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Ldy Gmerm

[Drama 2014-2015] Cheongdam-dong Scandal 청담동 스캔들 Thanks for watching.

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Replacing the Drama You're Only Mine

Video Teaser:

***Video Credit SBSNOW Channel on YouTube.


  • Title: 청담동 스캔들 / Cheongdamdong Seukaendeul
  • Genre: TBA
  • Episodes: TBA
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2014-Jul-21 to 2015-??
  • Airtime: Monday to Friday 8:30 AM


A drama about the desire of high society in Cheongdam-dong and an ugly scandal with deep roots.


Joo Na's Family
Mrs. Jang's Family
Soo Ho's Family

Production Credits

External Links

***Credit: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Cheongdamdong_Scandal ***

Cheongdamdong Scandal10Cheongdamdong Scandal1  Cheongdamdong Scandal3   Cheongdamdong Scandal6      Cheongdamdong Scandal12    Cheongdamdong Scandal16 Cheongdamdong Scandal17

Title: 청담동 스캔들 / Cheongdamdong Scandal
Chinese Title: 清潭洞丑闻
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-July-21
Air time: Monday to Friday 08:30am


A drama about a scandal occurring in the the high society in Cheongdamdong.


Main Cast

Choi Jung Yoon as Eun Hyun Soo
Kang Sung Min as Bok Soo Ho
Lee Joong Moon as Jang Seo Joon
Seo Eun Chae as Nam Joo Na
Im Sung Uhn as Lee Jae Ni

Joo Na’s Family

Yoo Ji In as Choi Se Ran
Im Ha Ryong as Nam Jae Bok

Mrs. Jang’s Family

Ban Hyo Jung as Mrs. Jang
Kim Seung Hwan as Joon Kyu
Lee Hye Eun as So Jung

Soo Ho’s Family

Lee Hye Sun as Kang Bok Hee
Kim Jung Woon as Bok Kyung Ho


Kim Sung Kyung as Dr.Yoon
Lee Sang Sook as Woo Soon Jung
Yang Hae Rim as Hye Jang
Lee Jung Gil
Jang Mi Hee

**Credit: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=35711

***Episode Scene Recaps by @LdyGmerm and Translations by @mudaepo has been moved two post down.

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@LdyGmerm,  Hi,  Finally a little info I look to see if I could find some pictures of the cast and post them here but thanks for opening the thread..

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I am posting the recap and translations links here for everyone to be able to access..

**Episode Scene Recaps by @Ldy Gmerm and Translations by @mudaepo , @jadecloud and @prettystone**

Page 1 video recap episode 1 Episode 2  and Episode 3

page 2 scene recap episodes 4/5/6 and translations (plot) summary and key points
page 3 scene recap episodes 7/8/9/10 and Key points Episodes 7 , 8, 9 and  10
page 4 scene recap episode 11 and very brief key points
page 5 scene recap episodes 12/13 and Key points
page 6 scene recaps episodes 14/15 and brief episode key points
page 7 scene recap episode 16 and short episode summary
page 8 scene recap episode 17 and short episode summary
page 9 scene recap episode 18 (full episode) and scene translation here and here (scene where CSR is told by her hubby to be weary of KBH.) and HS telling every she wants to be inseminated here.
page 11 scene recap  episodes 19 and 20 and short summary trans of scenes
page 12 scene recap episode 21 and episode 21 trans / SH and HS friend convo trans
page 13 scene recap episodes 22/23 and episode 23 summary translation and  preview trans
page 14 scene recap episode 24 and translations for episode 23/ recap Episode 24
page 15 scene recap episode 25 and Episode 25 translation recap
page 16 scene recap episode 26 and Episode 26 translation recap/contract details between LJN/KBH
page 17 scene recap episode 27 and Episode 27 translation recap/ Soo Ah winds NJN showing her the pictures
page 18 scene recap episode 28 and Episode 28 translation recap/ NJN and Soo Ah phone conversation
page 19 scene recap episode 29 and Episode 29 translation recap/ HS and NJN fight translation
page 20 scene recap episode 30 and Episode 30 random translation thought
page 21 scene recap episode 31 and Episode 31 translation recap
page 22 scene recap episode 32 and Episode 32 translation recap
page 23 scene recaps episodes 33/34 and Episode 33 /34 translation recaps
page 25 scene recap episode 35 and Episode 35 translation recap
page 26 scene recap episodes 36/37  and translation recaps for episodes 36/37.

page 28 scene recap episode 38 and translation recap episode 38 

page 30 scene recap episode 39 and translation recap episode 39
page 31 scene recap episode 40 and translation recap and scene trans episode 40 

Page 32 Scene Recap episode 41 and translation recap episode 41

page 33 Scene Recap Episode 42 and translation recap Episode 42

Page 34 Scene Recap Episode 43 and translation recap Episode 43

Page 35 Scene Recap Episode 44 and translation recap Episode 44

Page 36 Scene Recap Episode 45 and translation recap Episode 45

Page 37 Scene Recap Episode 46 and translation summary Episode 46

Page 38 Scene Recap Episode 47 and translation recap Episode 47

Page 39 Scene Recap Episode 48

Page 40 Scene Recap Episode 49 and translation summary Episode 49

Page 40 Scene Recap Episode 50

Page 41 Scene Recap Episode 51

Page 42 Scene Recap Episode 52 and translation Episode 52

Page 43 Scene Recap Episode 53, 54, 55

Page 44 translation summaries for Episodes 53-55

Page 45 Scene Recap for 56 , 57 and translation summaries for episodes 56.57 here.

Page 46 Scene Recap Episode 58.

Page 47 Scene Recap Episode 59 and translation recaps for episode 58 and episode 59.

Page 48 Scene Recap Episode 60 and written Preview of Episode 61.

Page 49 Scene Recap Episode 61.

Page 50 Scene recap Episode 62

Page 51 Scene Recap Episode 63 and 64 and 65

Page 54 Scene Recap Episode 66 and 67 and Conversation translation Episode 66

Page 53 Scene Recap Episode 68 , 69 and 70  and written preview translation Episode  71

Page 54 Scene Recap Episode 72 and written preview for Episode 72

Page 55 Scene Recap Episode 73 and conversation translations for BSH/JSJ here and BSH/NJN here from Episode 72 provided by @rikimaiu

Page 56 Scene Recap Episode 74 , 75 and 76, 77

Page 57 Scene Recap Episode  78

Page 58 Scene Recap Episodes 79 and 80

Page 59 Scene Recap Episodes 81 and 82

Page 60 Scene Recap Episodes 83 and 84 and 85  and 86

Page 61 Scene Recap Episodes 87, and 88

Page 62 Scene Recap Episode 89

Page 63 Scene Recap Episodes 90, 91 and 92

Page 64 Scene Recap Episodes 93 and 94

Page 65 Scene Recap Episodes 95 and 96

Page 66 Scene Recap Episodes 97 and 98

Page 67 Scene Recap Episode 99 and translation recap by @mudaepo here

Page 68 Scene Recap Episode 100  and 101 

Page 69 Scene Recap Episode 102 ,and 103  and Preview translation for Episode 104 by @jadecloud

Page 70 Scene Recap Episode 104 and 105   with Preview Translation for Episode 106 by @prettystone

Page 71 Scene Recap Episodes 106 and 107 with Episode 107 preview Translations by @jadecloud and Translation Recaps for Episodes 106 and 107 by @prettystone   JSJ's confession to HS translation by @jadecloud here

Page 72 Scene Recap Episodes 108 and 109 with Episode preview translation for episode 109 by @jadecloud and translation Recaps Episode 108 and 109 by @prettystone

Page 73 Scene Recap Episode 110 and translation recap Episode 110 by @prettystone

Page 74 Scene Recap Episode 111 and Preview translation for Episode 112 and Episode 111 KBH convo trans and JYI convo trans by @jadecloud with Episode 111 translation by @prettycloud

Page 75 Scene Recap Episode 112 and 113 and Live recapping by @jadecloud here translation recap by @prettystone for episode 112

Page 76 Scene Recap Episode 114

Page 77 Scene Recap Episode 115,116 and 117 and Translation recap for episode 113 ,114, 115 and 116  by @prettystone

Page 78 Scene Recap for Episode 118 and final episode 119

KBH's many expressions and window walks thx @tinatrix236

The above will be updated with additional recaps and translations etc as the drama continues.

Some Signs you have a K-drama Monster (Mother)  in Law located here.

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                             Cheongdam-Dong Scandal


"Cheongdam-dong Scandal" (2014)

Directed by Jeong Hyo

With Lim Seong-eonChoi Jeong-yoonKang Seong-min,...

Mon~Fri 8:30


A drama about a scandal occurring in the symbol of wealth and fame of Cheongdam-dong.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/07


Lim Seong-Eon posterphoto348351.jpg

Choi Jeong-Yoonposterphoto434058.jpg

Lim Seong-eon (임성언)Kang Seong-MinLim Seong-eon (임성언)posterphoto329606.jpg

Lee Jeong-Moonposterphoto364480.jpg

Seo Eun-Chaeposterphoto421980.jpg

Yoo Jin-Inposterphoto49240.jpg

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"Cheongdam-dong Scandal" (2014)


@LdyGmerm,  This is all I found on the cast.. There's pictures of two lil girls I didn't post because I'm thinking they will be the younger version of the two leading girls.. I'm wondering if it was a switch at birth or and outside child..  

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@valsava thanks for updating the thread.. I expect more info will come out this week on this drama.. I recognize a lot of faces in this drama.. I hope it is interesting..

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@LdyGmerm, Look like our thread has been closed off.. 

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Today's Photo: July 17, 2014 [2]

2014/07/17 | 203 views | 0 Comments | Permalink | Source


Actress Choi Jeong-yoon poses at a press event for her new TV series "Cheongdam-dong Scandal" in Seoul on Wednesday.




















credit: http://www.hancinema.net/today-s-photo-july-17-2014-2-71348.html

Second Teaser link...


@valsava closed off? why? It starts on Sunday/Monday.

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It has to be more then three people in the thread so far it's just been you and I so maybe after mondays episode we will have more then our three and besides the network station has done a good job advertising this drama.. I haven't been able to find teasers on it.. 
Mostly the ones that watch your only mine and everything kimchee will be tuned in to this drama because it basically airs in the evening here so we just have to wait

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Looks interesting....been trying to find some new dramas to fill the large gap that noble woman and your only mine left. But from the looks im in good company once again!

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@Triton823 welcome...

There was suppose to have been a drama that started right after Noble Woman ended called Irreversible Love and for some reason JTBC did not run it.. and now there is no trace of a listing now.

So this is the next one after You're only Mine.. I recognized a few faces in this one.. I think the lead female was in Can We Love as the married friend with the kid being raised by her brother..

One of the male leads (he is married to the lead female above) was in Cheer up Mr. Kim as the brother who was in a wheel chair and they claim he was in a Well Raised Daughter Hana but I do not remember him.. and the other male character was in Daring Women as the son who killed the Dr. and married his sister (only to realize that his younger step mom saved his life.. lol ) and ended up with the younger Step Mom.. lol.. so it looks interesting I am hoping the first episode tonight has my interest.

I just watched the first episode and like it so far, just need to get the characters down.. not sure of how many of you watched it tonight.. but something is off with the lead female. Not sure if she is a polly-anna type or just a bit off but she seems to not be right.

Her mother in law there is something fake in her actions towards her.. the preview was interesting.. not sure if the MIL found out she was at the hospital and maybe pregnant or that she has issues and if our Lead female went to have some meds checked and could find out that her MIL has been dosing her to keep her from getting pregnant. I will have to see the preview again to be sure.

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So I did miss the first episode live and wanted to watch I have to wait to the site is up now..

@LdyGmerm Glad you liked the first episode I will look for the guy that was is in AWRD and see if I can place him for you since you and I did watch that drama together..  So I will come back and give my comment about the first episode before I sleep tonight one the sites should have it up by then..  

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I like Choi Jung Yoon and I liked this writer's previous drama so I wanted to check it out. Nobody is subbing this, right?

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Why is Hyun Soo taking so many pills? And why is there a lack of doctor/patient privilege in dramas? Man! Everyone gets along (except the cheating husband). This is too weird!! When will the proverbial drama shoe drop?!

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 I don't care what anyone says this girl has all the signs of obsessive love for Jang Seo Joon she gives off creepy vibes to me.

Although their relationship is loving and cute.. I am hoping we do not have another husband cheating or treating the sweet wife badly leaving her.

I am not sure what the MIL is doing in this scene.. I think getting a status on the other DIL and then she ask about our OTP and what she said yesterday in the hall I think. I too wonder about patient confidentiality in these things. Her MIL looks at her like she is either crazy or very fragile I wonder if they have lost a baby before?

I keep seeing either love interest between the two below or long lost relative.. Just too many chance meetings to not have some type of story coming up for these two.

I too wonder why is she taking so many pills for and is it only me that things she is a bit loopy.. or drugged???


The Second DIL did not seem to like clingy girl and the MIL seems to either not like him or her. Also her mother clingy.. was looking at a old picture of a woman did she have a part in the scandal as well ?

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There are a couple of things wrong with these two women below...

The younger DIL is definitely conniving and using the OTP to wait on her and she is up to something with her MIL getting her to agree to something after just pleading with the 1st DIL.

It would seem that everyone in the house does not like the fact that his wife is inconsiderate and is using the older DIL.I am curious to know about the relationship since he seems to like his SIL and she helped him get rid of the woman he slept with in the first episode.

It does not sees that our OTPs hubby like the guy but then I do not like that girl she is clingy and a bit mean especially to one of his office girls about a scare on her leg. I see him not marrying her or cheating if he does she is very clingy and bossy and does not seem to have a nice personality more spoiled than anything.


Did anyone catch the fact that the MIL gave her more pills to take,, why.. and what is the guys grandmother and the short haired girl hiding about he woman in the picture and the woman she was so shocked to see and what is her connection to the OTP female she grabbed at the end..

wow.. this drama is kind of full of twist.. as I learn the characters name and associations.

**Video Credit DramaSBS Channel on YouTube.

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