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[Official Thread] Joo Won & YoonA (Joo Yoon)


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Work In Progress

The World of Joo Won and Yoona


The official thread for shippers of their friendship and chemistry

Name: Joo Won (주원)

Real Name: Moon Joon Won                                                     
Birthdate: September 30, 1987                               
Height: 185m
Blood Type: O
Soompi Thread: Actor Thread


Name: Yoona (
Real Name: Im Yoona                                                           
Birthdate: May 30, 1990                                
Height: 168cm
Blood Type: B                              

Soompi Thread: Actress thread
                          KPOP individual thread

cr: Asianwiki


1. Two days One Night Season 2 - Episodes 64 and 65






cr. @sweetu



Articles and Others

1. Interview in High Cut Magazine Vol 105 July 2013 - Full Article

"High Cut: Not too long ago, Yoona showed a strong appearance on ‘1 Night 2 Days’. A ‘drama-like incident’ happened when Joo Won grabbed your wrist when your hand was about to get cut with a knife while cleaning eel.
Yoona: That was a real situation. My glove was stuck under the knife and almost cut my hand. He got surprised and said ‘babo’ (translator’s note: ‘fool’ or ‘stupid’) to me without realizing it, but I didn’t know what I should do with that situation. (hah) If it was a situation that the production crew made up, I would have shown some kind of reaction, but it was impromptu, so I also thought I was watching a drama. (laughs) That day was the first time I met Joo Won, and he looked after me well, so I was really thankful."

Translated by cho0shi @ Soshified

2. Yoona's appearance on 2 days 1 Night - Impact of Beauty - Full Article

"In the same team with Yoona, actor Joo Won and Cha Tae Hyeon also showed their admiration regarding Yoona’s actual beauty. Joo won said, “When Yoona first came up, it was really like the cosmetic CF.
Translation by kokking @ TheSoneSource

3. Yoona mentioned about Joo Won in her UFO reply - 22 August 2013

"Fan: recently, among the dramas, 'Good Doctor' is pretty interesting. What have you watched, Yoong?
Yoona: Good Doctor/Master of Sun.♥ Si On called me a fool (babo) when he's actually a genius. Gong-sil unnie is scary.

Note Joo Won starred as Si-On in Good Doctor. And he said babo to Yoona in 2d1n

cr. Translation by Doongie09 @ tumblr

Only discussions on Joo Yoon in this thread
Please respect both Joo Won and Yoona when you post
Soompi General Rules and Soompi Shipper Paradise Rules apply in this thread

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Guest -quiescent

They'd be such a cute onscreen couple! 
tumblr_my05p3cv8x1qjbhvqo1_250.gif tumblr_my05p3cv8x1qjbhvqo2_r1_250.giftumblr_my05p3cv8x1qjbhvqo3_r1_250.gif tumblr_my05p3cv8x1qjbhvqo4_r1_250.gif
tumblr_my05p3cv8x1qjbhvqo5_r1_250.gif tumblr_my05p3cv8x1qjbhvqo6_r1_250.gif
tumblr_my05p3cv8x1qjbhvqo7_r1_250.gif tumblr_my05p3cv8x1qjbhvqo8_r1_250.gif
© nexttimeisnotthesame

At 0:18 Yoona congratulated him ^^

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@-quiescent‌ they are so cute! Thanks for the gifs. I wasnt sure who to credit and was gonna find and post it later but I do now!

Will post them in the first post last with credits cause I am on mobile now.

There are actually quite a lot of moments from the show (which I will share later). I just love how quickly they become comfortable after just meeting each other

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Guest -quiescent

@sakura22 - yeah, they got along well together ^^ 
Yoona also mentioned him in her High Cut feature last year in July.

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“King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu” Joo Won “My Favorite Girl Group, SNSD” Confession.

05/09/2010 ·

Performer Joo Won was cited as saying that the girl group he liked was SNSD.


On the 4th, Joo Won was part of the cast of the broadcasted KBS 2TV “Entertainment Weekly”, as a reporter asked “What girl group comes up first in your eye?”, which immediately responding said, “SNSD”.


In addition, “When I see women, the first thing I see are the eyes” as he emphasized about their appearance. “They are so many good looking people that I think ‘Ah, you are around this level’” he frankly spoke.


Joo Won at this day also said “My first kiss was around this time” he revealed.


At one part, Joo Won also mentioned his past that he performed as part of Mnet “Superstar K”. 

cr :ssf


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Guest sweetu

wah,,i never know there is a joowon and yoona thread already,..
btw,..i meet you @sakura22 at yoongi thread,,and is quite surprised to see you created this specially for this couple,,
though,,i love her with seung gi,,i also like the chemistry between these two,,


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@0708July oh wow I didnt know that he was a SNSD fan back then in 2010. I remember that he is an Apink fan after the Yoona appearance on 2d1n. But I know he was a total fanboy when Yoona guested in 2d1n

@sweetu, yoongi is yoongi but this thread is for Yoona and Joo Won friendship and their chemistry. I know that chances are Yoona might not be in nodame cantabile we'll have to wait for the outcome. But even if shes not casted, I think it is hard denying how close they've gotten in 2d1n. I thought that even without nodame cantabile, its okay to have a thread for them. :)

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class="title_sec" style="line-height: 34px;"Yoona declines ‘Nodame Cantabile‘ for Korea-China rom-comhttp://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20140714000799

Yoona of popular idol group Girls’ Generation ultimately declined to play the female lead role in the drama “Nodame Cantabile,” a remake of a Japanese drama.

The idol instead chose to play the lead in a Korean-Chinese romantic comedy named “Good-bye, Ani,” making her first big-screen debut.

In the movie, Yoona is to play a loving and cheerful girl named Ani. The male lead has not yet been decided, but many popular Chinese actors, including Peng Yuyan, have been mentioned for the part.

The movie production will begin within the second half of this year.

By Kim Min-jin, Intern reporter (minjin103@heraldcorp.com)

So that means they wont be in Nodame together. That's okay, we've got 2d1n and other interactions in award shows and probably more. It doesnt stop here.

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Nice thread :x
I really love their interaction in 1N2D. And I once love Yoona for Joo Won, and Joo Won for Yoona.
But Yoona is officially Seung Gi's, and I really like Lee Seung Gi and Yoongi too.. so.. yeah..
Yoongi is Yoongi, and Jooyoon.. I don't even understand myself, perhaps cherish their friendship?

As Yoona declined Nodame's role, I hope they will have a chance to act together in a different drama in future.
It's nice to see them grew in the industry as well. I'm curious to see how they will become in future. Will they be good friends?
Hope we can keep the thread moving and try to update whatever we can.

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