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[ Variety ] Youth Over Flowers 꽃보다 청춘

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New posters <3 ahahha so adorable!10342898_668906986521285_56328156564302440s team : "But then, we are youths, right???" Young guns team : "We really are youths!!!"
(rough trans by me. Please correct me if they are wrong, teehee!)
Hilarious captions, I can't. 

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'Youth Over Flowers' unveils two posters of its cast in Peru and Laos
tvN's 'Youth Over Flowers' unveiled two posters of 'Reply 1994's B1A4's Baro, Son Ho Joon, and Yoo Yun Suk in Laos and Yoo Hee Yeol, Lee Juk, and Yoon Sang in Peru!
The two posters show the differences between the members in their 20s and those in their 40s with the first poster of the fresh-faced trio reading, "We're the real youth," and the second poster of Lee Juk, Yoon Sang, and Yoo Hee Yeol sitting on the ground in exhaustion, reading, "But, are we really youth?"
As mentioned previously, tvN is starting their third backpacking project 'Youth Over Flowers' following in the footsteps of their previous two, 'Grandpas Over Flowers' and 'Noonas Over Flowers'.
'Youth Over Flowers' will premiere on August 1 at 9:50 PM KST!
Source : http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/07/youth-over-flowers-unveils-two-posters-of-its-cast-in-peru-and-laos

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Upcoming Variety Show “Youth Over Flowers” Reveals Posters
Two different posters of tvN’s upcoming variety program, “Youth Over Flowers” have been released.
Singers Yoo Hee Yeol and Lee Juck and songwriter Yoon Sang traveled to Peru while actors Yoo Yeon Suk and Son Ho Joon and B1A4’s Baro traveled to Laos.
The Peru team, Yoon Sang, Yoo Hee Yeol and Lee Juck, are seen sitting on the side of the road with a tired look on their faces. However, the Laos team, Yoo Yeon Suk, Son Ho Joon, and Baro, are showing their cute charms by hiding under leaves to avoid the rain.
On the Peru team’s poster, it says, “But, are we really the youth?” while the Laos team’s poster says, “We’re the real youth!” The idea of youth is the opposite in the posters and many are expecting this show to bring a different kind of fun than from the previous “Over Flowers” series.
 “Youth Over Flowers” will show the travels of the blood-boiling youth in their 20’s and the somewhat youthful 40’s. The first episode will air on August 1.
Source : http://www.soompi.com/2014/07/22/upcoming-variety-show-youth-over-flowers-reveals-posters/

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tvN is announcing some kind of fan event for the 26 & 27th  at 13:00 ~ 18:00 pm @ Sinchon Hyundai Dept. Store 
Source : https://m.facebook.com/flowerH4/photos/a.472881862790466.1073741828.470650706346915/669515243127126/?type=1

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"Youth Over Flowers" Reveals Two Posters of Cast Hanging Out in Peru and Laos

tvN's "Youth Over Flowers" revealed two separate posters of Reply 1994's B1A4 member Baro, Son Ho Joon, and Yoo Yun Suk in Laos, and Yoo Hee Yeol, Lee Juk, and Yoon Sang in Peru!
The two separate posters showed the stark contrasts between the cast members who were in their 20s vs their 40s. The first poster showing the younger group read, "We're the real youth," while the second poster featuring the more mature gentlemen featured the caption, "But, are we really youth?"
As was mentioned previously, tvN is now beginning their third backpacking project. "Youth Over Flowers" will be sticking to the same formula as the other two shows, "Grandpas Over Flowers" and "Noonas Over Flowers".
"Youth Over Flowers" will air on August 1st at 9:50 pm KST!  Stay tuned at Koogle.tv for more news and updates!
Source : http://www.koogle.tv/media/news/youth-over-flowers-reveals-two-posters-of-cast-hanging-out-in-peru-and-laos/

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Seems like tvN worked with the peruvian-korean agency ALGO MAS TRAVEL for this project ^^ they've been promoting the show via its website, blog and FB page during the last weeks .... hope they plan to share some BTS pics after the show airs 

and here's the list of the cities visited :D

Source : http://www.algomastravel.co.kr/ & http://maumsoup.blog.me/220068349524

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