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[Thailand Drama 2014] Love Sick The Series

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Guest skeletonworks


Title: Love Sick The Series (รักวุ่น วัยรุ่นแสบ)

Official Website: http://mcot-web.mcot.net/lovesick/

Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/lovesicktheseries

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/lovesickseries

Official Instagram:http://instagram.com/lovesicktheseries

Airing Time: Every Sunday, 8.50 PM (Thai time)


Director: ราชิต กุศลคูณสิริ ( Rachyd Kusolkulsiri)

Synopsis (+personal thoughts ^^)

This series is based on the famous online Thai BL novel "LOVE SICK : The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys" by INDRYTIMES (twitter: @hedshew go say thanks to her for this phenomenal story!), which follows two 17 years old high school boys who eventually fall in love after a deal brought them closer together.Phun has a girlfriend (Aim) but his father wants him to date his friend's daughter. Phun's little sister, Pang, is obsessed with boys' love.Phun needs to convince Pang that he has a boyfriend so that she can help talk their father around the idea of dating his friend's daughter.So he asked Noh to become his fake boyfriend in exchange for helping Noh raising fund for his Music Club.
Although the major storyline here is about Phun & Noh, the series also deals with eclectic teen's issues such as peer pressure, rich vs poor, rivalry, relationships, gangsterism etc. 
Sounds similar to Hormones The Series? Nope, not entirely. Love Sick The Series has its own charm & strong points.Episode 1 could be a bit lacklustre, but give it a chance and you'll find yourself addicted to it by Episode 2.To date (4th Aug), there are 5 episodes already out & this series has given me diabetes from its too sweet scenes!!!!

White, 19 (June 6, 1995) as Phun

Captain 16, (February 2, 1998) as Noh

Pineare 16, (March 3, 1998) as Yuri

Primrose 19, (February 27, 1995) as Aim

Ngern 17, (November 30, 1996) as Earn

Gale 21, (May 16, 1993) as Jeed

Pluem 18, (August 20, 1996) as Khom/Sharp

Palm as Neung

Fah 21, (December 7, 1992) as Mo

Mark 18, (October 2, 1995) as Moan

New 15, (June 9, 1999) as Pop

Taek as Shay

Puaen 17, (January 31, 1997) as Pang

August 18, (August 31, 1996) as Pete

Gunz as Film

Chup 18, (December 24, 1995) as Ohm

Sing as PerNDlIs9.jpg

Main Casts

Supporting Casts

Cheerleader Club ] [ Drama/Acting Club ] [ Dancing Club ][ Music Club / Band ] [ Swimming Club ] [ 11th Graders from Friday College ][ 11th Graders from Convent School ] [ L.O.V.E.complicated ]

Official Trailer


Extended Trailer (English Subbed)



Ending Quotes

Episode 1- No quote -
Episode 2 If you can't avoid a situation, then welcome the things that you must face with open arms.
Episode 3 A special bond is stronger than love.
Episode 4 A "best friend" is someone who will love you the day you forget to love yourself.
Episode 5 Sometimes there might be "obstacles", but at least we get a chance to "try".
Episode 6 A bond is like a fine thread that we can only see it... once it has been ripped apart.
Episode 7 Some people enter your life for only a short period of time, but they can be great influences for the rest of your life.
Episode 8 Even though the person you loved and you didn't end up together, be happy with the fact that they were once a part of your life.
Episode 9 It barely takes any time to fall in love, so why is it a complete torture when it's time we need to say goodbye?
Episode 10 No matter how tightly you hold someone... you still need to let go when the time comes.
Episode 11 We are tormented because love goes on, not because it goes away.

Translated Songs



ฉันดีใจที่มีเธอ (Chun Dee Jai Tee Mee Thur / I am so glad that I have you) by Boyd ขอร้อง (Khor Rong / I'm begging) by Captain รักเธอ (Ruk Thur / I love you) by Ter
ใกล้ไป (Klai Pai / Too Close) by Friday
ลืมไปหรือเปล่า (Luem Pai Rhue Plao / Have you forgotten?) by Primroseเชื่อในตัวฉัน (Chuer Nai Chun / Trust) by Jetset'er
ยังทำไม่ได้ (Yung Tum Mai Dai / I really can’t do that) by Sammy (aka Nan/Carp) หากฉันตาย (Haak Chun Taii / If I die…) by Micky (aka. Nott) Feat. Beam อยากเก็บเธอไว้ทั้งสองคน (Yaak Keb Thur Aow Wai Tung Song Kon / Want to have you both by my side) by August (aka. Peach) สายตายาว (Sai Ta Yao / Long-sighted vision) by Pineare (aka. Yuri) and friends ปฏิเสธอย่างไร (How can I deny it?) by Lipta (Earn's caller ringtone)

OSTสั่น (Shake)


[Eng Subbed] ขอร้อง (Khor Rong) - Captain



ผ่าน - กันต์ สมาย


อย่าเข้าใจฉันผิด - เกล, ได๋, เฟียร์


Is it love? - Toom Supawat

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Guest skeletonworks

Contributed by many people: @aekiokung @ohgeorge @sunnafionaMany many thanks to them!****Still in the middle of compiling them. Bear with me****

Title: the run back trust. Noh and pun slept together last night. pun laid his head on noh's arm.    there was a dispute between them about whether go back to sleep or get up to eat first when they waked up in the morning.   noh was so hungry that his stomach was growling. pun couldn't bear to hear it so he got up immediately.   pun kissed noh on the nose before showering, and he called it the "morning kiss".   pun, noh, em and yuri went to have brunch together.   yuri asked pun to drive her to buy bread, leaving noh and em at the resort.   when noh stayed with em in the same room, em flirted with him. she took off her clothes, wearing only the bra and the necklace. noh sat stiffly and didn't know what to do. em grabbed noh's hands to hug her, and kissed him from neck to ears, whispering "i want you".   noh was out of control. he stroked her back and touched her face...   "she's pun's girlfriend!" the voice brought noh back to his senses in time. he just pushed away em and got out of the room quickly. 


the moment noh came back from Huahin (where they had the double dating from Friday to Sunday), he called golf. golf was outraged when he heard em tried to flirt with noh. and they talked about the problem on the phone all night. on Monday at school, nearly all the friends started to make fun of noh, because noh "slept with" pun instead of yuri in Huahin. pun came to noh in order to make sure something about the qualification round of the music contest. then em called pun, saying she would come to his school immediately. pun took it for granted that noh was mad at him because he was jealous of em, so he said sorry to noh. however, noh was just worried about the reason why em came to Friday College at that time.


Title: Face to Face. golf came to Friday College to meet noh. when noh waited for golf at the gate of school, he saw em was also there, but he had to pretend not to see her. then there came pun. noh, golf, pun and em met each other in front of school. em pretended that she didn't know golf (in fact, she once flirted with golf). golf didn't debunk her lie. noh and ohm were busy with the qualification round of the music contest. pun felt guilty for having to accompany em and neglecting noh. eoen sang a love song to noh in the qualification contest. (lyrics: please let me get close to you, and you will feel my heart, in which carved "i love you". although my dream may fade away in the end, i will be right here waiting for you.) from the talk with ohm before the performance, fi(students' union president, also the lead singer of pun's band) knew that pun helped noh solve the budget issues of their music club.


 eoen and golf helped noh and ohm clean the club room after the qualification contest. noh received words that pun would come back to accompany him home later.   golf told noh that em was always asking pun out in order to prevent pun from meeting noh, and he gave noh a CD with a record of 4 more erotic videos of em's before going home.   noh had to repair the sofa cushion. he felt grateful to eoen for staying with him. however, noh got an accidental needle injury when eoen teased him.    suddenly came pun, with a infuriated expression on his face. (yes, he saw everything. XD)


Title: just a slid. pun was jealous of eoen who seemed to have had a good time with noh (they frolicked in the club room), he just told noh that he would waited outside for him then he went away.     noh didn't dare to play with eoen any more and tried his best to repair the sofa cushion.     then eoen went outside to look for pun. they talked for a long time but no one knows what they were talking about. when they came back, they found noh was hiding in the corridor crying just because it was pitch dark there and noh thought they were ghosts.     pun accompanied noh home by taxi. he apologized to noh, saying he had an obligation to send em home but he was giving noh his heart and soul. however, noh was too tired to listen to pun, which made pun upset, "i know i don't mean anything to you..."     noh was too fatigued to care about pun; all he wanted to do is going to bed!      pun ignored noh over and over and over again the next day, which made noh totally confused. noh was racking his brains all day trying to think of the reason why pun ignored him.    he went to apologize to pun the moment he was aware of his fault, only to be piqued by pun's indifference.



Title: our day. ohm asked noh whether he had a special relationship with pun. noh stammered confusedly that they were just friends. ohm promised that he would listen to noh whenever he was ready to tell his story.     noh asked per for help when he selected 15 groups out of the 35 ones in the qualification contest. eoen's band and pun's were both in the list.     when noh went to tell pun the good news, he found pun lying on the stands at the basketball court. he didn't know why pun gave him the cold shoulder, so he tried to invite pun to go back home together after school. however, pun kept silence. noh decided to beg and wheedle a bit, so he poked the back of pun's hand with his little finger like a spoiled child, "handsome boy, let's make up. i'll treat you to some snack, all right?" but pun still kept silence. noh had to gave it up and went away in anger. pun grabbed noh's arm at once and said, "hey, could you please keep apologizing to me? you look so cute in that way..." then noh kept silence. pun had to ask noh to forgive him... and the "cold war" between them ended up in an OISHI buffet offered by pun.     noh told pun that he didn't mind pun sending em home last night and he respected pun's privacies. (noh thought he himself never belonged to pun and he felt really happy as long as he could stay with pun every day.)     pun expressed his deep love to noh, "I'm angry with myself, because i can not sing a song for you, play the guitar well, or make time to spend with you last night. i'm so sorry."     at last, pun asked a question to noh: "if eoen tell you that he loves you. what would you say?" noh was offended by pun's words, "listen to me, i'm not gay... i won't accept everyone who said he loves me. don't look down upon me...please do remember that you are the only one boy i love." no sooner had the words come out than he rushed away.      a loud voice then came from behind, "l love you, too!" on hearing this, noh just whirled around and extended his middle finger.(since pun was still at the basketball court, almost everyone near there could hear what he shouted. XD)


Title: We're The Same. Yuri asked noh to go shopping and help her choose a birthday present for her father. they wandered around Siam Square, Siam Center, Siam Discovery and Central World, and she finally bought a tie pin for her father. then they went to buy some nori bread because they were hungry. Yuri made a mess when she ate the bread. noh found pun right there standing at the counter suddenly when he was wiping yuri's mouth with a tissue. noh was shaking with fear when he saw pun coming over with a weird expression on his face. he didn't dare to look straight into the eyes of pun. They had a short talk with pun before he left. yuri was indignant that pun came here just to pick up his sister from her school because pun told em that he had something urgent to do and refused to go to the cinema with her. Yuri considered pun as a liar and felt sorry for poor em since it seemed that pun wanted to break up with her. noh disagreed with yuri but had to keep silence because he could not tell the truth. Words from the bottom of noh's heart, "everyone loves his friends. yuri loves em, while i love pun."


Title: Such a coward,I am. A bunch of friends (including ohm, per, korm, ken, and rotkeng, etc.) came uninvited to noh's home. they had a party there and enjoyed revealing the romantic affairs with each other.      noh fled to the kitchen to avoid being asked about the relationship with pun.  he tried to do something to kill time in the kitchen. some juice squirted in his eyes when he cut the lemon. then there came pun. he led noh to the toilet and washed his eyes with water very softly.     noh was surprised that pun should be so good at cutting lemons. he just sat on the kitchen counter, eating some bread and watching pun work hard. pun smiled at noh from time to time and wiped away crumbs on noh's mouth with his finger, which reminded them of the scene yesterday when noh did the same thing for yuri. pun grabbed a glass of water for noh as he almost choked because of nerves. noh emphasized the fact that there was nothing between yuri and him. actually pun didn't care. pun said that noh was just like him the day when he accompanied noh home and kept apologizing to him on the taxi. they both felt like getting to know each other better. however, for fear of destroying pun's smile, noh still had no guts to tell pun about the video of em having sex with other boys, so he left the kitchen.


Title: Trouble Comes. Noh got confused when pun said to all that he was driven away by his family and had to stay with noh tonight. while the other boys were toasting each other, pun kept on putting food into noh's bowl and then he told noh that pang saw noh with yuri yesterday and she thought noh and pun must be quarrelling so she sent pun here to apologize to noh.     after dinner, ohm suggested playing the game of "truth or dare". in round 1, per admitted that he had sex with more than 6 girls of the convent. in round 2, ohm asked pun whether it was true when he shouted out those words that day ("i love/like you, too" in chapter 34) and pun said yes. the other boys were all puzzled about the situation but no one explained to them. ohm just clapped pun upon his shoulder, "good! you have the courage to act and dare to take the responsibility. i'll back you up. come on, brother!" noh felt so embarrassed that he rushed into the toilet on the plea of diarrhea in case of becoming the next one in round 3 to answer the question.      unfortunately, when noh came out of the toilet after he slept more than 45 minutes inside of it, pun had already gone home. noh was shocked when ohm told him that before pun left he was shaking terribly with a laughter after he watched in noh's phone the video (ohm asked pun to watch it) recording that noh played a trick on the headmaster by pasting his licensed plate with some sticky rice. on hearing this, noh went to pun's home hastily and anxiously.


Title: Leave them to chance. Noh wandered outside pun's house, wondering how to get in. he got angry with himself for making pun suffer alone the cruel truth (pun saw the video of em having sex with other boys). if only he could tell pun everything directly, at least pun would know that someone was always with him...      noh was too cowardly to explain to pun face to face. he just called pun. but pun didn't answer the phone. so noh kept calling him until pun appeared, looking through the gate at noh in silence. then there came the message from pun: "please leave me alone. i'll call you back." noh had to go back home.    noh took a bath with ohm when he got up in the morning the next day (all of the boys got drunk and stayed in noh's home last night). they had a heart-to-heart talk (about the relationship between pun and noh, ohm and mic) but they didn't tell the whole truth.      after seeing off those boys to home, noh went to the supermarket to buy some bread.      yuri called noh to see a movie tomorrow but noh declined (he was waiting for pun's call). then he ran into pang in the supermarket.


Title: I wish. When noh talked with pang, he was surprised to find pun was also there, just in front of him. pun was so scared at that moment, and his pupils were even dilated. pun tried to prevent pang from inviting noh to their house for some cookies made by her, but noh accepted the invitation, otherwise he had not chance to meet pun.      pun and noh had a talk about the video in the sitting room. pun was emotionally drained and looked so fragile that noh had to grab his hands, hoping to pass along some strengths to him. noh said that he didn't tell pun the truth just because he didn't know how to do so and he felt really sorry for unintentionally making him suffer more in this way. pun said he was worried about em for her image and he didn't want to make noh sad because of this matter. when pun said "please give me some time to think this over, noh, i'll let you know when i'm ready.", a tear rolled down his cheek, which broke noh's heart.     noh told golf that pun knew everything. golf promised that he would find an appropriate way to help pun when he was ready.     at school, noh bought a box of Ovaltine and wrote a note (grabbed it from mic, and it was pink, XD) for pun, on which it said ":) just smile  ". pun sent a message to noh: "thank you. i'm now smiling. " noh held the phone and burst into laughter like a idiot when he received the message.


pun and noh never talked anything about the video after that day, at school they just walked past and smiled at each other. noh was determined to be at pun's side and protect pun whenever he needed him.     noh had problems in filling out the sponsorship-forms. he ran into pun in the administrative building when he was going to hand in the forms for the fifth time. pun helped noh fill out the forms at Madam's request when noh was rejected again. pun was really good at those paperwork and noh referred successfully the forms to Madam in time.     noh still had a lot of things to do at the club room and pun just stayed with him quietly. it was 9 o'clock when noh finished the work. pun insisted on accompanying him home. noh invited pun to dinner at a roasted-chicken restraurant on the way home. after dinner, they came across em in a thin dress, right standing across the street with a man whose hands were around her waist. pun was shocked at that sight and his smile just faded away. noh was so sad that he burst into tears and held pun tight, "pun... don't look at them any more... just look at me, please..." pun's shirt was all wet and he hugged back noh who was shaking with fear. "i'm sorry...pun...i'm really sorry..." "that's not your fault, noh... thank you...thank you..."     words from the bottom of noh's heart: if you can find nothing but loneliness when you look forward, please look backward, i'm always here waiting for you.


it seemed everyone had been getting back on a more normal footing. noh was busy with the music contest while pun was preparing for the performance in the contest. noh knew pun was pretending to be "normal" in case his friends would worry about him, so he usually tried hard to make pun happy by some jokes (for example, what would the rabit be when it took off the clothes? Mashimaro). on the day before the music contest, eoen helped noh pack up the equipments, noh was grateful to eoen for being so good to him (like an angel). pun ran into noh when he almost finished the work, he felt sorry for not helping noh. noh poked pun in the hand with a big smile in order to make him relax. and they made an appointment at the gym (the music contest would be held at the gym so noh and the other club members had to set up the stage) after school. eoen went to the gym to see noh, and noh thanked him for his help. then eoen said, "i'm willing to do anything for you... but I know I don't deserve an opportunity (to own your love), right?...i know i'm not gay, but you are... so cute... the feelings just torture me... i'm relieved whenever i get close to you... whether you are smiling or furious, i like both very much." noh was very embarrassed, "you... are my good friend, glad to know that you like me, but... no more expectation of our relationship... i'm sorry for what i said if it makes you feel bad. i just consider you as my friend..." eoen beamed on noh, "thank you for your honest, and thank you for never giving me hope." eoen left the gym when pun came (ohm teased them again). in the evening, pun sent noh home by taxi. before noh departed, pun grabbed his arm and said, "noh, listen to my song tomorrow... i have something to tell you."


noh and ohm are judges of the music contest. eoen(earn), pun, and mic(ohm's sweetheart) with their respective bands attend this contest. before the contest, noh smiled at pun and made the V-for-Victory sign to pun, wishing him good luck with a lip language. eoen was always gazing at noh when he on the stage sang the love song to noh, which made noh embarrassed. (lyrics: even if you don't choose me finally, could you please accept my heart again?). pun also sang a love song to noh in the contest. he played guitar and sang along. noh was moved to tears. (lyrics: i'm so lucky to have you. i'm so glad to meet you. no matter how many obstacles that are thrown in our path. you make me feel warm when you stand in front of me. you make me feel warm when you stay with me.) eoen with his band won the 3rd prize, while pun won noh's heart. after the contest, pun accompanied noh home, walking hand in hand. pun was very happy when he knew noh loved his song. at last, pun said to noh: i'm ready. i want to know the truth (how em cheated on him). you will never leave me alone, right? you will always stay with me, right? noh: yes, i'm always with you.


Title: Wherever you are. Noh, pun and golf met at Mcdonald's a few days after the music contest. golf took them to Ali, where he lived in the apartment. they drank beer and waited for further notice in a bar until 1 am. pun seemed disturbed. noh tried to warm pun's cold hand by putting it in his own palm, "don't worry...i'm here." pun smiled at noh and held his hand tight. golf led them to a room where his friend were about to have coitus with em. (golf called his friend to open the door for them. actually it was a strategy of golf to help pun find the truth) em screamed suddenly when pun went into the room. noh and golf waited silently downstairs in the lobby. golf bought some coffee and snacks from the outside while noh was sitting in the sofa and staring at the lift. it was later than 2 am and pun appeared at the lift with swollen eyes from crying. pun thanked golf for his help. then noh sent pun home by taxi. pun was listless, with a vacant stare in his eyes. noh rubbed the back of his hand, trying to comfort him. when they arrived at pun's house, pun hugged noh suddenly. noh was worried about him, "are you ok? do you want to come home with me?" "noh...i'm done with em..." "it doesn't matter, you are handsome and rich enough to be considered a good catch." "i... can not get into a new relationship with anyone... it all happened so fast that i can not replace em with anyone else..." "that's ok... it's reasonable... i understand you." "i'm sorry, noh..."pun clutched noh's clothes, while noh stroke pun's head gently. "i know it" "please wait for me, noh..."    words from the bottom of noh's heart: i dare not hope. we are friends. as long as i see his smile and i know he is happy, that's enough. i'm just an average man, and what i want most is that the one i love can live a happy life. i believe pun will get out of depression in the end. i believe i will hug him one day and keep going on with him. if i can't wait for the day, i just stay with him.


Title: Back to origin. Noh was busy preparing for the Christmas show, while pun was always trying to stop boys from fighting each other. In some club activity organized by the student council, boys were splashing water over each other for fun. pun and noh were getting soaked by those Angels gang.      noh didn't know what pun and em were talking about in the apartment that day, but he found em had already got a new boyfriend. yuri also stopped complaining in front of noh that pun was a heartbreaker since she bumped into em with her new boyfriend.     a week later, pun called noh to the student council office to stay with him when he was doing the cost accounting. noh refused because he was cleaning the instruments in the club room. pun came to the club room instead, sat beside noh and kept on working. pun smiled happily when ohm and per teased him again, but noh was angry with them, so he extended the middle finger and showed it around the club room. pun wore glasses and worked hard, noh couldn't help but watch him. "why do you peep at me?... am i handsome?" on hearing this, noh glanced at pun with disdain and found pun just winked at him. then yuri's phone call came. noh and yuri arranged to meet at Siam Square the next day. pun buried himself in work and started to ignore noh after he knew noh had no time to be with him.      noh and yuri met some girls from the convent when they had dinner in a Hong Kong-style restaurant the next day. those girls teased yuri about her obsession with noh. noh tried to explain something but yuri just shook her head. when they were about to leave, a girl came to them. she talked with noh and asked him for his phone number. yuri interrupted their conversation and drew noh away arm in arm.


Title: Await. Noh was surprised to see pun when he came back home from the cinema where he watched a movie with yuri filmed by Jakie Chan. "what brought you here?" "the magic carpet." pun made himself indeed at home. he asked noh to come in quickly in case the mosquito would fly into the house. he told noh that his parents had gone to bed and he promised them that he would wait for noh. when noh was having the dinner, pun told him that he had a good talk with his parents and it was his mother who invited him to have dinner together. "your mother likes me very much. she said i'm handsome, which made me blush with shame." (me: i assume noh would have no pressure and hassle from family if he gets together with pun.)     pun said that some relatives came to see pang and he felt himself was too dangerous to stay with those little girls so he came to noh. noh groaned at him. then pun told the truth, "i miss you. it's just been a long time since i embraced you." such sweet words made noh choked by water. pun asked noh to sit beside him and hugged noh tight despite noh's struggling. "i would be the brain-dead if i let go of you. i'm always thingking of embracing you. how can i let you go easily?" pun brought his nose close to noh, and buried it in noh's cheek, exploring every patch of the skin on noh's face madly, intensely and violently. (me: T_T i'm sorry for my lack of vocabulary, i don't know how to describe it accurately...) "damn it! what're you doing!" "why can't i?" when pun calmed down a little bit, noh put his arms around him, "what's worry with you? feel better now?" "whatever you do is good to me."pun mumbled in his nasal voice and held noh tight. they just sat there, hugging for a very long time, until pun relaxed his hold on noh and asked noh face to face at an extremely short distance, "may i kiss you?" noh made the eye contact to indicate his willingness and closed his eyes slowly. they had never kissed for such a long time since they came back from Bangsaen Beach. (pun kissed noh on the Christmas day, but it was just like a little peck with lips lightly touching) they had a good French kiss. they just expressed how much they missed each other through their tongues. pun was really content with the kiss, "it's just like the first kiss... i'm really happy... it is worth a lot today." then he went to take a bath, leaving noh awkward and bewildered there. before he disappered at the bathroom, he said to noh, "wait for me."     in the morning the next day, pun and noh went to school together and they ran into ohm again. but ohm didn't teased them because he was with mic. and noh thought ohm and mic seemed to be officially dating.      the girl who asked for noh's phone number called him. (me: really surprised she's jeed because i can't believe the girl called "jeed" in the TV series would have feelings for noh...) she said she just came to his school and wanted to borrow some music score. noh had to pick her up and lead her to the club room to look for the score for her. jeed thanked noh and tried to start a conversation with him when pun came. pun demanded to see the "strange" girl off to the school gate. noh just stayed at the club room and made a decision: he would never see the girl again.


Title: Could you trust in me. The music club was invited to show in the campus concert "opening house" in the convent. when noh asked for leave in the student council office, pun "abused his power" and threatened to reject the leave of absence if he could not follow noh to the convent. of course noh could not refuse.    those girls in the convent gave the music club members a warm welcome. when noh was preparing for the show, jeed tried everything to court him. pun interrupted them and stuck a Takoyaki into noh's mouth, which almost burnt his lips.    noh with his band performed 7 songs in the concert. noh was happy to see yuri  among the girls dancing to the music on cloud nine and pun keeping smiling at him behind the curtain.     the last song is "trust me". although noh never intented to sing the song to pun, it would be better if he could hear it. (lyrics: i want you to stay with me every day... i want to love you decently and i'll put you in my heart persistently. i want to be the one in your dream... i want to accompany and protect you for all your life... trust me, i'll never let you down...i'll be with you forever. i'll wait for you and never leave you alone... just wait for you until you accept my love...) they gave a special look in each other's eyes. and nod just pushed pun out of the curtain to noh. (me: it reminds me of the day when they attended the Nine Entertain Birthday Festival on Sep. 20th) and a staff handed over the microphone to pun, so he had to sing the song together with noh (me: it reminds me of the day when they attendede the activity held in Central Embassy on Aug. 24th. the LSS sometimes looks like a TV documentary. XD). they enjoyed singing and dancing shoulder to shoulder on the stage and they just became the focus of the concert. when the song was over, noh thought of em and was worried about the reason why pun insisted on coming to the convent, whether for him or for em? on seeing the anxious expression on noh's face, pun put a towel on noh's head (both of them were dripping with sweat after the song) and said "trust... me..." in lip-language.     after the show, jeed came to see noh and brought some dolls as presents for him. she asked noh to choose one from those dolls with different colors. but pun just picked one for noh ignoring jeed's embarrassment.     when those boys were about to leave the convent, noh got stuck in those passionate girls. at that moment, jeed grabbed one of noh's hands while yuri grasped the other, and they both tried to pull him out of there. noh didn't know what to do. then there came pun. he thanked the two girls and drew noh away, promised them that he would send noh off. "you are really a big trouble." said pun on their way to school.


Title: We belong together.The music club members went to the barbecue restaurant of Nod's family after the show in the convent. Of course pun followed going there. At the table, Pun did everything for Noh just like his servant, for instance, roast the meat, pick vegetables and serve the food. It seemed to Noh that Pun would like to chew up the food and feed him if he want Pun to do that. almost all the boys, except Pun and Noh, got drunk, and Ohm and Film even started to sing the song of "kiss in the moonlight" (an ancient Thai love song) together. Then Yuri called Noh. Noh went out of the restaurant to answer Yuri's phone call. They talked for a while and Pun came out to serve food for Noh. Pun was shocked when Yuri asked Noh to say hello to Pun for her, but he smiled at Yuri soon and started to talk with her (Pun scared Yuri by saying girls should go to bed early otherwise it would accelerate skin aging). Noh was very happy to see they held a cordial and friendly talk. since they are both the ones he loves, Noh would be happy if they could be in a good relationship. In the end of their conversation, Pun promised Yuri that he would send Noh home and urge him to go to bed.
Nod's father drove those boys home one by one after dinner. When Pun got off the car with Noh at Noh's home, the other boys just sat in the car shouting and cheering.
Noh asked Pun whether he met Em or not in the convent when they got in Noh's bedroom. And they had a sweet talk.(i have posted part of the translation before, so i just proofread it this time)
Pun was taking off the school uniform: yeah?
Noh: did you... meet Em today? (he had struggled with this question all day)
Pun fell into silence for a while: ...yes. I tried to talk with her who has an affair.
Noh: really...
(they both kept silence.)
Pun: I said hello to her and tried hard to smile at her, but she just pretended not to see me. I don't know whether she or I should be mad at such situation.
(Pun and Em broke up in chapter 42 because Em cheated on Pun)
Noh became silent. He couldn't stop thinking about the reason why Pun was still immersed himself in pain.
Pun approached Noh and hugged Noh from behind all of a suddern: ...what's wrong with you? Are you jealous?
Noh was taken aback by Pun and screamed: What the f-uck! I'm wiping down the guitar! Be careful!
Pun: Tell me whether you are jealous right now? I've got Em out of my heart. I'm done with her. Do you dare to admit that you are jealous?
Noh was struggling in Pun's arms. He just tried to get rid of Pun but he failed: Let go of me! What the f-uck are you talking about?
Pun: Couldn't you be jealous? However, I'm really jealous today. Compared to boys, your popularity between girls makes me really jealous. Noh, don't be so compliant, otherwise those girls may misunderstand you.
Noh was totally confused... He didn't understand why Pun would be that jealous when Pun saw him was with those girls.
Pun smiled at Noh: Noh...
Noh was really nervous: wh...what's up...
Pun held Noh tightly, made him turn around and gazed at him
Noh squirmed and screamed: What are you doing!!!
Pun gave Noh a bigger smile: Now that you love me, just like I love you. Let's date officially!
Noh: How do you know I love you?Pun frowned at Noh: From the way you look at me.
Noh was wondering whether Pun asked for his permission or just forced him to date with him.<
He was freaked out when Pun suddernly hugged him: F-uck you! What the hell are you doing?
Pun hugged Noh even more tightly, leaning his head on Noh's shoulder and saying with shake: I...am...a little bit ... shy... answer me quickly... I couldn't bear...
Noh thought Pun was cute when he was shivering with embarrassment, so he just teased him by saying: I've been thinking about it for a long time...What should i do?
Pun was disappointed at Noh's words and felt unhappy and worried: You have to think for so long...um...sorry...I didn't mean to bother you...
Pun had to release Noh, but Noh held him tightly at once: eh... oooooooooook...
Pun was surprised: What did you say just now?
Noh was hugely embarrassed: you don't need to ask me that question! You bastard!
Pun stroked Noh's back in excitement: You mean... What you said is...ah?<
Noh said nothing but nodded at him and gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder.
Pun was tortured with anxiety: Holy s-hit...talk to me! Yes or no?
Noh just said: Yes...Don't ask me any more questions! You bastard! Shut up!
Pun was so excited that he just embraced Noh. It was like a magic hour and they both felt very happy.
Pun gradually brought his nose close to Noh's cheek, put his hand under Noh's shirt and fondled Noh's back gently: You are mine now. I don't need to tolerate any more.
Pun smiled at Noh, kissed him on the lips and whispered in his ear: I love you.
What Noh wanted most to say to and hear from Pun is just the three words, which made Noh weep for joy.
They could now touch each other at their own sweet will. Words from the bottom of Noh's heart: I want pun! I will not wait alone any more. It is the first time that Pun hugs me heart and soul. It is the first time that Pun really belongs to me.


Title: Newbie Lover. It's morning when I woke up from daze…who is this person that's entangled with me, who's leg is this? I blinked and try to refresh myself a bit, then a smile crawl on my face while looking at face. He's in a deep slumber, and his foolish tousled bed hair… it was no wonder he would be in such a coma, it had been harsh for him last night, I'm not an easy cake so you are gonna have to sacrifice something if you want to eat me, hehehe…I glanced at my watch only to realise it was already near noon time, can't help it but I have to wake Phun up, "Wake upppppp, it's almost noon time." After making a great effort, I finally woke this sleeping guy.Phun stretched for a while and hugged me naturally, "Uhm…It hurts. How dare you rebel last night?" Hehehe, he's still not dropping it.Upon hearing his grumble, I tilted my eyebrows and sarcastically snapped back, but his head is still buried in the pillow, "Er… If you're so weak then don't blame me for always turning it around, just this one time is not going to satisfy me, you better watch out." If I had not been worn out last night, I'm not going to let him off so easily, but my words only made him chuckle. "so let's do it right now!" pun started to make a move on noh before he finished the sentence. noh held pun down by one of his hand and teased his hair by the other, "wallow in sex, huh? get up at once! i'm hungry!" when noh was about to go to the bathroom, pun caught up quickly, rubbing his eyes and wagging his head. "what are you going to do?" "take a shower." "me first."(noh thought he should be the head of household) "let's shower together." "are you kidding me? get out of here! i'm showering." "you have once showered with ohm! i knew it!" "don't talk nonsense! he's my friend!" "then...what about me?" pun seemed unreasonable and noh just ignored him. but pun just turned on the shower head and started to wash his hair, "come here quickly! don't waste water!" noh felt helpless and had to shower together with pun. noh drove pun home after they took the shower because pun wanted to change clothes before they went to the cinema. noh waited for pun downstairs in the sitting room and pang was really interested in talking about the gossip with noh on the relationship between him and her brother. (noh: how come a thing that started as a joke becomes true? and our destinies are just intertwined. what i want to say is ho~ho~ho~) when pun got downstairs, he looked super handsome in a suit. but noh felt unhappy because he was still wearing blue shorts... if only he could kill pun by eye contact. pang smiled happily, "p'pun is the most handsome guy." noh insisted that pun should change back the blue shorts. however, pun just ignored noh and stroked pang's head, "your brother is so handsome that everyone is dying to be my girlfriend, except for your p'noh. he just expects me to look ugly." pun took noh to the Siam Square to see a movie. noh felt awkward and thought they looked like a master and a servant who love each other very much. then came the voice of pun, "you're thinking too much. whatever you wear, you look fabulous." they bumped into ohm and mic when they went to Coca Japanese Style Hot Pot in Siam Discovery for dinner before they went to the cinema. ohm asked noh whether he was dating with pun here. on hearing his name, pun interrupted them and started to talk in whispers with ohm. ohm then asked pun what they were doing here. noh cut in on pun's attempt to reveal everything, "i came here with pun just because he slept in my home last night. what's wrong with that? " pun's face clouded over when he heard noh's words. noh dragged pun back to their seat. pun kept silence when they were having dinner. noh noticed that pun's behaviour was a little bit strange but he concluded that pun might be just too hungry to say a word. when they were watching the comedy in the cinema, noh howled with laughter, whereas pun kept silence with a stern look on his face. "pun... are you ok?" "i'm fine." it was not very late when they finished watching the movie, and noh suggested having something to eat and going shopping in the Siam Square. but pun refused and sent noh home by taxi. noh was overwhelmed by pun's indifference and thought that pun might be tired and had to go back home early.


Title: I don't mean to... Pun hadn't contacted with noh since Saturday, which made noh worried, althout he took it for granted that pun would go back to normal when he went back home. on Sunday, noh waited for pun on MSN untill midnight instead of giving him a phone call in case he would bother pun. but pun just got online for just a second and they didn't even say a word. noh was late for school on Monday and he was caught not tucking in his shirts inside his shorts properly by the director. as punishment, he had to do pushups for 100 times. noh was too fatigued to finish it and he tried to cheat by counting ten-twenty-thirty, only to be punished for redoing pushups for another 200 times. noh was tired out, felt frustrated and started to complain about his own weight. suddently came the familiar voice, "director, please sign this document." noh looked up at pun doubtfully when pun winked at noh many times. "you... mean it?" noh asked pun in lip-language and found pun raise his eyebrows with a determined look on his face. noh bounced up and fled away, leaving the director roaring behind (still have to sign the documents).     when noh arrived at classroom, the physics teacher had already started teaching the calss. ohm talked with noh about his relationship with pun in whispers and noh responded by asking ohm what the present status of mic and him. they were both droven away from the classroom and stood beside the door. neither noh nor ohm told the truth about their "boyfriend", and the conversation just ended up with nothing definite. noh was wodering why pun ignored him for three days but still came to his rescue in time when he was in trouble. he left behind all his friend at table and decided to look for pun. he called out pun when he saw him walking with his friends. pun left his friends and came to talk with noh. noh thanked pun for what he did in the morning and pun just smiled at him. it seemed as if nothing had happened. noh felt itchy on his arm by some bug bites or insect stings suddernly when they were chatting as usual. pun was worried about noh and tried to prevent him from scratching hard on his arm, which turned red and swollen. pun tugged noh's hand away and rubbed his arm gently. noh pulled away his arm from pun's hand immediately when he found nod coming to them and had a short talk with nod awkwardly. when nod left, noh wanted pun to go with him to the student council for the medicine cabinet because it felt really itchy on his arm. pun got rid off noh and stepped back quickly when noh tried to draw him. noh was shocked by pun's response. "what's wrong? i'm going to get some antipruritic, it's itchy." "you'd better go to the infirmary yourself." "why?" "people will talk about the gossip with you if you are always with me." noh realized what the problem was between them after pun went away. "what the Richard Simmons! what shall i do now?"


Title: Two little words. Noh was full of remorse for hurting pun's feelings and thingking of how to appologize to pun all day long. (pun finally got up the nerve to date officially with noh as his boyfriend, whereas noh told ohm the next day in front of pun that they were just friend. but pun was still willing to take good care of noh. however, noh pretended to have nothing to do with pun in the presence of nod. it seemed that noh refused to be pun's boyfriend.) Noh felt guilty of being that selfish and stayed in the club room sighing and groaning, when the other music club members were doing practice seriously (for a contest held in Europe). Film teased noh about the nervous look on his face (like having a period). they talked about ohm, who was gazing at mic playing trumpet. film once thought ohm was bad-tempered and even violent, but now he considered him as a good guy. he could rest assured if mic go with ohm. although ohm hadn't told the truth of their relationship, film thought ohm was better than noh and pun because of his honesty. (me: ohm was so lucky that he has already got the approval from mic's elder brother in reality XD) "we will never judge you or talk gossip about you whoever you like. but remember, you would be kicking yourself if your always dummy up." film dropped this sentence and took away the other club members from the club room. Noh lay on the sofa, listing to the music and thinking of what he did wrong to pun. suddernly, someone pulled out his earphones. it was pun. film asked pun to come here to take the application of the music club members for leave for Europe. but the application hadn't been printed out yet so they had nothing to do. noh grabbed pun's arm immediately when pun was about to leave. (me: since it is a sweet talk, i try to translate it word by word)

"i'm sorry. is there anything you have to do?"


"just stay here, all right? it is cool in this air-conditioned room."

"no, thanks. there is also air conditioning in the student council office."

"and you can have something to eat here."

"i'm not hungry."

"then you can listen to the music here."

"i don't want to listen to anything. you should not do that for me. or someone will misunderstand you."

"misunderstand what?"

"you are dating with me."

"they won't."

"someone feels ashamed when he dates with me."

"you look so handsome. who will be ashamed? is he blind?"

"you said it."

then they burst into laughter.

"i'm really sorry. i'm not embarrassed. i'm just not used to it. could you understand that?"

"maybe. i'm not used to it, either. but... i love you so much. i just want to declare to the whole world that i'm your boyfriend. but every time i see your embarrassment, i...i'm sorry for bringing pressure on you...you can refuse if i push you too hard... i did never mean to embarrass you."

"that's not true. i'm not embarrassed. i'm just not used to it. i...i'm afraid of being laughed at by my friends."

pun smiled at noh, dragged noh towards him and held noh tightly. noh promised to pun that he would tried his best (to be a good boyfriend) from then on.

"it doesn't matter. i feel very happy now."

pun held noh's head in his hands and gazed at noh, "just in this way, only we know this love."

noh smiled at pun, too. words from the bottom of his heart: i wanna declare to the whole world that this boy is the one i love. pun is the one who deserves my love. then noh started to play the piano for pun and sing along with it. (lyrics: i wanna be honest. i wanna tell you everything. i wanna tell you in lip-language. i wanna tell you again. we will always be together. this will be an everlasting love. i will never fall in love with anyone else. my heart belongs only to you. for ever and ever.) in the last part of the song, pun approached the piano, sat down beside noh and started to accompany him on the piano: "let's sing together!" and he whispered in noh's ear when singing "we will always be together. this will be an everlasting love."

when they finished the song, they smiled at each other. noh was really embarrassed, and he just put his arms around pun's shoulders, "so do i." pun tilted his head forward and bumped noh's head tenderly. noh just teased pun, "but...i didn't mean forever...hoho...you think you're pretty cool today, huh~" noh brought his nose close to pun's cheek and enjoyed the smell of cologne, and pun took advantage of the opportunity to kiss noh. they kissed for a long time. then noh said firmly to pun: "pun...i'm going to break up with yuri tomorrow."


Title: Tears. Noh and yuri went to Siam Square on Wednesday for a date (noh was going to break up with yuri). when he waited for yuri, pun just stayed by his side in order to give him courage. although pun told noh that it didn't matter and he would wait for him to deal with the relationship between yuri and him in future, noh insisted to cut off the dubious relationship with yuri because he didn't want to hurt yuri any more. pun asked noh to give him a call when it was over before he left. Yuri was happy to date with noh since it was the first time noh asked her out. they bought some crepes and then went shopping in the Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery... noh had no courage to tell the truth so he had to keep silence. afterwards they met pun in Milk Plus, who was reading at a small table in the corner. yuri invited pun to eat something together, but pun felt a little awkward so he left first. pun clapped noh upon his shoulder when he was leaving in order to comfort him. noh nodded and smiled at pun. although he didn't want pun to leave, he knew he had to bring this to an end by himself. Yuri doubted that pun was waiting for his new girlfriend. noh was surprised at yuri's idea and tried to switch the conversation to some lighter subjects. They talked until it was dark, and they decided to take photos upstairs. they took some personalized photo stickers. yuri tried to draw a crown and writed the words "noh love yuri" on one of the photo stickers with the theme of prince and princess. yuri burst into tears the moment she heard noh saying "sorry" (yes, it is just woman's instinct). yuri asked noh whether it was jeed that noh loved. noh denied it and held yuri gently.

"we are still friends, right?"

"Noh... could you please tell me who she is... who's the lucky girl..."

"i'm sorry..."

Yuri gave noh a light kiss on the cheek before she left. she tried to smile at noh, saying "i believe you will bring happiness to her, just like you did once to me... i really love you..."

"shall we meet again?"

"sure. i'm noh's best friend!"

Noh called pun then, "pun...i...can not...stand any more...thank you for waiting for me...but...please leave me alone today...i'm fine...thank you...see you later..."

Words form the bottom of Noh's heart: I've never thought that i would hurt someone so badly...

Sweet Phunnoh #1

Phun asked Noh to be his boyfriend and that was the first time Noh didn't say no (I know, don't just die yet. This is only the introduction of this spoiler!). Noh accepted Phun's request and they both, well, almost officially boyfriend. Everything seems to be getting to the right direction, however; the next day at school, Noh and Phun's friends started to ask whether they are couple. For Phun, whenever he was being teased by his friend by saying that he is Noh's boyfriend, he would just smile back without denying. But for Noh, he still kept saying no to everyone asking this question and told them that they both are only best friend. Of course, Phun didn't like that but didn't want to push Noh as well so he was just trying his best to ignore his feeling deep inside. However, once something is too much, it is over. Phun then started to act a little bit weird by talking to Noh less for some reasons. Noh understood that it was totally because of him being unclear of everything, Phun did have a strong reason to feel angry. Noh started to think whether what should he do as he was really worrying about his close friends teasing him if they know. One evening, Noh was really confused and Film (Noh's friend, you know him from the Series. He was the one who force passing cake to another man mouth in the Cafe.) started to notice so they were both having a very funny friend's chat about Om and Nong Mick (Mick should appear in Season 2 as Aom secret lover and they both are freaking cute together). Film told Noh to look at how happy Om was when teaching Nong Mick to play the flute. Noh agreed that the scene is too much cheesy and he wanted to throw something to Om because of how envy he was at that moment. Film told Noh that Om is a jerk, he likes Nong Mick but will never speak it out. However, Om is still better than someone (it's Noh), even when Om doesn't say anything, he still shows his feeling out by acting. But for someone, he neither dare to speak it out, nor to express the feeling. And if he is still like that, he will lost his preciousness one day. After saying that, Film turned his face to Noh and spoke out of no where that 'Whoever you love or whatever you are, this group of friends will still love you as always.) That was when Noh realized that Film was referring to him the whole conversation. Film excused himself and went to the band to train all the trainees for the European Competition that was about to happen. Noh was left lying right there on the floor listening to the music. Not long later, someone pulled of Noh's earbud from his ears. That person was Phun. Phun asked Noh for the leave permission document that Film told him to come and correct with Noh as the band was about to go for the competition by saying that the document is ready and is already with Noh. Noh was confused at first since there was no any document yet. He didn't even make it yet due to his laziness. Thinking of that, Noh started to realize the purpose Film told Phun to come and meet him. However, Noh was to afraid to say sorry to Phun for the thing he has done. Seeing that there was no document, Phun was about to leave the room and turned his back on. Noh realized that he has no time left and he needed to do something. He called out Phun name and asked Phun to stay in the room with him longer because the room has such a nice air conditioner (I know...stupid Noh). Phun refused the offer by claiming that the council's room also has a nice air conditioner. Noh then told Phun that his room has more food to eat and Phun might interested in something. Again, Phun refused his offer by saying that he didn't feel like eating anything. Noh still offered Phun to play some nice musics for him but Phun kept refusing. At the end, Phun told Noh to not doing this as there would be more people misunderstand Noh and Phun didn't want it to be that way. Suddenly, Noh was getting smarter and could find the way out of the situation He teased Phun by asking what would people be misunderstood of? Phun replied with heavy heart that people would get wrong idea that Noh is his boyfriend. No replied back 'Ain't I?'. Phun then said 'Someone just doesn't want to be with me. Being my boyfriend might be too shameful, I guess.' Then Noh replied with a smile 'Who's that person? Having a handsome boyfriend like you, what the heck in the world should he be ashamed of?' and the whole situation become softer. Noh confessed with Phun that he was afraid of his friends teasing him when they know. Phun replied with smile that he totally understood since Noh's friends are all badass (in a cute way). Phun then told Noh "If it is too hard now, then just leave it as it is. I am already happy now with our status. Happy of knowing between you and me that we are what we are.". Hearing this, Noh just went straight to the Piano in Band's room and started singing this song. Noh played Piano and sang the whole song for Phun. Right around the middle of the song, Phun joined Noh by using his hand to play Piano along with Noh (In Thailand, people from rich family likely to know how to play Piano as they are trained since when they were kid.) And at the end of the song where I mark the translation in BLACK, Phun gently whispered this word into Noh's ear while it was Noh who supposed to sing out the word (it's the only time in the whole music that we could hear the word 'Love You' instead of the 2 Piano's notes that emphasize the word 'LOVE YOU'). Noh cracked a huge smile and replied Phun back with "Me too." (And yes, Noh is still not literally saying the word 'LOVE' to Phun even at the end of the scene. You guys will still need to hold on more for like 200 pages.) After they finished singing and playing Piano together, Noh gathered all the brave he could find and told Phun that he would go and breakup with Yuri tomorrow. (With that, my heart felt heavy again since I love Yuri so much.) FYI, Noh and Yuri are not couple. Yuri knows that but still put her hope high. Noh didn't tell anyone that Yuri and him are not couple just because he didn't want to break Yuri's heart and Yuri has claimed him to all her friends that Noh is her boy already.

Sweet Phunnoh #2

My two arms reach for Phun body and hold it tight while forcing him to look straight only to me. His body is so light that it seems to fall into my arms without having to use that much of energy. I look into that handsome, but hard to read face before embracing that body with my two arms very much tightly without caring whether there would be any eyes of the observers looking straight to us. What I only know now is that I must try my best to stop Phun from seeing that scene in front of us, stop him from thinking about those things, and make him escaping all those miserable and only open his eyes to look straight to me. I…who is always caring for him and ready to be by his side for no matter what circumstances to come. “Phun…you just stop looking at that…” Weird that I’m the one who’s crying… My tear’s falling down like an ocean and I don’t even know when does it even get started. What I know is I am the only one who ruined his life all along. I told him something I should not. I took him to see the thing he should not supposed to. All of these are just because of me…me…and me…. “Phun…you look at me…don’t look the other way…. just damn look straight to me…” I repeat this over and over again while holding him even tighter with my restlessly shaken hands. My ocean of tear is likely soaked up the student’s uniform of the person in front of me by now. My body is shaking hard, while Phun slowly holds me back…. “I’m sorry Phun….I…am..sorry…” “No…Noh…thank you…I’m…thankful…for...you...” His hands are so cold while he is holding me tight like my body is his last stable thing on earth that he could rely on…. If only you look out there to your world and find no one around… Just look back here…I will not fail to be here for you….

Sweet Phunnoh #3

There are also special chapters after the ending. One chapter - We are what we said, which is the latest, follows their lives in University era. Phun and Noh are still together. One night, Noh was surfing his facebook account and forgot to logout and went straight to bed. Phun, who was still up, just checked Noh's feeds and decided to change Noh's facebook status to 'In Relationship' before he went to bed as well. Next morning, Noh woke up and found out that his facebook status was changed to 'In Relationship'. No need to find who did this, Noh went directly to Phun's account (they both have password of each other account) and secretly surfed Phun's news feeds. He found out that Phun has so many girls jabbing around so he decided to do one special thing in term of revenging what Phun has done to his status. He changed Phun status to 'Engaged'!. That's very hilarious and cute all at once.

Smexy Phunnoh #1

It's not fully translated & just a summary by @aekiokung & supposed to be elaborated by @phunnoh but I guess he was too shy. Anyway, it's from a special chapter, which can only exclusively be found on the printed book.

Title: All Forbidden Things. The title says it all. Roughly it's like this: Phun kissing Noh all over his body & while he likes it but he just have to moan in protest. He warned Phun to stop because if he reached the climax first, he'd just go to sleep. LOL. And PHUN HAS A PREMATURE EJACULATION ONCE!!!!!! *imagination goes wild here* Noh is now sitting on Phun's lap (me: I think he's riding Phun. For all you perverted people, you should know what I meant >:)) ). Phun said he can see Noh clearer in that position *OMG DIRTY PHUN!!!* Noh is reluctant because he said he might reach the climax first in that position. (me: OMG CAN SOMEONE JUST DRAW A RACY FANART OF THESE TWO DOING THESE THINGS ALREADY?!!!)

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Guest skeletonworks

Yes I opened this thread so that I can spazz about Pun & No ultimately >:)But feel free to post about other characters as well ;)Actually I do have a lot to talk about the other characters like Aim, Yu & Jeed but I need to go crazy over Pun & No first :))I managed to catch the live streaming of Love Sick episode 5 tonight and boy I was glad I did!!!!!
NO TAKING CARE OF SICK PUNDid you see how No held Pun's hand and arm-pillowed Pun?????????tumblr_n9ql02G21E1qds027o1_1280.jpg



And I'm like...........tumblr_inline_n9jr46QEM51r2tz1s.gif

NO TAKING CARE OF SICK PUN (TAKE 2)tumblr_n9qlc5LyI51qds027o2_1280.jpg



WHAT IS THIS FEELING????????tumblr_n9qlc5LyI51qds027o1_1280.jpg

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Guest skeletonworks

I think it's absolutely cute that No ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL refuse to Pun's request but in the end he gave up and just surrender to Pun's persuasion >:)




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Guest Jie

Thanks for opening the thread! Haven't watched ep 5 yet but I have to watch it as fast as I can judging by your screen caps XD

To be honest, I started this series after watching fancams of the cast - found them when i was actually searching for Hormones cast fancams, and it turned out to be a pretty good show.

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Guest skeletonworks

My poor heart cannot take it anymore................. This is too much.........j3uznC.jpg



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Guest skeletonworks


NO CLOSED HIS EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WERE YOU EXPECTING A KISS NO??????????????1F0Ykf.jpg

Sadly they broke away... but this is the first step to their awakening feelings towards each other.... Can't wait to watch it with English subbed!!!

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@skeletonworks you can asked khun kuda and other subbers help you RT the link of this thread. and you can left the link of this thread in khun kuda LSTS post in her blog. hope more viewers will come and join in this thread :)

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Guest skeletonworks

Cheerleader ClubZeBhLJ.jpg
Drama/Acting ClubxoJbdG.jpg
Dancing ClubcZVdmg.jpg

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Guest skeletonworks

Music Club / Band
Swimming ClubkkqFsc.jpg
11th Graders from Friday College (All boys school)uLN9dq.jpg

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Guest skeletonworks

11th Graders from Convent School (All girls school)I41PiH.jpg

L.O.V.E complicatedt0JdPL.jpg

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Guest Jie

Saw that the producer re-tweeted a "thank you post to KudaLakorn for the subs" - it's nice of them to kind of approve the translations

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Guest skeletonworks

@Jie Thanks for dropping by. I hope we can have more discussions on this series. I have so much to talk about I don't even know where to begin. Haha. For me, this series makes me FEELS so much! I just can't stopped smiling the whole time.
@yoyo_icecube I will!!! Thanks for the support!
@JasonZ Sorry I have to mentioned you here. It's because I don't want to stray off topic so much at the Hormones thread. There's an English sub by the same subber, p'Kuda, who also subbed Hormones The Series. Also, just like what was mentioned by p'Kuda, when Captain was cast, he's not as tall as he is now and he is super cute. He grew quite fast, didn't he? I still think he's cute though <3NxZg7w.jpg

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Guest skeletonworks

"Is this love?"♫I love how happy Noh is cooking for Phun <3 1zFX1O.gif

I actually love this song. It's such a happy song. Makes me happy listening to it.I'm sure this is how Noh felt when he's cooking for his beloved Phun.Another happy love song that I like is called "ลูกอม (Hard Candy)".

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Guest skeletonworks

Jie said: Saw that the producer re-tweeted a "thank you post to KudaLakorn for the subs" - it's nice of them to kind of approve the translations

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Guest Jie

@skeletonworks ikr? it's awesome, honestly without her hard work we couldn't enjoy this show, so she deserves the recognition ^ ^

Hahaha that part of Noh dancing while cooking for Phun was so cute but my favorite part has to be the scene at the end - things will get so awkward in the next episode ;))

But anyone else find it weird how Phun's girlfriend didn't notice he was sick? I mean wow talking about ignorant people, she was so intro her shopping that she didn't even see her boyfriend having a fever. Still, thanks to her being ignorant we got the scenes with Noh taking care of Phun XD

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Jie said: Saw that the producer re-tweeted a "thank you post to KudaLakorn for the subs" - it's nice of them to kind of approve the translations

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Guest amidamaru34

i Love that the producer supports Eng sub by fans. But we have to be careful though especially when the subber also subs hormones s2 ( which is not too graceful with Eng sub and copyright thing).

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“Noh! How the hell did our club budget end up this little?!” Om’s booming voice hits me the moment I step in. I barely got to the club room a second ago, but that problematic document already made its way over and covered my eyes.

I furrow my brows as I begin to read all the details (that Om lovingly shoved into my face). I recall this number better than Aum Patcharapa’s birthday. I definitely requested for 25,000 baht so that we can use it for our new drums since the ones we have are getting too old.

So why does this only say 5,000?! What the hell happened to the other 20,000?!

read more >>>>> http://kudalakorn.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/translation-love-sick-chapter-1-begins/

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Guest Jie

It's an interview with Captain and Whitewo, I have no idea what they are talking about tho XD

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