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[✿OFFICIAL✿]Byun BaekHyun(EXO)♥Kim TaeYeon(Girls Generation)[✿Pikachu/Oreo✩Couple Shippers Thread✿]


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Guest leticiabarcellos

They are so cute. I'm so happy for them. Hoping for that mess with fans over soon.!!!! They deserve to be very happy!!!!!!!!!!!BaekYeon fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

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Taeyeon unnie please you dont need to apologize you just fell in love :'( it really hurts me 
i will be mad if they break up because of the immature fans
i hope my precious otp will have peacefully inlove
i will support and Protect BaekYeon
What Do You Think now ms @LavelyShai

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Fans call Baekhyun a 'traitor' at 'Inkigayo'


It appears some fans are still not taking the news very well that EXO's Baekhyun is currently in a relation with Girls' Generation's Taeyeon asconfirmed by their agencySM Entertainment, back on June 19.

Their response was clear on the June 22 edition of SBS's 'Inkigayo' when Baekhyun made his first public appearance since the revelation as an MC on the music program, and the fans' reactions were cold.  A few of them even shouted, "Traitor, traitor, traitor," towards the stage.  

Upon this news, netizens commented that his fans must have been considerably shocked and hurt by this news to the point of going this far.  What are your thoughts on the fans' behavior?


now they wanna replace baekhyun

X( X( X(
this is too much
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@LavelyShai Someone create a blog that their relationship was fake and me i dont wanna believe that unless this two will break their silence and i know they in relationship
i wanna post that link but i cant i know that haters making things like that

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LavelyShai said: @kimsoyeon18If it's fake then how come K-fans already knew about it? Sorry, but Taeyeon doesn't fake stuff like that. SM doesn't do media play like that. Notice they have never spoken about anyone else's relationships after they were confirmed. People don't want to realize that SM doesn't work that way. 

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