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[Drama 2014] The Spring Day of My Life/My Spring Day 내 생애 봄날


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The Spring Day of My LifeSynopsis

Lee Bom-Yi (Sooyoung) undergoes a heart transplant operation. She then tries to live her life positively for the person who donated their heart to her.

Kang Dong-Ha (Kam Woo-Sung) raises cattle. Since he lost wife in an accident, he has raised his two children by himself.

One day, Lee Bom-Yi happens to meet Kang Dong-Ha. His former wife donated her heart to Lee Bom-Yi.

cr asianwiki

In particular, it is based off of cellular (or body) memory (a phenomenon where the recipient of an organ demonstrates the personality or habits of their donor), which is sure to be unique and fresh material background for the heart-warming love story.

cr The Star via soshified


Director: Lee Jae Dong

Writer: Park Ji Sook

Station: MBC

Official Site

Premiere Date: September 10, 2014

Wednesday-Thursday @ 22:00/10PM KST

Streaming with English Subs: SoompiTV | Viki

Recaps: Koala's Playground: 1 (Dramabeans) | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11| 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16





Sooyoung as Lee Bom Yi, after receiving a heart transplant, she gets another chance at life. She tries to live an active life thinking she's living the life of another's. She will fall in love with Kang Dong Ha, the widow of the woman she received her heart from.



Kam Woo Sung as Kang Dong Ha, as single father raising 2 kids after losing his wife to an accident. He will later fall in love with the woman who received his wife's heart, Lee Bom Yi.




Lee Jun Hyuk as Kang Dong Wook is a Thoracic Surgeon who exudes charisma when at work, but is a noble, pure, & sweet romanticist when he's with a woman he loves. His character is in love with Lee Bom Yi.



Jang Shin Young as Bae Ji Won, head of PR at Haegil Hospital. She's described as a cold woman who's quick-witted & wise. She'll be in a love square with Dong Wook, Bom Yi, & Dong Ha




Shim Hye Jin as Jo Myung Hee, Haegil Hospital Chairan & Lee Bom Yi's mother, a very ambitious woman who will do anything to succeed


Kwon Hae Hyo as Lee Hyuk Soo - Bom Yi's Father, Hospital Director


Hyun Seung Min as Kang Pu Reun, Dong Ha's daughter


Kil Jeong Woo as Kang Ba Da, Dong Ha's son


Other Cast:

Jang Won Young as Jo Gil Dong - Dong Ha's friend & Ranch Hand

Min Ji A as Yoon Soo Jung

Lee Ki Young as Sung Byung Kil, Myung Hee & Hyuk Soo's classmate and hospital board member/businessman 

Kang Boo Ja as Na Hyun Soon, Dong Ha's mother

Jo Kang Ja as Choi Bok Hee, Dong Ha's mother in law

Lee Jae Won as Park Hyung Woo, Dong Ha's secretary (Hanuraon PR Team Leader)

Ga Deuk Hee as Joo Se Na, Bom Yi's friend


Character Relationship Chart

cr MBC My Spring Days Official Site

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Guest vitmup

Hurray!!!!!!!!!!Actress Choi back.With ajusshi again :)But it's not a problem, she will learn a lot from him.Good luck-----Wow, double post, mod pls delete one post for me, thanks

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Yang Jinsung will be playing the role of Bae Jiwon Hyeseong Hospital's PR Head. She's a very important person in the hospital and the hospital's Chairman/Director (Bomi's mother) relies on her and favours her. Jiwon has a cold personality but she's quick-witted and wise. She will be in a love square with Dongwook (Lee Joonhyuk), Bomi (Sooyoung) and Dongha (Kam Woosung).


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Guest mentrachan

Guys... they said Sooyoung is already start shooting for My Spring Day!Fans spotted her in Suwon!Bs4HAwiCEAEVoNq.jpg:large
cr: ceci, snsdAddicted, muggle_nine
I thought there will be pictures from script reading first... I guess we missed that?

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Guest mentrachan

LavelyShai said:
@mentrachanThey've already started filming? Makes sense, it's suppose to start after Fated To Love You. There's no script reading pics which is weird & these are fan taken photos. Maybe they just didn't care too much to release that. 

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This one was taken at Hanlim Uni. They're shooting at the uni hospital.


From production cafe, the script seems to be done up to ep4. I think it's doing fine with scheduling so far. Today is the first day. They've probably already done script reading but not posted the pics yet.

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This looks intresting with a 20 year age gap. I hope this drama won't be a mess like PMAI(Prime Minister & I). Considering it had another idol(Yoon Ah) of the same group as Sooyoung. I'm really looking forward to it.

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Guest mentrachan

Lunkera said: @mentrachan Ah, i'm not blaming the cast. It's just that the networks sometimes cave in for the netizens criticism of age gap for example when it concern their idols :P. I have higher hope for MBC though.

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Guest vitmup

@mentrachan Hello, I love to see kiss scene too but I hope it's not happen between Sooyoung's character and Gam Woo Sung's character. Between them, maybe hug scene, that's enough LOLBut, pls make kiss scene with Lee Jun Hyuk =))

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Guest vitmup

@LavelyShai: I don't know, I think the age gap between them is too big, so when they have kiss scenes, I always felt it was far-fetched and not natural. And with me, in this film, I think I don't need kiss scene between the leads, hug scene is enough

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