Mhee that YS is having a hard time and cannot meet with her…so sad.  It feels like everyone is deciding MHee and not telling is not helping her at all.

JH comes to YS and the atmosphere between them is just not the same.  She hesitated when he hugs and he can feel it.  I liked how he cupped her face and his hand and tries to see if she is mad at him.  She is not mad at him but in fact scared that his father is killed her dad.  I’m not sure about this part.  I know she is not afraid of him but her body language shows that she is scared.  She was surprised that he was alright meeting her mother.  He asked if has nothing do with us why can’t you look at me or hug me.  I’m glad she ran after him and told him to come back.  It showed she understood him and that he would probably distant himself so she tells him to make sure he comes back to her.  He comes and kiss in front of her dad and barista guy.  Boy were they shocked. 

The trap is taking shape but JH does know what’s going on but they were in fact on step ahead of him.  Well if the detective was not so greedy for the money and trying to bargain with JH and the bad guys, JH would have beat this trap.  Ajumma singing I’m am the best 2ne1 song shows they were ahead of this trap.  When YS ask if she knew JH, MH tells her they never wanted to separate.  It was funny she said he probably would cry first..very true.   Mhee who put a bug in MS office hears that JH is in danger.  She calls MH immediately and the danger start now. The detective dies and YS see JH with bloody hand.  The police comes and he is on the run. 


Ep 17

“Are you thinking about Chae Yeong Sin? Why are you afraid she is doubting you?” Ajumma to JH

“20 years have passed and finally someone is asking me.”  MHee to YS

Hated to watching the scene with JH washing his bloody hand.   Although I know he did not kill the detective but he would become a murder suspect same as his dad.  JH remembers that the detective gave him a number but has no significance at this time.  What he worried most about is that YS saw him with bloody hands.  MH greets YS dad and her dad finds out she found her biological mother.  Her dad reaction was precious and he just hugs her.  This is why YS was able to be ok.  She really had a great adopted family that nourish her with love and understanding. 

Ajumma talking with JH regarding the number the detective told him before he died.  Ajumma sense JH is spacing out  and worried about what YS is thinking and tells him to call YS and talk sweetly to her.   He calls but no answer and they start having a conversation in their mind with each other (wish that she just called back). 

Secretary oh is out and boy that creepy smile hand over his mouth.  Detective Yoon express my sentiment of disgust.  JH goes to the detective house of course there nothing there and the bad guys already went through the place.  He pays his respect to Park Dong Cheol instead which was his reason for going to his place.  JH is being followed and he sees the people.

YS is getting ready to go meet her mom and she is getting flowers.  Ajumma tells JH(1st she tells him to breathe in and out)  that YS phone is being used by someone else and that she is going to MS house and secretay oh is back.  Of course JH rushed to her because she may be in danger. 

YS meeting her mom is very emotional for her as she tries to stay calm and not show emotions.  Alas she is not able to keep from crying as it too much emotions.   Secretary Oh goes to report to Elder that YS is at the house.  MHee start to show the picture of the group of five and start to explain what happened.  JH is there when secretary oh speaks to Elder and grabs the phone and say hello “Orishin”.  My fav part is when he throw the books on the floor with OCD oh is looking that is the worse kind of punishment for him.  Here is when JH finds out about the charnel house which is a clue for him to find the tape of his father testimony.  We also learned the specific of the day JiAn got separated from her mother.  Her mom told her to not make a sound so she can hide and not be found.   Unfortunately, her mom never came back.  We learn the bad people call themselves farmers “cultivating this country”, planting seeds and getting rid of the weeds, harvesting crops ect.   As we all know they are the weeds that the country needs to get plucked and destroyed.  MHee goes through an episode and YS takes a cookies from her birthday anniversary. 

JH meets YS.  One line that I loved is that she understood why she made no sound when she was younger because her mother told to be silent as was trying to run from the people.  She said she was not abandoned.  JH assures her that he would not grow tired of her and she asked him if he ever killed anyone.  She knew but needed assurance of him not killing anyone.  They become closer as the walk and closing the gap that was between them.  The gap was their past hurt, his father being accused of killing her dad.  As she walks closer to him, she puts her hands in his pocket.  It was a beautiful moment as we feel they will walk through the hard things in life.  Holding hands together will help them with their journey.

JH, YS, Ajumma, MH teams up to get the tape of his father’s testimony.  JH and YS goes to the van that has been following them and he puts the tacks and start saying “picture, picture”.   They drive off after biker drops JH’s car and they are being followed by team leader Ahn.  MJae comes to discourage MH again.  I liked that YS say the car behind them is suspicious and JH looks at her and smile (ah she is learning how to healer like me..lol).  Biker girl comes next and the office staff are wondering who or what is going on (at this time we don’t know either until ep 18).  They go to the charnel house and of course still being followed.  JH greets his dad and introduce YS.   I liked how he imitated YJ voice..lol.

MH say they about to take part in live broadcast.  JH takes something from his father charnel house and the bad guys see him.  This starts JH fighting of course he tells YS to close his eyes.  He is captured by the bad guys and start to act like Park Bong Soo.  The got the tape but it’s empty. Park bong soo ask to meet Elder.  We begin the story of his father and proving his innocence.  MH is live broadcasting and he has the tape (YAY!!!).  JH with his glasses shows the world who is the Elder.  Really a great plan.  As in the words from the 80’s show the “A-Team”, I love it when a plans comes together”.

Ep 18

“Let’s go according to plan. Let’s go all the way till the end” – JH to YS

Brilliant idea to have DY to go and get the tape since no one is looking for her anyways.  Here they learned that tape shows JH father is innocence and they go on with the plan to meet Elder.  MH tells them to come back and not go any further but both YS and JH stand their ground and continues the fight.  JH in Park Bong Soo roles meets the Elder.   JH said he wanted to let everyone meet and “beware of a ferocious dog”.   JH introduces himself as Seo Jeong Hoo’s son.  He puts a face to all the Elder misdeeds to his family and others.  He asked if he ever thought about the kids that are left behind.  The farmers have a righteous purpose and for the good of their purpose they can kill (it’s ok).   They get rid of anyone trying to change their plans without thinking about all the consequences.  That is the weakness in their plan because there will be a consequences for all their evil deeds. I know all the farmers are not dealt with at the end of the show.  But still it puts them on notice and fight goes on till the end.   The truth must be told and it cannot stay hidden as some of the farmers are hidden in this world.  JH is drugged to put him to sleep but somehow he turns off the incense even in his sleepy state.  To me it means, he will not stay a sleep for long and will fight the Elder no matter how weak he may seem at the moment.  He will find a way to fight the Elder and win (we will see later in ep 20).

Finally, we get to see what really happened through the flashback as they aired  the tape of JH’s father.  Again, she finds JH sleeping and wakes him up.  He tells her she always wake him up.  She is wake call in life.  She woke up to living again and not sleeping through life as he was before (healer hides from the world).  JH is awake to loving someone and finding purpose in this world.  When I see the relationship between the 3 in the car, you see how close they were but I feel MS is somewhat distant even though he is there helping (maybe because I know he betrays them I feel this way).  Did MS believe in their cause or was he just a bystander to the cause.  He drove them around and such but did he really believe in exposing the “farmers”.  

Can JH learn to live in this world without being Healer?  My answer is no.  He needs to be Healer to me and he just needs to re-direct his purpose.  I feel like he should still work with Ajumma on selected cases.  He could teach Dae Young and others like his teacher taught him to be Healer.  The world needs a Healer (superhero).  Another scene I liked is MS being scared at first until he learns to lie with confidence.  Also the scene where he is eating the cookie MHee made and he just wipe the crumbs away so carelessly.  Crumbs are met to thrown away and that’s how he thought about people who get in the way of his plans.  

YS dad calling Park Bong soo a scaredy cat…ha ha only if he knew.  When JH sneak in YS room, he is fully awake and ready play.  But YS is not having that since she wants him to learn how to live like regular people.  When he gives her the necklace, she kicks him and he asked if he is bothersome and why he can’t hug her.  She say you wanted to love like other and he said love.  I don’t recall if they use the word “sarang” previously with each other.  So right then JH goes to meet YS father.   Loved the scene when they questioned him about and YS is looking through the window and can’t help him…lol.   Also how the father got him to admit that pollack soup was for him and that YS spent the night..lol.. While all this is going on she is eating ice cream.

JH goes back to work and everyone is happy to see him and congratulating on a doing a good job.  He start working as cameraman for YS and he is very sleepy.  He is no longer on hunt so it’s hard for him to adjust and just sleeps.  YS describes him as predatory animal (another animal analogy of healer) and he continually sleeping.  I feel at this point they were a bit relax since they have not captured the Elder and was easy to fall in his trap later.

I liked when YS describe JH acts like his 13 year to her mom..lol.  I liked the daughter/mother moment. As MH is preparing to go on a broadcast, MS already prepared to be on and bringing up that he was journalist of “Healer” magazine…lies lies.  The tapes and magazines was what secretary oh stole earlier in the ep from MH.  MHee is disgusted to se MS going on tv saying he was part of pirate broadcasting team.  He just the driver and let them use the junkyard.  Did he even broadcast with them? 

MH taking picture of the staff was setup for the next scene at the end. It was foreboding moment when I 1st watch as I thought he going die.  When he took JH/YS pic, JH say she can’t sleep with others and MH say what about you, and he replied I’m not like other people.   MH wants JH to know if he will take YS away but JH say he will help since he likes MH.  Of course MH is touched but JH reminds him though he will leave him if YS is in danger.  The plan is set by team leader Ahn to divide and conquer.  They kidnapped MH and JH sees the camera.  He leaves YS behind (wish she had went with him though).  JH goes after MH only to be setup by team leader Ahn.  On to ep 19.


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My last review - ep 19 through 20.  


Ep 19

“That’s why we have to fight. If we sit still and not fight they might bite us and we’d become zombies too”…YS to MH.   Like MS has been zombified.

Finally, the plan team leader Ahn concocted is working perfectly.  I’m say to myself that was nice plan. Kidnap MH and YH at the same time.  If she had gone with him, I wonder how it would be different.  MH would have still been kidnap but why was they so sure she would not go with JH.  With both in danger JH has no choice but to give in to their demands.  They have the tape of his confession and Elder have him trapped with no way out at the this time.  They also wanted that tape of the phone call.  Why when they received the Russia phone call (when JH sleeping) they did not this lead?  Why was just laying there and no one realized the significance of that call.  It pained me to see JH confess to murdering park dong cheol after he just proved his father’s a victim of the Elder manipulation of the facts.  I guess my biggest problem as I stated for ep 18, why in the world did they just relaxed after finding Elder.  All those sleeping see…WHY?  Again Elder uses the line close your eyes and open them again seriously Elder should have used a different line.  Because the same does not work on Healer.  When he closes his eyes and open them again, he only see scumbag who kidnap his woman and have spineless creepy secretary oh…that’s all he see.  Where MS could not grasp the situation then, JH saw perfectly that Elder was evil period. 

JH gets back at MH house and open his arm and YS runs to him.  This time he tells her everything without holding anything back for her.  I think for me it was the 1st time he was completely honest with her and not keeping things to keep her safe.  She needed to know what was going on so she can have her guards up.  By the way, the mellow song JWC sings is really nice here.  

MS think MHee is sleeping again he always wants her to be asleep and not realize what is going on except what he tells her.  As we know, she is not sleeping and fully awake at this time and listening to everything…she is doing the math as she said earlier.  At this time she finds out about her daughter. 

We find out team leader Ahn was part of the case that Ajumma worked and left because her child died and the case was closed with no apparent arrest.    Again, her leader Ahn has is one step ahead of Ajumma and Healer.  As JH is planting something in their car, team leader Ahn used later to track Ajumma’s  location.

JH no longer likes being alone so as he is in the run he goes to places where it’s noisy.  He is at a video game place looking at her videos and she waiting for him to come.  They are seriously missing each other…aww. I missing them too.   The song is being played by Tei “What my eyes say”. 

MHee is leaving she cooks the last meal to a clueless MS.  He really did not see this coming even though he knew she bugged his office.  He really must of thought she was really sleeping and not awake…smh.  She tells him that was something holding her back and she could not love him.  She leaves (I’m saying yes finally).  His finally devasted and suffer the consequences of his actions.  I thought after she found out she would meet her and introduces herself as her mother.  But for whatever reason the writers does not make them reunite as official mother and daughter.   Again YS is missing JH and they play another ost I love Ben “You”. 

MH broadcast the red lead paint story (to finish what Gil Han and Jeon Seok.  They give how the Omega Venture Capital works.  In order to make a plan of theirs to work, they manipulated (ie red lead paint situation by killing people to make money.  So Elder was the ceo of the Omega Holding/Venture.  Loved the scene when Detective Yoon crushing on is idol Ajumma. 

Team Leader Ahn plan to track Ajumma works and they know where she lives and the whole team goes to find her.  JH learns where they are going and heads to Ajumma and they meet.  It was hilarious when they meet ..lol.  He keeps staring at her lol.   The team is gathered at the airport and ends ep 19. 

Side note:  I saw the ost and saw one of the track title is “Silence”.   I feel was running theme of the drama.  People were kept in the dark and no one said anything.  The pieces were put together as each person started to speak and no longer remain silent. 

Ep 20

“Min joo(Democracy), Min joo, where are you? I’m here” – as MHee seating watching outside from MH’s apartment.

“I couldn’t remain silent” – biochemist researcher from Russia

JH is answering the questions from ep 1 list from YS if she ever meets Healer (thanks for the info @stroppyse).   When I first watch, I thought it was the end scene to wrap up the show.  Glad I was wrong at the time.  I though it would be open-ending.  The airport scene I did not place it at the end at the time I first watched.   I do like the scene now on the re-watch.  It chronicled their relationship and how he has someone to love and cherish on his journey of live.  NO longer in his own world.

JH goes to he café and fights the bad guys in front of YS dad and ahjussi.  Since ajumma’s place was found JH went to the café?   I’m glad her dad saw that JH/Park Bong Soo is someone who can take care of YS.  Also loved that YS had to step in and finish the story as he could not communicate it properly at this time.  The café place became the hideout place for Ajumma since YS dad did not let YS go with JH.  We have a similar scene here as in ep 17 but with different outcome because he was mindful of her dad and ahjussi. 

MH almost falls for the trap of team leader ahn but thanks to Ajumma the plan fails.  The took care of the picture that would compromise MH with a teenage girl.   Here I’m glad Ajumma was one step of the game.   I feel more confident as the plan of team leader Ahn is falling apart slowly.  JH goes to the office and they staff commented there something is different about park bong soo.   JH on the rooftop singing “gladly gladly” same song YS sang with her dad in the earlier ep.   When they released the confession video to the police, YS hears and say that she will run away with him.  He does not respond as he does not want her be on the run.  “You” by Ben is playing on this scene.  Again YS meets Mhee but no acknowledgment of them being mother and daughter even though every knows the truth.  The dad shows picture of YS growing up and MHee so thankful that she had loving parents. 

JH looks at the cell phone from Russia and I guess this where the plan start to join Elder and later the airport scene.  JH goes to see MS and he totally out of him.  He no longer can see reality.  Elder kept telling him to close his eyes and open them but this time he is not able to see any kind of reality.  In his mind, he is Gil Han and not MS.   He speaks about loving someone for so long but Gil Han say it does not matter the length it’s more about the substance.  JH goes to meet Elder and put a bug at the place.  Elder really wanted to recruit Healer.  He feels backing JH at a corner then he would do his bidding like MS.  Boy he was so wrong. 

JH and YS meet again and both saying what the like about each other.  YS..his hand (a marvelous unique hand).   JH – high places, first snow, small hands, white bedding and that hair (later again at this ep the line is repeated). 

Plan is at worked and it looks like they are dropping the elder from his post.  (again YAY finally!).   MH’s plan to do a live broadcast so the truth can be revealed without being manipulated.  Since they dropped the Elder, I know he will be the fall guy. 

Loved the whole sequence of the last scenes at the airport.  On the 1st watch I thought he really died but was so glad when they showed it was part of the plan.  Here JH called MH uncle which was nice.  Everything worked as plan.  The bad guys are caught.  We don’t really know what happens to MS (I assume his in mental hospital) and secretary oh (arrested).  The wrapped up the story and we finally end this fight with Elder.  Although I know there is anther Elder but this case is closed. 

JH and YS works together as a team.  We end with them saying what they like about each other (as mentioned earlier) and with a kiss.  Story ends gladly and sweetly on the roof top as the sing “It’s a beautiful feeling”.

It’s this beautiful feeling that made me love this show and re-watched with everyone. The action and the romance were well done and balanced to me.   I loved he couple YS and JH.  JWC did a great job as Healer and loved PMY sweet and bubbly version of YS.   I do not think I participated in the forum the first time I watched and mostly was a silent lurker but on this re-watch I could no longer stay silent and wanted to write my feels, my love for the show.  Yes, I think there is a time to be silent but when there is so much injustice in this world we cannot always stay silent.    We cannot destroy our rights to speak.  Democracy, Democracy, I'm here!.


Thank you all for bringing me out of my cocoon and write my heart for this re-watch. 



I really enjoyed reading each comments and insight on the show.  @stroppyse, @Dhakra, @sally2, welcome @kenrei hope you like the show as you watch; @luckionesky (welcome - I see you are a new member to Soompi); @usagi1997, @kokodus and all lurkers.

I will be here to read other comments.

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A nice conclusion to the series. Thank you @stroppyse (I think it was you) for the explanation above from the director's cut about the taped questions.


Enjoyed the comedic parts of this episode, like when Healer showed up to the cafe to kick butt. YS's dad and ahjusshi's reactions were hilarious as always. And their parting was sweet. I really feel that JCW could have chemistry with a cucumber with the way he can gaze at another person.


Liked how the baddies were always one step behind this episode, but kind of odd that they actually thought they had JH/Healer in line.


The ending was also cute. What I find somewhat odd is that when BS came back to work at Someday a few episodes ago he was bored with the daily routine and always sleeping on the job. So it wasn't clear that he'd be able to live "like everyone else" the way he wanted to. But now at the ending they show him getting his adrenaline rush from undercover photography of sorts. But, couldn't he have been doing that before? I like happy endings though so I'm not complaining.


Agree with @Dhakra the lack of mother daughter reunion was weird. The only reason I can think of that they didn't do it, is so they could have the scene where YS tells JH that they'll disappear together if they can't clear his name of the murder. Where YS says that her dad will understand and her mum doesn't know for sure that they're related.


@Dhakra I was also thinking of you when the chords of "oh my love" started up at the beginning of the episode. I think you'd had a reprieve after episode 15, but then here it was again.


All in all a good series that I was happy to rewatch. Thanks everyone for your comments, and insights (much more in depth than mine)

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10 hours ago, sally2 said:

I really feel that JCW could have chemistry with a cucumber with the way he can gaze at another person.


Hahahaha! Absolutely true. Reminds me of my ape analogy. :D 


10 hours ago, sally2 said:

Agree with @Dhakra the lack of mother daughter reunion was weird. The only reason I can think of that they didn't do it, is so they could have the scene where YS tells JH that they'll disappear together if they can't clear his name of the murder. Where YS says that her dad will understand and her mum doesn't know for sure that they're related.


That would explain YS part, but not why MH doesn't say anything either. When ahjumma crush enters the cafe, I was so sure again that she tells her and make sure they have a reunion with a waterfall of tears. 

I mean it was clear that they wouldn't run away. what JH said is actually very, very true. No guy wants to make his girl an outcast. 



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I came across a translated Q&A with the writer Song Ji-Na and it is a really interesting read. 


 About ep. 20 and beyond


Q: Who is Jung-Hoo's interview video for?

A: In episode 2, Jung-Hoo copies the content of Young-Shin's laptop onto a USB memory. In episode 20, one of the skipped scenes was Jung-Hoo printing off "Interview questions for Healer" that Young-Shin had created that was in that data. In other words, it is him fulfilling one of Young-Shin's dreams, interviewing Healer. At this point, Jung-Hoo thinks of the possibility of his own death as there will be many cops with guns and there's no sure way of knowing who'd shoot first, but because of the lack of time during the final week of production, the tension was lost. The ending was initially planned to be after about a year's time had passed, and by then Young-Shin would have written her book, but...

Q: What happened to the real Park Bong-Soo?

A: Remember what the Elder said about missing people in Korea? That they stop looking for them after 5 years? Park Bong-Soo is probably one of them. Somebody gone missing over 5 years. That must be why Min-Ja used it as a fake identity for Jung-Hoo.

Park Bong-Soo, if you're alive and well, go after Min-Ja. She'll figure something out for you.

Q: How did you feel as you watched the last episode?

A: I just wanted to die. I had posted earlier that I didn't have any regrets, but actually there was one big one: Time.

I could see how the cast and crew had been under so much pressure of time. Since I'm the biggest cause of their hardships, I felt like I should die.

But as there were so many people around me at the theater (about 150 people rented a theater to watch the last episode of Healer, including some actors like Hacker Ajumma, Det. Yoon, Jung-Hoo's and Young-Shin's moms, Secretary Oh, couple Someday reporters, etc., and the teaser of the fan project was played to them.)

Q: Is Healer no more? Has it become a world that is fine without Healer?

A: I wouldn't say Jung-Hoo is an ordinary cameraman. I think he's a freelancer that brings in information and pictures an ordinary reporter couldn't possibly get his hands on to Someday. He probably won't make as much money as he did as Healer. But who knows? Maybe his partner Min-Ja helps out while stealing some their money...

Q: Do you have any thoughts on working on Healer 2?

A: Not even in my dreams at this time. My energy is totally depleted. Even playing video games is hard for me right now. (sobs)

Q: Did Jung-Hoo take Teacher's ashes to the South Pacific?

A: If the ending had turned out to be after 1 year had passed as originally planned, of course he'd have made that trip by then. Along with his woman by his side. Jung-Hoo wouldn't be able to say much, but the woman by his side would be chattering nonstop as they scatter the ashes.

Q: When Det. Yoon asks Min-Ja whether Healer is good for this world, Min-Ja doesn't answer. I want to know your and Min-Ja's thoughts on that.

A: I think that one should be answered by the viewers of Healer. Now that you've watched all 20 episodes, is Jung-Hoo good for this world or bad? My thoughts are your thoughts.

Q: Did you originally plan a sad ending? If so, at about which episode did you switch to a happy ending?

A: It was going to have a happy ending from the beginning. When Ji Chang-Wook came to the studio for the first time, I told him the ending as I explained his character. We just kept that path. One death and a new beginning. Only... at the time, I was planning on taking my time with a proper ending. My first thought was for Jung-Hoo to fake a crash while on an aircraft. Sorry, Jung-Hoo.

Q: What happened to Kim Moon-Shik and Secretary Oh after they lost their leader, the Elder?

A: Kim Moon-Shik is admitted to a facility, and Myung-Hee visits him once a week. Moon-Ho might visit him once a month or so.

Secretary Oh still works for the farmers. Eww... I hate it.

Q: Looks like Jung-Hoo quit being Healer and became a reporter, what is Min-Ja doing? Would you have considered Min-Ja and Det. Yoon's romance if there had been more episodes?

A: Jung-Hoo is not an ordinary reporter, but a freelancer specializing in digging up stuff, so he'll continue to work with Min-Ja. I think he just won't make as much money as he used to... but Min-Ja might think differently.

As for the romance with Det. Yoon... Good luck, Det. Yoon!

Q: Moon-Shik seemed to have lost everything after Myung-Hee left. Why did he think he was Gil-Han when he was drunk? Did he want to become Gil-Han because of his jealousy or his yearning for Myung-Hee's affection? Or did his guilty feeling after that incident cause him to deny himself? If so, he could just as well claim to be Joon-Seok, but why specifically Gil-Han?

A: Moon-Shik could never forget Gil-Han, the only person Myung-Hee loved. Someone who hadn't committed any crimes. Jealousy, envy, and guilt. I think the only way to get rid of all those was for him to become Gil-Han himself.

Q: How come people just believe that the dead person is somebody with a different name (Park Bong-Soo), face, and body build when the goons that worked for the Elder and were arrested all know that it was Jung-Hoo that died?

A: This was an interesting part. Now there are two types of people who know Jung-Hoo. People who only know the picture on the wanted poster. You can take care of that by supposing that Min-Ja deleted the video file and switched out the picture.

Those who had actually seen Jung-Hoo... are those that Jung-Hoo will have to avoid as he works as a freelancer. This is why Jung-Hoo works as a freelancer and not an ordinary reporter that works in the office. How would he get away when he comes across people who know his face... maybe he'll just say with a straight face, "I hear that a lot. That I look a lot like someone." ...that would be thrilling.

Q: The scene where Myung-Hee says in teary eyes, "Where are you, Min-Joo (democracy)? I'm here!" made me cry. Did you have a specific intention with this scene?

A: I really liked that part, too. I thought it might have been nice if she had been smiling there, too.

Min-Joo also somewhat symbolizes Young-Shin, so it can also mean that Myung-Hee knows who Young-Shin is (although I know this is a flaw of mine to have so many things that only I am privy to)

Or it can also mean that Min-Joo is right here, she didn't go anywhere, but we'd been ignoring it this whole time...

Q: Towards the end of episode 20, Young-Shin is wearing glasses as she drives. I don't think it's for her eyesight. Is there a specific reason?

A: Ah... haha. It's Healer glasses. And that would have required CG work, but because we didn't have time, I didn't say anything about that in the script. Just had her wearing glasses.

Q: What kind of life would Myung-Hee lead now?

A: She got a job at Someday and writes editorials. She visits Moon-Shik once a week.

Q: Does Jung-Hoo continue to live in his place or does he set up his honeymoon nest somewhere else?

A: I vote he still lives in his place! But with better heating system! Honeymoon... lol... I'll call him and ask, did you guys go on a honeymoon trip?

Character backstories


Q: How did Hacker Ajumma come across Teacher and visit him 5 times? I'm curious about how they started the Healer business.

A: Min-Ja visited Young-Jae in 1992. (Young-Jae got out of prison in February of 1993.) Min-Ja had been investigating cases related to the Elder for a while, and eventually resigned from her post when she missed her son's deathbed while investigating the Elder's money laundering case.

I think Gil-Han and Joon-Seok's 1992 case raised a lot of flags for the cops who had been trailing the Elder. (I trust that there are cops like that out there.) Even though the evidence Joon-Seok had brought in disappeared, that means there were people out there who did the job of getting rid of them.

So, Min-Ja must have somehow figured out that Young-Jae was their friends, she must have found out what kind of people they were.

And later, she must have persuaded Young-Jae into becoming Healer, as all she can do is a desk job, and she needed someone to do the action.

Q: Is the reason Young-Shin feels relaxed when she holds onto Jung-Hoo's arm because of their childhood and does it also imply that they're destined to be together?

A: A little bit of that, too, but I personally wanted to express personal contact. People these days are all busy looking at their smartphones, but I think it would be better if we actually touched each other, holding hands, hugging... then you can convey way more than just by texting.

Q: What is your favorite scene of Healer?

A: I would have to say the elevator scene. It was something impossible to shoot with the time and money we had. Yet, the director told me to write it. So my assistants and I researched the design of elevators day and night and devised a way for Jung-Hoo to rescue her, while keeping the cost low... and while my script was pathetic, they shot a masterpiece. Afterwards, we just couldn't afford any more action scenes like that. I hope the director and the actors get to work on a movie or something where they can really flex their muscles without worrying about the cost.

Q: Why does Hacker Min-Ja obsess so much over money?

A: That one got skipped, too. Actually, Det. Yoon was supposed to track her down and see her at a children's hospital. After her son died, Min-Ja had been sponsoring sick children that couldn't afford their medical expenses.

Q: When did Jung-Hoo realize for the first time that Young-Shin knew who he was?

A: At the hospital, the focus was more on him not wanting to lie to Young-Shin anymore. Young-Shin couldn't reveal to him that she knew, and Jung-Hoo didn't want to like to Young-Shin anymore. Then he was relieved to find the star in the car. Then he realizes at the cafe. She knows. She says she'll wait. If Jung-Hoo doesn't realize after that, he's either dumb or a jerk.

Q: Why did Kim Moon-Shik leave the bug in his library even though he knew his wife was listening in?

A: I thought about that from his perspective. He finds out Myung-Hee put a bug. If he gets rid of it, Myung-Hee will think he's hiding something from her. No, no. I have nothing to hide from Myung-Hee. Myung-Hee needs to know that... This is how I felt, so that's why he left it there. (In fact, the conversation between him and Secretary Oh about it was supposed to be outside, but because the crew didn't have time, they did in inside, which gave me chills.)

Q: When was the moment Kim Moon-Shik started to believe that he didn't do anything wrong?

A: I don't really know. All I know is that he was such a vulnerable person who couldn't stand it without deceiving himself like that. I think we all have a little bit of Kim Moon-Shik in us. I do that, too, sometimes. Going through a series of steps. Keep deceiving others, eventually start deceiving myself, and then you can only fall asleep once you've successfully fooled yourself. I had such times, too.

Q: I saw in the script that you specifically asked for white bedding in Jung-Hoo's base. It doesn't seem to match with the rest of the place. Does it signify anything?

A: Ah, it had to be white. LOL I couldn't stand colorful patterns on the bedding because it was supposed to embrace the innocence of Jung-Hoo, and Young-Shin and Jung-Hoo's innocence as they'd be together some day.

Q: I'm curious about Young-Shin's missing memories of her childhood, including the man with an iron pipe in his hand.

A: I'm not curious about them at all. One of the things I absolutely can't stand is child abuse, so I tried to be as symbolic about that as possible. I didn't want to think about the details there.

Q: If you could express each character (Jung-Hoo, Young-Shin, Moon-Ho, Min-Ja) in a line?

A: Jung-Hoo: I don't know how to run away.

Young-Shin: I knew it.

Moon-Ho: My crime is silence.

Min-Ja: I had to see those eyes.

Q: Did you intend the symbolic meanings in the character names? For example, I thought Myung-Hee stood for a warm glow of this age and democracy, Moon-Shik for the facade of capitalism that devours the media, and Moon-Ho for the protection of media that doesn't yield to the control of money. I also wonder about how Jung-Hoo and Dae-Yong met, and how Dae-Yong and the delivery guys came to work for Jung-Hoo.

A: I did see the dictionary reference about the meanings of some of the characters. I was very surprised. (in response to a similar question later) One or two of such meanings were intended, but the rest were decided by the general impression of the characters.

Dae-Yong is the only person that really works for Jung-Hoo, but she has a lot of friends, so those delivery guys end up helping her a lot. At first, I had planned on featuring those delivery guys a lot, and spent the time to include a scene of what they do for fun, but because of the restraints on action scenes (budget and time T_T), we couldn't incorporate them a lot, which is really sad.

Q: How did Young-Shin know about Healer even before she met him?

A: The reputation of Healer must have spread discretely somehow. That way he'd get clients who'd hire him.

There's this guy called Healer, who only deals with top class information and is extravagantly expensive...

Apparently, he's a special dealer of information in the world of politics and business... He doesn't just take any job just because of the money.

If rumors like these went around, what reporter wouldn't want to meet him?

Q: What is the meaning of Min-Ja always knitting?

A: Min-Ja is supposed to be donating to a children's hospital. So she knits things to give to the children there or other orphanages. Also, when she's not working with Jung-Hoo, there's nothing else for her to do. Just spacing out in that space if she's not knitting. So knitting is her way of killing time.

Q: When Gi Young-Jae went to the hospital where Myung-Hee was admitted, Kim Moon-Shik tried to explain his excuse. Had Young-Jae listend to that, what would have happened? When Kim Moon-Shik was taken to the Elder, that might have been the only choice he could make in order to save his beloved Myung-Hee, right? If Kim Moon-Shik had chosen to go against the Elder, could Myung-Hee have survived?

A: Kim Moon-Shik's excuses would have been a series of lies that even he himself couldn't really buy.

Had Kim Moon-Shik gone against the Elder, Myung-Hee might have died. Instead of living like a human vegetable for decades. I don't know which one she would have liked better.

Today we live in houses with good heating, with clothes, without starving... but do we become happier in proportion to the size of our houses?

Q: Chae Chi-Soo's cafe name used to be "Evergreen Tree" and Ji-An's name changes to 'Chae Young-Shin." Are these references to Evergreen Tree (a novel written by Sim Hun in 1935)?

A: Somebody had also suspected Young-Shin to be part of the phrase, "Ring out the old (Song-Goo送舊), ring in the new (Young-Shin迎新)," and I think there's some truth in that.

Yes, it is Chae Young-Shin from Evergreen Tree. While that character has a tragic death, she had a progressive spirit...

At any rate, I wanted Young-Shin to have that analog feel. Old-fashioned name... using a folder phone... not wanting to be hooked on internet...

The reason why Young-Shin doesn't do blogs or use any social media is actually because she is afraid she might get connected with her previous adoptive parents (that physically abused her). I had wanted to bring this up in the drama, but ended up not doing it, perhaps because I didn't want to deep in my consciousness.

Q: How were the scenes of the remote conversation between Healer and Hacker Ajumma shot? How did you time the dialogue so perfectly when they must have been shot separately?

A: This was what I had worried the most from the beginning as I started writing the script for the first episode. Ajumma and Jung-Hoo don't meet, and they aren't shot in the same room. Yet their dialogues had to be tightly knit almost to the point of overlapping. So a lot of preparation went into this.

1. Before shooting, the actors came to my studio several times and worked on getting the rhythm and the feel down, building their characters and working on their teamwork.

(This was the first moment I was impressed with actor Ji Chang-Wook. The recent trend is that scheduling a meeting with a young and famous actor is quite a complex process like organizing a summit of the two Koreas, having to go through many steps starting with their personal assistants and what not. However, Chang-Wook always called first and asked to meet with me, wanting to practice more, and just showed up by himself ready to take notes. On top of that, when he showed up and saw rookie actors practicing, he even helped them practice by taking part in their dialogue. I was very surprised.)

2. Even so, after editing the first shooting, the rhythm wasn't there, with too much pauses between lines. (Somebody from the crew read the lines of the other party to the actor while shooting, but that just didn't work.) So we started wondering if both actors needed to be present for shooting, then the director decided to make a phone call with Actress Mi-Kyung before shooting Jung-Hoo's scenes. So they'd get the rhythm down via phone and shoot Jung-Hoo's part first, then edit that footage and show it to Mi-Kyung before shooting her part. Then Mi-Kyung would act her part following that rhythm. Later on, we didn't have the time to shoot and edit one side first to have the other actor watch it, but by then, both actors had already become fully incarnated Jung-Hoo and Min-Ja, so...

3. I can imagine how the final edit must have been difficult. Even after steps 1 and 2, there would have been awkward pauses and the whole credit should go to the editing team for cutting and pasting word by word to make it flow naturally. The credit for the split scenes goes to the directing team. Getting the rhythm down that the writer couldn't possibly create from her mere script writing were thanks the dedicated efforts of the two directors (plus the editing director) who would pull all-nighters in the editing room.

I'd like to use this opportunity to say thanks to everybody who took part in this whole process.

Source: http://morumoruisland.blogspot.com/

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Thanks @stroppyse , I appreciate all your comments with what I wrote for those ep.


Yes, I understand why YS stayed to go to MH's apartment but for some reason I thought she was better at handling violence trauma since last time JH gave instructions on what to do when he is fighting.   It was better that she was not there with him and be safe.  Unfortunately, they did not know how this plan was laid out.  Hindsight is 20/20 in this case.


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Finished watching this k-drama the other week and this is now my favorite action k-drama. It used to be Vagabond but I like the overall story of Healer and the chemistry between Ji Chang-wook as Healer and Park Min-young as Ji-an was unbelievably strong. Park Min-young is now my k-drama crush and I will look for more shows starring her. She has an angelic face and her romance scenes are heads and shoulders better than most korean ladies I've seen so far.

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2020 quarantine made me watched a number of kmovies and kdramas but definitely Healer became my favorite. Considering it is an old drama, I just can't describe how it affected me... so many feels. It is not perfect but it hits deep and differently. Perfect casting, chemistry, and acting. Thank you for the writers and PDNims for this wonderful masterpiece.

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Jung-Hoo & Young-Shin in Healer (secret santa gift for @kdramakitty

“They truly feel like they’re meant to be together. […] What makes them great is I not only believe that they love each other, I also believe in them as a couple.”

+ bonus

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