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[OFFICIAL] ♔ MinShin (Lee Min Ho ❤ Park Shin Hye) ♔ - Thread 2

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Thanks to our dear @mosquito for the translation! :x 

15Q: What is happiness to you15A: It is a feeling indescribable through words
16Q: Most enjoyable part when in love16A: The stage when both parties open up their hearts to each other and being able to accept everything about each other (ME: OMG~ goosebumps… you have to experience to know it)

19Q: When you look at girl, which is the part that attracts you the most19A: Heart. (oh, how do you see the heart?) I feel that what you see on the outside is not accurate, although pretty outlook may be obvious upon your encounter it does not necessary mean that her character or temperament would be as beautiful. (so are you able to look at the heart at one glance?) This requires communications, through this you would be able to know & feel if this girl is someone you would get along and agree with. 

:x :x :x
OMG, all his answers point that he is Happy and in Love now by just how he describes love and what attracts him most in a girl. I'm melting with all these answersOur baby girl is not only has the pretty/gorgeous appearance but kind, humble, nice, caring and sincere. They are both Beautiful inside and out. I'm really so happy for them that they found their happiness with each other because both are truly amazing people and deserves happiness. 


As Shin Hye said  Love is believing, trusting, understanding and sharing of feelings.
So MinShin JikJin and Fighting!:x :x :x

Keep Sailing MinShinners!
:x >:D< :-*
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Hi MinShinners *wave ... IT'S TGIF !!  It's been a while ... haha I wonder how's everybody ? You guys still hanging ? hehehe ... I miss this thread everyday ... I just trying to avoid it cos I worry

I ate a lot when I'm stress ... Imma stress when Imma read about dating news      Mom : This girl gonna be pig by the end of this month ...       I blame these two   

Who is Bashing????   Did u see me?    Yeaaah I am all smiles. I don't care!   But did u see what hiding behind that smile?    News or no news, not together or together, in love with another or eacho

Guest ط§ظ„ظ…ط§ط±ط¯ط§ظ„ط¬ظ†ظˆط¨ظٹ

Hi elina, mianhe I can only do this much. I'm a bit occupied right now. ;)

tumblr_ncgmbs6kl11tl0iauo1_250.gif tumblr_ncgmbs6kl11tl0iauo2_250.gif

She looks so gorgeous in red.. :x

Thanks chingu soo mach

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Guest ط§ظ„ظ…ط§ط±ط¯ط§ظ„ط¬ظ†ظˆط¨ظٹ

ParkShinHye in [Taiwanese Magazine] TVBS Version 873




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Guest ط§ظ„ظ…ط§ط±ط¯ط§ظ„ط¬ظ†ظˆط¨ظٹ


#병철이네쪽갈비 #배우#임세미#박신혜#모델#홍윤재#가을#전어#손질방법 ㅋㅋㅋ#instalike #InstaSize 너희들은 전어 구워먹은 첫번째 손님이다!! 전어 손질방법을 일찍알았더라면 더 좋았을텐데~~ㅋㅋㅋ그래두 마지막 한마리는 제대로였어!!ㅍㅎㅎ 나머지는 내일 반찬으로 잘 먹을께!!^^



#병철이네쪽갈비 #배우#임세미#박신혜#모델#홍윤재#가을#전어#손질방법 ㅋㅋㅋ#instalike #InstaSize 너희들은 전어 구워먹은 첫번째 손님이다!! 전어 손질방법을 일찍알았더라면 더 좋았을텐데~~ㅋㅋㅋ그래두 마지막 한마리는 제대로였어!!ㅍㅎㅎ 나머지는 내일 반찬으로 잘 먹을께!!^^


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Exclusive interview to be aired tomorrow....
The "Shin Hye Park" In the wake come to talk Friday 9.00 a.m.-8.00 p.m. Sept. 26 On modernine TV
สัมภาษณ์ Exclusive นางเอกซุปเปอร์สตาร์ของเกาหลี #ParkShinHye กับพิธีกรสุดสวย แกรนด์ เดอะสตาร์ พรุ่งนี้ห้ามพลาดนะคะ^^
Exclusive interview with actress star of Korea #ParkShinHye with the beautiful star comedian.........

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Who is that good looking guy sitting besides PSH? Our bb girl is in trouble again and bb boy won't let her out again . To be honest, that guy a bit looks like LMH! But of course, our oppa looks much better.

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Guest ط§ظ„ظ…ط§ط±ط¯ط§ظ„ط¬ظ†ظˆط¨ظٹ

MH:  Honey, are you tired? Are you coming?

SH: Who are all those people out there? Why are they looking at us?


People: becoz soo beautiful together

Sorry to cut your post put i like it chingu and write the end of it lol :)

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so many beautiful pictures of Shin lately... this is one of my favorite..... a picture of elegance, regal, sophistication, and maturity mixes with youthfulness and innocence.... I could go on and on but Shin is really more than that.... No matter what event/occassion she goes to, she always dresses, behave appropriately.. aahhhhh.... it made me go back to read again Minho ssi answer in Q19 of his Taiwan interview on what attracts him most in a girl and he said HEART.... Don't you think Shin fits 300% of his description...... well....chingus, whether you agree with me or not, my shipper's heart says Shin fits perfectly to Min description..... delulu on.....   ;;):D;)


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If you're a REAL Minshinner, you know the meaning of this...images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQOSdCjrZLEZ01Y2zGeDzJ 
and all of these...

baby boy and baby girlbabyminnie.png

their cuteness

Romeo & JulietRomeo-and-Juliet_laurieaconley_TMF_main.

In their case....He is Blue and She is red....their colour..purple ♥romeo_and_juliet_by_x3kittymuffinx3-d3f1
Last but not least.....Valleys and Mountain..kekekevioleta_00.jpg?v=1290380734968

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