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[Thailand Drama 2013~2015] Hormones The Series

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EP.2 "Estrogen" Live Recap (Spoilers Obviously) We're thrown right into scenes that we've already seen part of in trailers and episode previews. Dao is on the roof/terrace to meet Koi. Dao starts with

A part of me wish that these two should have dated on that episode because they are so compatible in terms of fashion. 

Is anyone watching live, or are people waiting for subs now? My internet was bad during the first act, but now it's manageable. EP.1 "Growth Hormone" We open with Boss listening to the radio on his b

Hey, we've been "advertized" on Pantip (a massive message board in Thai). One person wrote, "The posts on soompi have a lot of analysis. They're very into it. I read the posts on soompi, and I feel grateful as if I were the director [in the director's place]."

Anyone know anything about how we got posted about at Pantip?

(Never mind the fact that the original author of the post is asking for other boards, too.)


carlosc said:

" อย่าลืมน่ะครับ ว่าฮอร์โมนนิยมการหักมุม. " ‪#‎Phunon‬ ‪#‎HormonesTheSeries‬

wonder what this means. i saw this on a fan page of Bank
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Guest Kudaranai

^ They probably got here from the retweets. (Although the OP asks about where to find international fans) I freaked out a little when I saw my name mentioned in a reply in some other threads, that was for Love Sick though.

Omg, I just clicked on that thread and someone has a short profile on me. เงาเมฆ ณ ปลายฟ้า เธอเป็นใคร T_____T 5555.

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wow..... we were mentioned on pantip??  :-O  :-O  :-O
btw... its saturday.. i can't wait for the on live update!!! hehehehe... do me a favor na... im will login tonight.. :) 

i think..... maybe after tonight episode.. i might ended up feeling sorry towards phu.. he should not use his 'confusion' to play with toei and thee's hearts. but... right now, he got no one around him.. he's alone and lonely. phu... at time like this, its the best for you to back to your family, not going around, drinking and having sex with random people and make your family worried about you!! :(


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i wonder what happens to phu. saw a teaser that quotes march saying after this episode we will all feel sorry for phu. i have a big crush on march but i just saw swimmers and i totally despise him. i can't think of any thing that phu can do to make me pity him. i mean what else can happen to him? do drugs? be mugged? be raped? get jailed? turn suicidal? right now all i see is a spoiled brat who left a trail of tears and broken hearts. he broke thee's, he broke toe's and from the teaser he will break his own mother's heart as well.
i think all of us have been confused at some points in our lives. but not everyone does what he's done. this is all on him and everything happening to him, he brought it upon himself.

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phu is going through such a turnmoil in his life, like fierce conflict and struggle on how he feels about his life, his happiness, his sexuality and how he thinks his life should be in accordance to the norms and other stuffs. I agree there are things that he shouldnt done, but we are talking about raging hormones that's going on in teenager. It's like they need guidance, passionate teaching and of course love. It's like a silent-deafening cry for help and I'm sure if he could prevent those actions, he wouldn't have done them as well.

lol okay, I'm gonna get back to next door and be sick with love :D

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scene parallelism not only happening to thee-phu but also dao XD with some twist in it.. 
in season 1 she asked for phu and thee picture, this season a junior asked for her+koi picture!! :)) scene parallelism, yes... they did it right.. can't wait for tonight!!!

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bencanuck said: Hmm... Yeah. But there's another side to this, though. I totally understand that Phu's behaviour is horrible. But Phu has a history in the show. His story is perhaps one of the most complex in the series.

Toei, Thee, and Phu's mom all broke him last season. Phu needed to analyze and know. These three all failed to listen to him and believe him about the things inside of him. (Ball and Art also did not measure up.) Now his behaviour this season is to not analyze and not to know.

Phu confesses and opens his heart, complete with all its wounds and confusions. Then:
1. Thee: "You can fool other people, but you can't fool yourself, Phu."
2. Toei: "You're gay, Phu... Stop fooling yourself. Go home."
3. Phu's mom: "..." Phu (actually angry and hurt): "You don't believe, do you, that I could love women [as well as men]?" Phu's mom: "I don't know what you're going through. But take your time with it, son." Mom gets big points for loving her son and sticking with him, but she still fails Phu the self-examiner. Seriously, couldn't she reassure him that she actually believes him? He wanted to know! Look at the horror and pain on his face. :( :(

I don't know what will happen to Phu. I don't know if something will happen to him that is sad. But for my part, I already do pity him. :(

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