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[Drama 2014] The Spring Day of My Life/My Spring Day 내 생애 봄날


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Guest theflamealchemist

Wow, it's already been a year since I last was on this thread.....

I remembered this drama all of a sudden and was like "Oh, it's already been a year since that beautiful OTP".....

Last time, I only watched up to ep 14 and couldn't bring myself to watch the ending because I had seen the Korean news articles about it. And it broke my heart so much cause I was so invested in the BomHa couple and I just LOVED Dong Ha that I couldn't watch him be in so much pain.

I thought that maybe this time around since it's been a year, I could finally officially "finish" it. But I just rewatched up to ep 12 and I realized that it still broke my heart a lot (and still made me so angry at how they pulled that cheap shot) to see Bom Yi get sick and knowing the inevitable ending made that pain worse, I believe.

I guess once again, I will be unable to watch the ending..... Dong Ha is just such a precious cinnamon roll too good for this world~ Maybe I will just rewatch the first 12 eps again instead......

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it almost 3 years and i still using the same song as my phone ringtone (event i change the phone model)... so I decided to change it, it has been years delay.... come out with 5 alternative songs... local band...US hits song and event Korean Pop... searching for the song that I love and reminds of me of something... but still none.... that match my soul.... than i ask myself... the reason i choose OST Gain- I Believe, in the 1st place...and remain unchanged all this year? So, i decided to do re-run in 1 day before change mine ringtone... when I start crying at episode 14 till the end :bawling:... Okey... that means the ringtone will remain unchanged for another year....

Wish to hear for both lead actor and actress new project this year.. but i notice both are busy with family and music career... 

I do miss them too~:heart: but I still believe there will be a miracle 

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