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[OFFICIAL] ♔ MinShin (Lee Min Ho ❤ Park Shin Hye) ♔ - Thread 2

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Guest celestine08

Hello Awesome MinShin Shippers!!! :-h I hope I'm not too late to crash the party and celebrate the birth of our new home. Congratulations to all of us because we made it this far!=D> Cheers everyone!<:-PI know this 2nd thread will be as awesome as the 1st thread and will be more lively and will be a house full of love because of our love for our dear MinShin! :x :x :x

The same as some of you, this is my first ship. I have never been in love with a Kdrama couple before and never ship this hard until I met MinShin because of The Heirs. Knowing them made my life turn 360 degrees. I was surprise that I did things I never thought I would do ever in my life. :-O
Being a part of this thread has been an honor and privilege to me. I may not post here often because you are so fast will all the new MinShin news and majority are talented gif/photoshop/video makers, but I consider this thread as one of my stress relievers. Also, being a member of the MinShin family will be one of the happiest moments of my life because I get to meet all of you and be close to people that I get to talk and spazz with even if we are miles apart. :D ;;)
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our resident translators, editors and also our pool of talented fanfic writers because you made our shipper's life more enjoyable!:D
I won't make this long any further because you may get bored, but again continue to spread the MinShin Love. Have faith in our couple and always have them in your prayers. And always remember, MINSHIN IS REAL! 300%!!! 
So, I'll be leaving you with this pic of mine, I know it's old, but I always keep this in my mind at all times!;) 

PS: Thank you to @RoyalMinShin, @mi7chimes, @giselle_tw, @LaDadaista and @ravairie for the awesome concept of the first page and the effort you have done for this new thread. Bow down to you!^:)^

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Hi MinShinners *wave ... IT'S TGIF !!  It's been a while ... haha I wonder how's everybody ? You guys still hanging ? hehehe ... I miss this thread everyday ... I just trying to avoid it cos I worry

@MMEDH Exactly !! Those people really dont know them and spit their words as if they follow these two !!  Haish I'm so mad when people say that about them. Just because their SHIP not working they fee

Who is Bashing????   Did u see me?    Yeaaah I am all smiles. I don't care!   But did u see what hiding behind that smile?    News or no news, not together or together, in love with another or eacho

Guest JoyceG


\:D/  <:-P

Let's keep sailing and moving forward!~ Feel the LOVE ^^


:x :x
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Guest zznini

Aaaahhhhh I'm so late for last night party..! U guys left me behind. Wae? Wae?

:-w X( :-w

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to us, MINSHINERS. Yaaaayyyy we've made it. THANKS to all moderators, immortals, legends, superstars, idols.. U guys are awesome. Great job! Not forgotten, new shippers. Welcome aboard.

MinShin is 300% real :x :x :x

MinShiners, keep sailing :ar!

Go forward!

MinShin, jikjin!

We love and missing both of u.


Ps: super excited to see our bb boy in just a couple hours!!

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Guest minshin2046

So this the new home.... Mmmm... Love it... Hope we all here can share our dream come true soon, that is seeing our couple marriage soon... Haha :)

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Guest sweetie2218

Congratulations to all of us for our second sweet home :x

Can't describe how much I love MINSHIN and also this thread but tbh since first time I found this thread till now I feel more love and more happy in everyday. MinShinners are so kind and truly funny. Thank you all of you guys for sharing all awesome posts/pics/clips/news about our dearest MINSHIN :x

Please keep love and support both MINSHIN as always. Pray for them to date happily and peacefully till their married time. MinShin and MinShinners fighting~ :)>- :x

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Guest LadyNess

So Happy to be here in our second home....Welcome Everybody....Looking forward to our happy moments all together..Cheers Minshinners Can't wait to all the lovely post and gif and spazzing... Thank You so much to all the translator.... I love the front page of our second thread...

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Hello again!!!
Thank you for the warm welcome especially to @itybittykitty - love your gif. Uri couple have great chemistry even during Etude CFs; also to @kiklamino - wow "firstborn for the 2nd thread" love that. And to @meridian - love your insights always.
This is my first time to ship a KCouple and I'm glad that I belong to the 300% REAL one. The Heirs is the second Korean drama that I've seen and oh boy I can't stop rewatching it.  MinShin - there is something unique and special about them. I don't know how to described it.  
The first Korean drama that I saw several years ago was Stairway to Heaven DVD, that's where Park Shin Hye made an impression on me. Not knowing that its her first acting job.  She was really good even at a young age.
After watching Heirs, I also saw Heartstrings, You Are Beautiful and Flower Boy Next Door because of PSH. So as you can see I love her so much.  With regards to LMH, who will not be mesmerized with his good looks?  OMG!!! He is perfect. Need I say more..... I also saw Personal Taste and of course Boys Over Flowers.....now I am totally hooked.  I can not bear to watch CityHunter. I just can't do it. Period.
But in all these - HEIRS is still D BEST of all.  That's why I am proud to be a MinShinner. It is still a long journey for us but I am excited coz I know, I can see it, I can feel it .....LOVE IS IN THE AIR FOR OUR URI BOY AND URI GIRL!!!!
Sorry my post is too long. 

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Guest CarolA1430293873

congratulaton MinShinners and to my MinShin couple <:-P <:-P

im in ,, i assured myself not to left behind again ,,

MinShinners Jayo !!

MinShin is Love :x :x

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@ ricasnail my baby,
while I was back reading the last pages from MinShin 1 thread and hit awesome button for my Minshinners posts I stumbled upon one of your posts.You wrote:

"...just ripped that lace LMHssi..."

Baby you promised us that you would not read  @ Kit-Kat's cut scenes yet.LoL
How come you came up with this idea munchkin?
 hahaha, I caught you red handed chingu.

 - Meanwhile ,I am waiting for LMH 's appearance after long time no see.
  I miss my bb.
dont you get the feeling that one of the rings PSH is wearing in her last up close pic is the same design that LMH has been worn in one of his photos too?
Usually ,I am not a person who pays attention in couple items but I feel like I saw that ring (i m talking about the widest of the 3 she wears).

  Thank you for the new thread
s link @Mosquito, @gentellily,@ ravy and all MinShinners who made sure that we all got informed.


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Guest TessB

Chingus, before we forget, aside from from the Royal Minshin members who made this 2nd thread possible, let us also commend and thank our Founding Members of our 1st Minshin thread headed by @pluie‌ and company, without them first believing, loving our OTP the 1st Minshin thread will not be founded and there will be no 2nd thread that we now call our new home... So THANK YOU so much chingus... A big salute to you all.... Cheers.... >:D< :-* =D> ^:)^ <:-P <:-P

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Dear chingus!!!!!!!! Sorry to be late. I feel so happy bc we are starting our second thread!!! I can't find the words to express my feelings right now, but I know that all of you understand me and know very well how great is to be a MINSHIN SHIPPER. ♥I feel sad bc I couldn't say/write my goodbye for our 1st thread, but nevermind..what is more important is that we have to go forward...jkin jkin! I brought you a gift, my chingus. Hope you like it. It took me time to join all the evidences for this sign, but for uri MINSHIN couple..is a pleasure for me ♥ ps: I will continue trying to join more signs...if you find any that I haven't post...please..please..share it with me...I will wait for you PM =)

Signs Lee Min Ho likes Park Shin Hye ♥


The back and Forth sway of his body.

When a guy rocks back and forth his body, including his foot, he’s having a mama’s-boy moment, our body language experts agree. The front-to-back sway is typically a comforting motion mimicking being rocked in the mother’s womb, it indicates happiness. So if you are around, it could mean that you are one of the reasons he is full of joy and happiness. Swaying your entire body or just swinging your foot is an ‘intention movement,’ where his body starts to do what his brain would like it to do. Not even forget the legs and feet are an important source of information about someone’s attitude because most people are unaware of what they are doing with them and never consider faking gestures with them in the way that they would with their face.


tumblr_n78pevo7rX1qzoptco1_250.gif tumblr_n78pevo7rX1qzoptco2_250.gif




Set # 1

tumblr_mxpyjpfZ8S1qjkud7o3_250.giftumblr_n0jye40pZU1siqvhio4_r1_250.gif tumblr_myoxxcnNvY1siqvhio2_250.gif

Set # 2

tumblr_n4o645OmqR1qjkud7o2_250.gif tumblr_mysx0aPcZS1siqvhio6_250.giftumblr_myoh1re3dz1siqvhio4_r1_250.gif

Set #3

ibGoz6OdJ6i5a.gif iWvbzuqL6UVbl.gif

Set # 4

131212_Lee_Min_Ho_amp_Park_Shi_57eeccc3c ibuIFZ53w2DPjV.gif


cr: to the right owners

To be continued...


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Guest RistanT

Wuiihhh debak we have second thread for minshin ...

this is cool ... minshin thread is the fastest growing up thread ever kkkkkk

happy second thread MINSHINERZ :)

I've been silent reader for quite a while ... but I do support minshin trough my fb acc ... xixxxixixixixi


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1 Day off from comp i already 10 pages behind from the first thread. And when i move to the second thread its already in page 5?? #-o The Power of Love, The Power of Minshin... so glad to see you all again here. Keep up the good work and lets spread love :x

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