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[OFFICIAL] Kyutoria thread (Kyuhyun + Victoria)

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Guest woohoo1234

Pretty sure there isn't a thread about this already so i guess i'll just make it official..? Victoria is shipped with so many people (cause it's pretty well known that she's friends with a lot of SM guys). My favorites are Changtoria, Khuntoria, Yetoria, but most of all..KYUTORIA! A lot of people probably already know that these two are really good friends, and probably nothing else. They're really obvious in public, and usually two celebs that are dating in secret are more..secretive about these things. Buuut Kyuhyun has mentioned MULTIPLE times that his ideal type is someone who he can confide in. Also, some other characteristics that he has mentioned before, are long legs, big eyes, nice forehead, older than him, and a good cook. Any of these sound familiar to y'all??? Well, they're all characteristics that Victoria has. 
I've also come across comments about how close Kyuhyun and Changmin are, and that Victoria probably wouldn't have dated both due to that. Well, most people are certain that she has dated Changmin before (and I believe it too). They were much more secretive, but not enough so that fans could dig out very solid pictures and videos of them two (alright, getting off topic, there's already a Changtoria thread lol). So below are some of my favorite Kyutoria videos. Feel free to add pictures and other videos (I could just spend a whole day fangirling over Kyutoria interactions). I was going to hide them in spoilers so that they didn't take up so much space, but for some reason I couldn't find the spoiler button, sorry :(

Oh, and for this video, near the 3:03 mark, Kyuhyun pushes Eunhyuk away from Victoria while Yesung watches with a cute smile. Enjoy the music while you're at it :)

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