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[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Say I Love You 勇敢說出我愛你


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Details:Chinese title: 勇敢說出我愛你 Yǒnggǎn shuō chū wǒ ài nǐ
English title: Say I Love You
Genre: Modern, Romance, Drama Episodes: 16Broadcast Period: June 15, 2014 - September 28, 2014Broadcast Day: Sundays

Cast:Mike He as Shi Pei Ran (石沛然)Alice Ke as Chen Yi Jun (陳怡君)Lin Mei Xiu as Chen Yue Xia (陳月霞)Patrick Lee as Shi Da Wei (史大衛)Pang Yong Zhi as Jin Jin Yong (金金勇)Gina LinZhang Jing Lan (張景嵐) as Guo Qiao Fei (郭喬菲)Jet Chao (趙杰) as Wang Wei Ren (王威仁)Li Chen Xiang (李辰翔) as Ni Yu Chen (倪宇辰)Ella Wu (吳若瑄) as Shi Liang Yu (石亮妤)Angel Hung (洪詩涵) (Popu Lady) as Wang Xiao Wei (王曉薇)Huang Zhong Kun (黃仲崑) as Qiang Ge (強哥)Junior (韓宜邦)
Synopsis:A single father who rediscovers love and a new career

Watch here with English subs when it comes out!
Previews:Translations: sugarplum892

30 years old woman, Chen Yi Jun?, 0Career, 0Love, 0You guys keep calling me "auntie, auntie"...what are you all implying?Call me jie jie (older sister)You've asked the right person, the things that happen between men and women...Hey...for a person who can't even ? vegetables, how am I supposed to expect you to ? people?Right, fine...the old lady right here is not human

Single dad, Shi Pei Ran...My little girl still loves me!You're so immatureI really don't know what she likes about you...maybe she has a thing for fathersDon't treat me like a younger sister and slap me on the head, alright?

You must have a secret that you want to tell daddy, right?I said it's a secret so how am I supposed to tell you?I still want to live a few more years being singleIf you continue like this, you'll become 30 soon, ?, and ?, auntie.

I'm already able to get free green vegetables when I buy onions, get carrots when I buy garlicYou're that awesome huh? Fine, go and buy something to prove itI am just giving you an example, why are you so serious? Such a ridiculous logic...I am going to face the world smiling anytime, anywhereYour smile is as fake as when you ride a motorcycleI like it, really like it

OSTs:Opening theme: Just Say It - Angel Hung (Popu Lady)

Closing theme: Lost - Selina (S.H.E.)

James Morris-Cotterill - Forever

Popu Lady - Good, good

Popu Lady - Honey

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