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Auuuugh, you guys, if you haven't read Horimiya yet, you'd better now. Can't be missing out on one of the most awesome manga ever!
Kyoko Hori is a popular girl at school. Girls like to hang out with her and guys ask her out. And then, there is Izumi Miyamura. He gives off dark aura vibes and people in class stay as far as they can from him. A typical otaku type: eyeglasses, long haired, gloomy, aloof, and smart. One day, Kyoko's brother comes home from school with a nosebleed. He tripped himself and fell flat on the ground, and that's how he ran into a young man with quite a lot of piercings on his face and brought him home. Kyoko thanked the young man, but he, in turn, replied that he found it really awesome how she could run the house by herself. He addressed her as "Hori-san." Kyoko is shocked to learn that this gangster-looking type is no other than Izumi Miyamura!

The longer they hang out at her house, the more she gets to know more of Izumi: he's the exact opposite of otaku. Doesn't really like anime that much, only wears glasses and maintains long hair so he could hide his piercings, and totally not smart at all! Izumi, on the other hand, gets to see what she is like after school: doesn't wear make up, dresses really plain, and has no time for social hang outs since she takes care of the house and her brother.

They learn a lot more of each other until they can't help but liking each other more and more. It's a new strange feeling for Izumi given his past life, but he's willing to change for Izumi. And Kyoko, who's been so independent and strong all her life, has put her shield and armour down and depended on Izumi.

Published by: YenPress

Volumes: 6 (Ongoing) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=70263

What I think of the series:

I am seriously in love with this manga! I know the plot sounds so cliche, but it's much deeper when you read the manga. This series reminds me of Kimi Ni Todoke. Izumi is definitely Sawako's boy version. He's having a hard time talking to people and making friends. He grew up alone, aloof, and different.


He inflicted physical pain on himself to somehow ease the pain he is feeling emotionally. Then, enters Kyoko. A perfect girl, liked by everyone, who isn't really that perfect on the inside. She can have every guy she wants, but she has already claimed Izumi as hers even before she realizes her feelings for him. Izumi is the only one who knows her imperfection and willingly stays with her despite of that.

Kyoko opens doors for Izumi to grow up and be more out there with people, and Izumi has been the only person Kyoko has ever depended on since she was a kid. They are so perfect for each other. It's like they're filling in the holes of each other's imperfection.

I mentioned that this manga reminds me of Kimi Ni Todoke, however, this is much more fast paced than Kimi Ni Todoke. I mean, in Volume 5, we already have this!!!

I didn't see this one coming, yet it felt so right that they've finally done the deed.



I can't wait for the day this series is licensed! Oh man, that would be a feat! Siiiiiigh so many series I want to stack on my shelf. ~______~   It is now licensed! Thank you YenPress!

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Guest knockblock

This series sounds like the reverse of Kimi Ni Todoke. In Kimi Ni Todoke the girl was the one who gave off "dark aura vibes" with the guy being the one who everyone likes to be around. While in Horimiya the roles are the other way around.

Are there things we can do to promote anime/manga series?

Off topic, but I want to say a piece in regards to the section mergers. Other tv/movies/books, other music, and anime/manga games being together makes things diluted. I'll be lobbying for the anime/manga section to be back on its own again.

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Guest chibiottoman

I love reading Horimiya but since it's not on sale here (since nobody translates it) I have to read it online and um, as far as I remember I guess I was on the chapter which the boy and the girl and the junior girl meets at girl's home and boy and the junior girl feels like brothers and sisters. Eh, I forgot all the names. Was it chapter 37.. or dunno which one it was. :| But i didn't want the boy to cut his hair. He was more into that dark aura thing with his hair, piercings and stuff.

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^That chapter you were talking about was way back (chap 30). Chap 37 is the recent release, and I recommend you check it out since it was a beautiful chapter :)
I wish Horimiya was licensed too! I would love this series on my shelf.
I think even Kyoko does not like Izumi's new hair cut. Chap 37 is the proof of that^^ She probably feels like Izumi isn't exclusively hers anymore given the attention he's receiving from others. Kyoko is a bit possessive. scary possessive. hahaha

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whoa! I did not know this! O.O
Horimiya gets anime!Well it's OVA for now, and the art doesn't really look appealing to me, I think they're more beautiful in the manga. In any case, if anyone wants to watch it, here is first OVA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq2GOzrsCd4 I don't know how long the OVA is gonna be for. (hope there will be wiki up soon for this series) The title of OVA is Hori-san to Miyamura-kun.

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CH 38  IS UP! :D
Oh wow. Very heart warming chapter! T___T
Izumi finally frees himself from his past and I'm glad that he doesn't think he's alone anymore. He tells to his old self that he shouldn't wish for death anymore because in few years time, he will meet people who will bring colours to his life. Geezz, I had tears when he described Kyoko as someone who genuinely cares for him, who will always be there for him. awwwwww. T____T 
Kyoko is soooo adorable when she gets very territorial. Be it guys or girls, for good or bad reason, she doesn't like any attention Izumi is getting from them. ahhaha.
Izumi's hair is getting longer again. I wonder if he's keeping it long again since girlfriend is uber pissed since he cut his hair off. xDD

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CHAP 41 + 42 ARE OUT!!! xDD woot! Just right before I go to bed.... now I can't sleep till I actually write something about it T____T so much feels
Kyoko and Izumi went on another horror movie date at home! LOL. With her father too. So hilarious. It's cute too that the father initiated the back hug seat position. OMG They're just soooo cute together. I can't help squeaaaling. I was totally fangirling over them. 
Shota's friends mistook them as Shota's parents. LOLOL. Now that's worth mentioning..
Kyoko and Izumi had their first fight! Yikes! Though Izumi does not remember what they were fighting to begin with, Kyoko feels bad for slapping and scratching his face (-___- Kyoko, the terror. I seriously think this was from too much watching horror flicks) Anyways!!!! Izumi  has obviously forgiven Kyoko already even before she said and mean it, but it's funny what peer pressure can do to you. Tooru tells him not to give in and let Kyoko apologize first. He listens to him, and he practically ignores the already guilty Kyoko. T___T
The best part about chap 42 is that, Izumi knows her sooo well. He knows she can't do the first move, and so he takes the first step to make her say it. Awwwwww. Sooooo cute. He always, always meets her halfway through. He doesn't push Kyoko to her comfort limit, but rather he lets her take her baby steps towards him. Why are they sooooo beautiful T___T
2 chapters out, yet they still feel sooo short. Another excruciating month of wait....

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Hi! Just popping in to say I am also following this manga! I've been following it for a good year already :) I was pleasantly surprised by that "Rain" chapter when Izumi and Hori took their relationship to another level. It seemed very natural. The whole manga has just been the sweetest thing. I love it :)

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^Hi cutiek028! Long time no talk! Glad to see you around here again^__^
Horimiya is my top favourite must read manga at the moment. I read the new chapter as fast as I can, doesn't matter how busy I am. hahha. They are just so mature at such young age; they fill in each other's self-imperfections. That chapter you mentioned is my favourite chapter so far in the manga especially the way Izumi handled Shota's insecurities about Izumi stealing Shota's sister from him. 
Waiting for another month to come by for a new chapter is excruciating.....

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Horimiya is licensed!!! The first volume will be out in October.
I so can't wait till I get it to stack up on my shelf T_____T
But to be honest, I feel like Horimiya's story is going nowhere. It's still cute to read but I feel like Izumi and Kyoko never really progressed at all since that *rainy* night. I hope it gets back on its path though. I didn't mind the side stories, I thought they were cute, but the thing is the update is only once a month and it's quite of disappointing when it's not really IzumiXKyoko centred, or that the story's kind of got off tangent.

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Anyone read Chap 58 yet? :))

Although I feel like Kyoko and Izumi's progress in the story seems to have stopped for a while now, glad to see that we're touching Yuki and Tooru's issue. I think it'd be interesting if their fake relationship turns out real. I'd totally ship them. I just want Tooru to like someone again after Kyoko. I know his feelings for her are way over, but he still hasn't found anyone he strongly feels for after Kyoko! I hope it's Yuki. I just think it's cute that they're on a pretense of going out. That's one of my weakness. ^^


As for our main couple, I hope something big happens between them. I seriously feel like they've stopped growing. Chap 56 was cute though!

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