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[Reality 2014-2015] K-Pop Star Season 4

Guest adikkeluangman

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Guest adikkeluangman

[spoiler/Ratings: Sat-Sun, 04.11-12.15] ′K-Pop Star 4′ Names Its Winner
After beginning on November 23, 2014, SBS′ K-Pop Star, finally concluded its fourth season, naming Katie Kim as its winner. 

Katie Kim and Jung Seung Hwan went head to head during the final broadcast, each receiving the judges′ scores of 590 and 583 respectively. With the viewers′ votes, Katie Kim came out as the winner. 
As the winner of K-Pop Star, Katie Kim will receive 300,000,000 won and the choice to sign with YG Entertainment, Antenna Music, or JYP Entertainment. 
Katie Kim chose to sign with YG Entertainment, as Yang Hyun Suk helped bring Katie Kim to the live broadcast rounds.
Sunday, April 12, 2015 - Variety : 5:00 PM
1. KBS Return of Superman15.12. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 14.83. SBS K-Pop Star 4 11.44. MBC Real Man 10.5 5. SBS Running Man 10.26. MBC Mask King 5.7 

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Guest adikkeluangman

Yang Hyun Suk talks about signing on 'K-Pop Star 4's Katie Kim
Katie Kim went on to win 'K-Pop Star 4' and got her pick of agencies to choose from, ultimately entering under the wing of Yang Hyun Suk in YG Entertainment!  The CEO talked about the new artist in an interview with Star News on April 13. 
He said, "Yesterday, after Katie Kim won 'K-Pop Star 4,' she chose YG Entertainment. Now I will worry about how to debut Katie Kim.  I will have Katie Kim eat the food at the YG restaurant well as well as have her lose weight and make her body as healthy as possible for now through a program by the ten workout trainers at the company.  Once her body gets healthier, the strength in her voice will be stronger and her appearance will naturally become prettier."

This reminds viewers of 'K-Pop Star 4' his constant comments from the judges' panel regarding Katie Kim, such as, "You lack strength," and, "Did you not eat?" so it seems he decided that foremost, he should have her become a stronger singer through a healthier body.  
He also said that he wanted to release her debut track as quickly as possible, saying, "The people originally from 'K-Pop Star' like Lee Hi and Akdong Musician released their debut track only a few months after they came to YG Entertainment.  I'm going to try to release a new song as quickly as possible for Katie Kim and the fans who like Katie Kim. The song Katie Kim will be releasing for the first time under YG is important for both Katie Kim and the company in various ways.  I will labor as much as possible in order to perfect Katie Kim and her debut track for release."
Usually, there are delays for YG artists, but still, patiently look forward to seeing this talented artist make her debut!
-----J.Y Park makes comeback stage with “Who’s Your Mama” on “K-Pop Star 4″
J.Y Park made his first official comeback stage on the site of K-Pop Star 4 with his track “Who’s Your Mama.”
J.Y Park dropped the music video for his latest track, “Who’s Your Mama” on April 12th which features Lucky J’s Jessi. The 19+ music video reveals a sexy, yet hilarious theme as J.Y Park makes his way into the gym.

In addition to being the CEO and founder of JYP Entertainment and a singer, J.Y. Park is one of three judges on the show K-Pop Star 4. Making his comeback stage with “Who’s Your Mama,” the singer joined the stage, away from his usual seat in the venue.
Jessi joined him on stage as the track filled the room with energy. Fans in the audience danced along to the upbeat and comedic choreography while they watched J.Y Park perform his highly anticipated song.

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Seeing how YG transformed Jang Hana recently and their success with AKMU, I have faith that they will do right with Katie Kim.  I'm still a bit shocked that she won.  I really thought JSH would win in the end, but I guess his last few performances never really reached the peak of his earlier auditions.  Katie's voice is so unique whereas JSH's strength is in how he sings with emotion.  I keep thinking that the show is rigged somehow.
Anyway, I'm sure JSH can sign with any company he wishes, although I do feel that he is rather overwhelmed by all the attention.  He was thrust into the limelight without much preparation.  I felt like Park Yoon Ha was relieved when she lost, and she looks a lot happier during their medley performance.  I felt sad that Erin Miranda had to go home already.  It would've been nice to see Sparkling Girls sing together one more time.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Yang Hyun Suk gushes over J.Y. Park's 'Who's Your Mama?'
YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk delivered his compliments to his long-time friend and fellow producer J.Y. Park for his recent track, "Who's Your Mama?" 
Currently, "Who's Your Mama?" is riding high on the charts while the music video surpassed 2 million views in just two days. The track has also garnered much praise from critics for its witty charms and an old school seductive sound that J.Y. Park is well known for.

Yang Hyun Suk gushed over J.Y. Park's new song during the latest filming for 'K-Pop Star,' where he said, "In the end, the ones to judge if it's a good or bad song is up to the general public. I can't read the minds of the general public, but this is the best song from J.Y. Park out of all of his songs. It's a very polished song with the perfect choreography to complement it." 
Known for being exceptionally harsh when it comes to music critiquing, Yang Hyun Suk gave a surprisingly positive review of J.Y. Park's release and even further complimented the producer for his passion for music. 
Yang Hyun Suk said, "I have yet to see a musician who is as passionate and real when it comes to music than J.Y. Park. He is always honest to everyone and tries to reveal his true self. Because we are so different, we get along very well. Since being on 'K-Pop Star,' we got to spend a lot more time together. There is no reason for me to not support his awesome new song." 

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Guest adikkeluangman

Yang Hyun Suk Picks Park Jin Young’s Best Song, Talks about Their Friendship
YG Entertainment head Yang Hyun Suk shared his thoughts after watching fellow judge Park Jin Young’s live comeback performance of “Who’s Your Mama?” on the April 12 broadcast of “K-Pop Star.”
“In the end, the judgment [of whether the song is good or not] is in the hands of the public. I can’t read the public’s mind, but [‘Who’s Your Mama?’] is the most outstanding of all the songs that Park Jin Young has created over the past several years. It’s a song that touts a stylish sound and choreography,” Yang Hyun Suk said.

He also talked about their longtime friendship, “I have never seen a musician more sincere and passionate than [Park] Jin Young. It’s because he’s so different from me that he is a dongseng and hoobae that I get along with. Doing ‘K-Pop Star’ from the beginning has allowed us to spend more time together than in the past and get even closer.”
On label artist Jinusean’s comeback overlapping with Park Jin Young’s, Yang Hyun Suk shared, “There is no reason for me to not support [Park Jin Young’s] commendable new song.”

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Guest nerian

This show is like YG's audition.
The ones who got in to YG are doing pretty well, the ones who didn't just disappeared.
Jimin is a sad case, chose JYP and is still trying to gain a foothold.

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Guest clover1987

On this sunday 19/4 JSH and LJA will announce their choice agency. I can't believe it. Why they break the rule about choosing company. They don't do that for first 3 seasons. Is that because JSH and LJA have many songs on the top chart? So they don't want any other companies get them? I don't think  they can choice other company on KPOPSTAR. It will make three companies shame if they choose other company above them.

Now I must worry for JSH again. :(

src http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000461294

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Guest clover1987

I look for other article about KPOP STAR special ep. According to google translate. I guess it said that the runner and third can announce their choice with the companies which called to the show production. And they also will talk about the calls from other agency to 2 this contestants.

here the source.


Hope someone can translate these article for me. :(

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Guest adikkeluangman

On contrary, Jimin and Bernard doing quite well. Jimin still go to school and spending time with her friends of the same age. She not been pressured doing excersice and JYP just let her enjoy her teenager and experience things. She also become a host in cable station in English. 
Until now, YG also got 2 winners from this show. If not because of the contract say that the winner need to release album within one year, I don't think Lee Hi and AKMU will see the day light. I hope Katie will not be like Bom 2.0. She need to resort to plastic surgery because of what people said of her look. They still not released anything after their first album/single. Well, maybe the duet song is not count.
This is reality, not everyone will do well and become famous instantly. Everyone had their own pathCCYdfA-VIAAeYa9.jpg:largeCCYdutXUwAE3-RB.jpg:large

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Guest clover1987

adikkeluangman said: On contrary, Jimin and Bernard doing quite well. Jimin still go to school and spending time with her friends of the same age. She not been pressured doing excersice and JYP just let her enjoy her teenager and experience things. She also become a host in cable station in English. 
Until now, YG also got 2 winners from this show. If not because of the contract say that the winner need to release album within one year, I don't think Lee Hi and AKMU will see the day light. I hope Katie will not be like Bom 2.0. She need to resort to plastic surgery because of what people said of her look. They still not released anything after their first album/single. Well, maybe the duet song is not count.
This is reality, not everyone will do well and become famous instantly. Everyone had their own path

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Guest clover1987

I just saw the engsub ep 21 on Hulu. And I got something. JSH have so much friends, they came and cheer for him. (my guess they are not relative is correct :D)

His interview is better now. :D

He look sad after hear the score YG give him in round too. It set that he lose 3th time to Katie. He seem never win when he fight with her. :P

Now I know the taste of each judges. JYP like the new thing, YG like and impress and feeling, YHY like the nature. I can understand why Katie is waved by YHY, he can create a good atmosphere and never pressure his singer and let his artist do what they like. But maybe it is the reason his artist is not really popular. They do what they like but it not enough to make many fan, although they will still have a strong fan base, who follow them and their style.

If JSH go to YG maybe he will learn to perform better. if he go to JYP then he will have some good ballad songs. If he go to Atenna he will have a good environment.

One last things. I feel like they have a special stage each two years. Season 2 have special stage after final, and now season 4. I don't know what they will do in this ep. But I hope we will be heard they sing one more time.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Sunday, April 18, 2015 - Variety : 5:00 PM
1. KBS Return of Superman17.52. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 16.23. MBC Real Man 12.9 4. SBS Running Man 9.35. MBC Mask King 9.1 6. SBS K-Pop Star 4 5.5
They got post-show episode. It become a habit to check rating show and found this.
-----“K-Pop Star 4″ Breaks Rules, Gives Jung Seung Hwan and Lee Jin Ah a Chance to Pick Agency
“K-Pop Star 4″ has broken the original rule for the first time in the show’s four-season history.
Normally, the winner of the show is the only one who gets to choose their agency out of the three agencies that participate in the show. However, after the latest fourth season, the three agencies decided that they will give the same benefit to the two remaining contestants of the top 3, Jung Seung Hwan and Lee Jin Ah.
In the end, both contestants ultimately chose Antenna Music, headed by musician Yoo Hee Yeol.

On his decision, Jung Seung Hwan, the runner-up, said, “I thought about where I could be truly happy making music for the next 10, 20 years.”
The both singers visited Antenna Music, and Antenna Music decided to take them on as their artists.
The final winner of the fourth season, Katie Kim, chose YG Entertainment.
-----Katie Kim Is Relieved to Receive Warm Welcome at YG Entertainment
Winner of “K-Pop Star 4” Katie Kim was relieved to receive a warm welcome at her new management agency YG Entertainment.
On the April 19 broadcast of SBS’ “K-Pop Star 4 Special,” which reveals the sequel story to “K-Pop Star 4,” Katie Kim visits the YG Entertainment headquarters for the first time since winning the show and signing with the label.

She shares, “This is my first time coming not as a contestant. It feels like a dream, YG!”
As soon as Katie Kim enters building, she is received by the YG staff with applause. Jinusean also comes up to greet her, teasing her by imitating the way she talks.
She then goes up to see her new boss Yang Hyun Suk. When he sees her, he gives her a hug and congratulates her.

Katie says in her interview, “Because it’s YG I thought [people] would be cold so I was nervous. I was grateful to be welcomed with open arms as soon as I went in.”
Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk has promised that Katie Kim will debut as soon as possible.

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Guest hilma_zahra_stv

hello everyone, im big fans of LJA and i m happy LJA can choose Anthena company, i think its the best choice but i hope anthena can debut LJA soon..
YHY and LJA will make the great music together..
sorry for my bad english

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Guest adikkeluangman

Katie Kim explains why she chose to go to YG Entertainment
Katie Kim got flustered by a fan's question.

During the special episode that aired on the 19th, Katie Kim went out to eat with her parents. A fan approached her and her family and said, "I saw so much of her broadcast. You have a very talented daughter."
She then flustered the singer by asking, "But how come you chose YG? I've been curious." Katie burst out laughing but answered, "Its musical tendencies matched me well." The fan answered back, "Honestly, I think Antenna Music would've suited you better," making the family laugh again.

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Guest adikkeluangman

J.Y. Park reveals his concerned thoughts after hearing Suzy was dating Lee Min Ho
In a recent interview with media portal Sports Chosun, J.Y. Park shockingly revealed that he had no idea that miss A‘s Suzy was in a relationship.
Sports Chosun revealed the interview on April 20th, where J.Y. Park spoke on his recent success with his title track “Who’s Your Mama.”
With miss A’s recent successful comeback with “Only You,” which achieved a perfect all-kill three times since its release, the founder of JYP Entertainment was met with criticism after making his own return to the music scene with his latest track with many believing he had taken miss A’s thunder.

To this, J.Y. Park revealed, “I first planned to release the song ‘Who’s Your Mama’ with the rest of the album but the final episodes of ‘K-Pop Star 4′ was in need of extra content to fill up their air time, so I decided to release the song during these episodes to help ratings. Also, songs these days usually have a hard time keeping their status at first place for more than two weeks. So I thought two weeks would be enough time for the miss A members.”
“I was wrong though, if it weren’t for me they would still be first place… I promised Jia and Fei that I would by them dinner today,” he said.

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Title : K-pop Star Season 4
Also known as: Survival Audition K-pop Star 4 (Korean: 서바이벌 오디션 K팝 스타 시즌4) 
PD : 
Screenplay : 
Genre : Audition | music | talent show
Episodes : 
Broadcast Network : SBS
Airing Date :  November 2014 (tentative)
Airing Time : Sunday ; 4:55PM KST
Preceded by : Roommate
Production Company : 
Official Website : 
Synopsis :
Survival Audition K-pop Star (Korean: 서바이벌 오디션 K팝 스타) is a South Korean reality TV competition series where the three entertainment/talent agencies in South Korea hold worldwide auditions to find the next potential K-Pop stars. Preliminary auditions are held around the world in Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. The final winner will debut with the company of his or her choice (Antenna, YG, or JYP), along with a cash prize of three hundred million won (approx. 300,000 U.S. dollars), two brand new vehicles, opportunities to become commercial models and casting in dramas, and many more.
Hosted by : Jeon Hyun Moo
Yang Hyun Suk: YG Entertainment CEO, producer, singer
Park Jin Young: JYP Entertainment Executive producer, producer, singer, songwriter
Yoo Hee Yeol: Antenna Music Singer, songwriter, composer, pianist
Video : 
Official : Facebook | Twitter | Youtube
Please follow Soompi Forum Rules.
Don't post any requests for subs!
Anything unrelated to the program is considered spamming. 
Don't quote images.
01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.
02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.
03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.
04.Those who are caught breaking the soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 
05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the original subbers and doesn't have copyrights like Viki,Dramafever or Crunchyroll) will have their Id reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions.
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Guest adikkeluangman

J.Y. Park asks fan​s to look forward to a soul version of 'Who's Your Mama?'

If you loved J.Y. Park's "Who's Your Mama?" featuring Jessi, there's another treat in store! 

Perhaps to celebrate the wide success he earned with the catchy track, J.Y. Park revealed to fans he will be releasing another version! He tweeted on April 30, "A soul version of 'Who's Your Mama?' will be released on May 7. Look forward to a cool live recital done with K-Pop stars."

Looks like he's going to be unveiling a special video of him performing the song not solo but as part of a collaboration with other K-Pop singers!  Look forward to it next week.


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Guest adikkeluangman

′K-Pop Star 4′ Winner Katie Kim to S​ing with Jinusean

Returning to the stage after winning SBS K-Pop Star 4, Katie Kim will be the fourth featured artist for Jinusean. 

On the upcoming May 10 broadcast of Inkigayo, Katie Kim will join Jinusean on its performance of Tell Me One More Time. 

So far, 2NE1′s Sandara Park, Akdong Musician′s Lee Suhyun, and EXID′s Hani have participated in the performances, creating stages with Jinusean that fans have been anticipating. 

During K-Pop Star 4, Katie Kim proved to be a big fan of Jinusean′s Sean, saying she wanted to meet him the most in YG. She later chose to join YG Entertainment after winning the competition. 

Jinusean will continue to carry out promotions. The duo will perform with Suhyun on Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN on May 7, and with Katie Kim on Inkigayo on May 10. 


Sungkyu teases final comeback track “Re​ply” ft. “K-Pop Star” Park Yoon Ha

With four more days left to Sungkyu‘s comeback with his second mini-album 27, Woollim Entertainment introduces the last track from the album.

Included in the album as its sixth track, “Reply” features Park Yoon Ha, one of K-Pop Star 4‘s top six contestants. Written, arranged, and composed by Nell‘s Jongwan, who also played a huge contributing role to the rest of the album, “Reply” is a calming track which is likely to be a conversational duet between a couple, complemented with acoustic guitar arrangements.

This mini-album will include six tracks, with the other five tracks already introduced alongside teaser images within the past few days.

Sungkyu intends to release double title tracks for this comeback, namely “The Answer” and “Kontrol,” where music video teasers for both have already been unveiled.

27 will be released on May 11th.


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