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[ Variety ] Youth Over Flowers 꽃보다 청춘

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33 minutes ago, heartoppaya said:

Twin unnie! You came!!

Yes I agree... PBG is so very cute... He's my bias after all.. And I guess that means he's just acting with soda? Ahahaha...

Also how amazing is he went from this:



And this:


To this:





And this:

restmb_jhidxmake.php?idx=5&simg=20160228[ /spolier]

He's such a cutie.. That's why....

Argh.. I love all the yeolgum pictures.. They look so amazing together and I really really really love their bromance.. Why oh why didn't the R88 directors make them a couple and send DS far away? Ok.. That's taking it a bit too far.. I'm not going to talk about R88 for obvious reasons but seriously these two cuties can do a travel drama all by themselves and I'll still keep watching. Be it 100 episodes or 200 I'll always watch them.


Oooooh!!!!!  I totally agree with Yeolgum's bromance drama or whatever (as long as they're in it together). And I loooove that Bogum always looks for Jun Yeolie hyung in this trip... even followed him all the way up to the dune top, had heart-to-heart talk, watched sunrise together, and make fun of word "nampyeon/husband/bakat yangban/seobang". So many feeeelss!!!

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16 minutes ago, xiashenghan said:

What have you done twin dongsaeng @heartoppaya? Why did you have to show me photos of Park Bo Geum? I'm falling!!! I so want to watch this with subs.

How can he be soooo nice? Plus point to his charm and he doesn't drink as well!!! Plus plus plus. So charming. <3

Unnie here is the official PBG thread:

We can spazz like CRAYZAY here...

Thanks again cutie pealed banana @tiendoank I love seeing you everywhere... And that unique Ava of yours too...

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On 2/28/2016 at 5:04 PM, xiashenghan said:

I just watched part 1 of E01 and I feel bad for Kyung Pyo. Him crying and thinking that he doesn't deserved to be part of YOF cast.

I'm not familiar with them and the show R1988 since I haven't watched it but did he get any hate comments about him being part of that show? It makes me wonder what happened that made him think like that.

the hate comments its not from being part of the reply 1988. but because his SNS .... 

For those who don't know, he's had quite a few issues with postings on social media - [just posting so people don't have to google themselves haha]

Actor Go Kyung Pyo has apologized for several rude remarks he made while arguing with his fans on his Instagram.

On August 26, Go Kyung Pyo posted an image of Black Nut's latest single from "Show Me the Money 4" with a caption that read, "I like this. Black Nut."

After the image was posted, few fans voiced their concern as Black Nut has been a subject of criticism for his provocative lyrics and allegations of being anIlbe member in the past.

To these comments, the actor replied, "Yeah kids, I like this song. Let's just listen to music as music." As the criticisms continue to come in, he voiced his frustration with a message that read, informally (in banmal), "Just go quietly. Dyslexic people like you who read into things too much make me uncomfortable."

Consequently, fans started to voice their disappointment in the actor's reactions, and he eventually wrote an apology, saying "I'm sorry… I was foolish. I was wrong to use banmal, and I think I've hurt many people. I need to apologize. I'm sorry."

All the associated Instagram posts have since been deleted.


Go Kyung Pyo wrote on his social media account on November 19, "What kind of nonsense is this. Will someone explain this situation to me? While I was filming for 'The Treacherous,' I went to visit the set [of 'Dorihwaga'] just to say hello and Suzy was just so pretty and nice and I felt that everyone there liked her. Just how do you have to interpret what Ryu Seung Ryong said for you to leave comments like that? How is life in society possible for people like you? Someone please enlighten me. It seems like it's mostly women who are commenting but do women understand what's going on? That reaction? Do you really feel that Suzy is a well of happiness? Did what Ryu Seung Ryong say really make him seem like a pervert?

Go Kyung Pyo was said to have went back and forth with the people on his social media, arguing with them over the issue. Though his social media account is his own space, his extreme words are certainly not helping the case. Netizens who read Go Kyung Pyo's social media post pointed out, "Go Kyung Pyo is the bigger problem here. He is making the issue worse."  

Go Kyung Pyo's agency has stepped forward on November 20 to make a statement regarding this matter, telling Daily Sports, "We are discussing the issue with [Go Kyung Pyo]. We are sorting [the matter] out internally.


After watching an old broadcast featuring Go Kyung Pyo, netizens discovered that the Reply 1988 actor was a former YG Entertainment trainee. 

The broadcast revealed that at the time, Go Kyung Pyo was a trainee under YG Entertainment, but is now signed under another label. The television episode also revealed that the actor is good friends with former KARA member Nicole. However, netizens were more focused on another element of the actor's past, namely his use of social media. According to many comments, he was was very vocal when expressing his disapproval for JYJ's Yoochun winning an acting award, arguing that the singer won due to his popularity rather than his acting abilities.

credit : thucnghi - comment @ allkpop


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Thanks @uremysunshine.

I guess jealous people will find ways to bring you down. His SNS is his own space so he can express whatever he wants. Though he might have made a mistake with talking in banmal but he has a freedom to express himself.

Can't they just be happy that he's showing his true self and not pretending to be someone he's not?

Can you kindly explain more the one about Suzy? I don't quite get it.

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Episode 3 preview:


On 3/1/2016 at 3:09 AM, xiashenghan said:

Thanks @uremysunshine.

I guess jealous people will find ways to bring you down. His SNS is his own space so he can express whatever he wants. Though he might have made a mistake with talking in banmal but he has a freedom to express himself.

Can't they just be happy that he's showing his true self and not pretending to be someone he's not?

Can you kindly explain more the one about Suzy? I don't quite get it.

Let me preface by saying that I rather like Go Kyung Pyo. He can be blunt, which Knets isn't used to, I guess... but I live in a country that has Kanye West, who is even more blunt but is still well-liked. Korean (or maybe all Asian?) celebrities are expected to have a perfect public images... It's crazy how hard it is to even date...

The Suzy one... I think it was more because he was criticizing fans, and it sounds like particularly women, and it probably looks like he was picking a fight when the Korean public just wants celebrities to play nice. Ryu Seung Ryong had noted that Suzy's presence (with her happiness and aegyo) make everything seem so much better that the atmosphere changes when she is around and when she isn't. A lot of fans called him out for being sexist. GKP's defense of RSR (posted above) came out sounding abrasive to fans. Korean fans seem to be more sensitive to and critical about celebrities' public images.

The Black Nut thing sounded a little crazy. His support of Black Nut is... off... for me, but Knets went down on him hard. I agree with liking music for music, but admittedly, when you like a celebrity.. and find out they support somebody you think is off their rocker (ie, for the environment of the present day, you could insert here particular crazy politicians), you might look at them a little differently. But, they came out in droves to heavily criticize him, and he didn't apologize like they expected or even tried to say anything nicely. He bluntly called them dyslexic... and Knets went even crazier. The response would get you in heavy trouble in a lot of places.

(Btw, I read the lyrics to one of Black Nut's songs and it was really disturbing... talking about violently raping and murdering a girl he had a crush on AND her boyfriend, getting off on it, then finding a next target o______o I hope this doesn't violate forum rules, but I just wanted to mention that to give it context. I don't think gangster rap even gets this messed up....)

In any case, putting all that behind... I like GKP. I hope he does well in the future.

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YOF Episode 3 preview

source: http://program.interest.me/tvn/floweryoungboy/9/Board/List?b_seq=22

[Youths Over Flowers in Africa] Episode 3 Preview
Broadcast Date: 2016-03-04

From Phuket to Sossusvlei~ The youths ran without time to rest!
In order to get healing for their tired bodies and hearts, they head towards a rest camp!

The AM88 brothers who have completely adapted to Africa
Their next destination, the rest camp, Swakopmund!
They embark on a trip there, where the golden desert meets the waters of the Atlantic Ocean!

Heart-throbbing~ Maknae Bogum's first time driving!
The youths who lost their spirits to the town they had stormed
after a sad tale of having to leave the steering wheel after only 3 minutes and some twists and turns! 

Jun Yeol, Bo Gum's unending desert activities!
Jae Hong, Kyeong Pyo have fallen completely in love with a delicious restaurant!
And then... the pocket money that is slowly vanishing without Cashier Go's knowledge (?)
The poor youngsters, can they get to Victoria Falls as they had thought?

March 4 Friday evening at 9:45 
"Youths Over Flowers" Africa, Episode 3!
If you are watching the first broadcast… we are grateful!

[t/l note: you can find info about Swakopmund Municipal Rest Camp here]
[t/l note 2: i needed that correction! haha. See here for an explanation on that last line.]

cr: horafuki.livejournal.com

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YOF, Message To Their Future Selves

Go Kyungpyo”
“To Future Kyungpyo. Coming here, I now understand exactly how small and weak of an existence someone like you has. So, Kyungpyo-yah, Future Kyungpyo-yah! Let’s live a bit more diligently.”

Ahn Jaehong:
“I hope you live always remembering today.”

Park Bogum:
“I hope you live while being thankful.”


cr: goonggeumhani@tumblr

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Needed to release some of my addiction for these ReplyF4 brothers... <3
Here's a small project I've been doing (slowly...) and I plan to release group - individual - scenery and probably a crack!feed haha

I may not be able to update here always, but follow the #replyf4feed on twitter if you want to view more!:D
First two is up~ hope you guys like it!



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On 3/3/2016 at 10:42 PM, beldaran said:

other than that, i could only find ep 3 part 1 subbed on dailymotion :( 


i also saw that :(



BTW, I saw YOF Africa episode 2 subs.. junesubs subbed it,, 


mod edit - please don't post illegal streaming links.


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On 3/4/2016 at 2:21 AM, jazza_625 said:


i also saw that :(



BTW, I saw YOF Africa episode 2 subs.. junesubs subbed it,, 


mod edit - please don't post illegal streaming links.



Thanks so much for the link! :)

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