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[OFFICIAL] ♔ MinShin (Lee Min Ho ❤ Park Shin Hye) ♔ - Thread 2

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Hi MinShinners *wave ... IT'S TGIF !!  It's been a while ... haha I wonder how's everybody ? You guys still hanging ? hehehe ... I miss this thread everyday ... I just trying to avoid it cos I worry

I ate a lot when I'm stress ... Imma stress when Imma read about dating news      Mom : This girl gonna be pig by the end of this month ...       I blame these two   

Who is Bashing????   Did u see me?    Yeaaah I am all smiles. I don't care!   But did u see what hiding behind that smile?    News or no news, not together or together, in love with another or eacho

All minshinners have a wide smile and a racing heart beats now, hope the smile always on your face  never fade up my dear chingus, and of course on our prince and princess faces and happiness in their heart too, stay strong both of you i know the road is tough but we will be always here for support just hold tightly  the hand u previous take and just go forward whatever the difficulties as our princess said in her last fan meeting thanks for all you chingu, @Laladaista thanks so much for the fast translation ,@meridian we will wait for ur pov patiently we will read it word by word even it is 100 pages , and for all our ambassadors there hope u enjoy ur time really happy that u can c our beautiful glowing baby girl and u can c each other too and talk to each other ,   @Jennifer Santos and @myhepyending @MSRJ  @naughtyminshin‌  @sweetie2218‌, thanks for all thai starlight angels, minshinners  who put the smile on our baby girl face and make her happy today with their warm feeling , love u all guys , keep sailing and fighting

arrive safely my sweet angel


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Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada
"A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None is so rich or mighty that he cannot get along without it and none is so poor that he cannot be made rich by it. Yet a smile cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away. Some people are too tired to give you a smile. Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as he who has no more to give." ~Author Unknown


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@La Dada

Omg , chingu that post sent me to heaven .
I could not wait to read all the posts and write my comment.
PSh's answers are worth spazzzing.
Our little sweet girl is a bold woman in love.
As every woman in love wants to speak for the man she loves and asks her fans q to have interaction with them.
i know how she feels.She wants to take the micro and shout out how much she is in love and with whom.
I loved all her answers with the hidden hints
 Has she been giving similar answers in her previous FM after she finishes her other dramas?

How sweet was it when she got emotional with her fans posters " You are the best Dear" and I think the fact that this song is written for her love made her more sensitive at the moment.


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branwen said: Oh my God, @LaDadaista thanks so much for the translations!! I want to hug you!! You too! Come here girls!!

credit to owner

LOL! I love that MC! And everytime you spazz, I feel like I'm spazzing with you!! And @Jennifer Santos and @myhepyending and @meridian and @
@MSRJ  @naughtyminshin‌ and @sweetie2218‌ were also there!! Thanks so much for the translation. Thai fans are so lucky to see her and be with her tonight.

And oh, before I forgot, @Mosquito I just read your FA of Min Ho in the airport and oh, I feel you, kitten. That must have been hard for you and your sister. But you got to see him! I haven't seen Min Ho even though he's been in my country twice and you're so lucky to have seen him even though there are tons of fan girls! It must have been hard on all the fans to greet him at the airport but all for the name of LMH and seeing his handsome face. My friend saw him at his first trip here for Bench and she said he's just so nice and so so handsome!! Your FA of Shin Hye's fanmeet is priceless. I can feel your love for her and I'm glad you were able to meet her and spent time with her. You can't help but love that girl especially when you've seen her and experienced her charms in person!!

I'm glad that many of us have actually seen Minshin in person. We're the luckiest shippers not only because we feel their love for their fans but because we get hints once in a while. It feeds our ravenous Minshin hearts. Hoho!

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Guest itybittykitty

minhoshin said: @bains Come here dear! You're now part of the A-team with me and gissy! We'll be called the invincible mountain climbers! =)) Let's hug my dear friends!!! This is daebak! Our baby boy sure is healthy! I can see them buns!!!!
Hi mommy @itybittykitty‌! HAHA you coined them buns right?! Miss you terribly!! :x :x

Now my dear gissy and bains, leggo climb that mountain QUICK!!! 

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I really want to say thank you all the Thai SA, MInoz or Minshinners who create such a wonderful moment to our dear PSH in her FM. With their love, she will feel how we support her, her career and also her love with LMH oppa. I love there are lots of Minshinners there and for sure PSH should notice that. I hope they will become more bolder in the future.

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Omo, you guys, I am feeling so happy, giddy and spazzy right now <:-P

Thank you so much for sharing all the news, photos, translations, Fan Accounts about both Min Ho and Shin Hye with us dear @Ladadaista, @meridian, @Mosquito, @JenniferSantos, @MSRJ, @myhepyending, @naughtyminshin, @sweetie2218  I am so happy for you all, you have been so lucky to be able to see them live and experience that feeling, I am sure you had a great time, even though I was not there I feel like I was, thanks to you all.

We are very grateful for you and for sharing with us all that's new for our couple, and I agree with @branwen, we are indeed very lucky shippers, not only for the fact that we get to spazz often with signs and hints our babies reveal but also because we are blessed with so many amazing people that are on board with this ship, you are all so dedicated, hardcore shippers yet so respectful and grounded as well, and the fact that the two people we ship are so amazing, talented, humble, charming and beautiful souls adds to it so much more :x

I am so happy and proud of our baby girl for finishing her FM tour across Asia very successfully, I am glad she once again got to meet her fans t and feel that she is indeed very much loved, how can she not be so? she is so beautiful, inside and out, just by looking at her you can see how honest and sweet and charming she is, it's all in the eyes, same as our Min Ho, he is also so sincere, so honest, you can sense their honesty when they answer questions, how genuine, polite, humble they are when interacting with their fans.

I am so happy right now, not only because of Shin Hyes answers in her Thai FM, but also because looking throughout all of her FM's this year, from the first until the last she has given signs and hints that show us she is so much in love, Heirs always being a theme in all her FM's, the songs, the "M" shirt, now these latest answers, "yes, he is very handsome", of course he is and she could never say otherwise but it makes my shipper heart flutter because it's her who's saying it, "awww, what a pitty, Kim Tan is not here", oh yes, how we wish he was there with you holding hands too, haha, and again saying that she would chose Kim Tan, to me these are very telling, plus of course there's also the way she said them that's important, for which I hope our friends who attended the FM will clear us on that too. Overall, I think our Shin Hye has been glowing and has been having this love aura surrounding her, she's been appearing to become more womanly and more mature. No matter the reason, which of course I hope it's her love for Min Ho oppa and the fact that she's loved back, I am happy for her and for him, seeing them happy makes me happy.

I am looking forward to Min Ho's world tour as well, let's cheer for him. Being a shipper of course I hope he will give us a hint or two as well, haha :D

Let's keep on sailing guys, I sense it, love is in the air, these two love birds are going a long way hopefully :x

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LOL @itybittykitty I miss your wit!! That's a very nice find! And I want to ship Kim Tan and Myung Soo now. They're so cute together, even with that third wheel.

@kiklamino Hahaha. Don't worry. It's going to end soon. :)) :D

@vala87 Kim Tan is not there, but clearly, Eun Sang is!!

And I noticed both Min Ho and Shin Hye are using the same clips for their respective fanmeets. Yeah, yeah, I know it's because they starred in the drama and of course there are the clips, but lemme be happy okay??

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Guest myhepyending

I was so happy last night....it's still feel like i was dreaming.....i only slept for 1 hour after the fm..... me @MSRJ & @"Jennifer Santos"‌ were spazzing and sooo excited with PSH fm.... we got the chance to hi5 & took group photo with her.

I'm still very sleepy typing this.... I'm in the airport right now waiting for my flight to go back home...it's 5.25am here... I'm so sleepy & tired but i feel so happy and my trip here is really worth it.

One thing that i remember the most about PSH is she is soooooooooo beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, pretty. ...no words can really describe her beauty..... only who see her face to face will know how beautiful she is! I got the chance to face her real close 3 times....but it's still not enough! I still want to stare at her beautiful face! Her skin is so fair, her eyes are so big & beautiful, her hair is pretty. ...i can go on and on describing her but i better stop bcos you might think I'm exaggerate which I'm not! You all really need to see her yourselves!

Oh....after meeting PSH, now i know why LMH really couldn't take his eyes off her....why he was so shy around her during the etude days.... it's bcos he was also mesmerised with her beauty! Everything about her is perfect. She is indeed a 'pure white goddess' like what her hubby said!

p/s: thank you so much to @naughtyminshin @meridian & @sweetie2218 for all of your helps and time. Hope we get the chance the meet again someday! And oh.... @sweetie2218 was so lucky last night, she gets to hug PSH! I'm so jealous with her! Hope i will also get the chance one day....

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Hello guys, I'm back from no net connection because of the bad weather here in our country :D I felt I was outdated on the updates, so I did 10 pages backreading :D
@LaDadaista Thanks for this..
PSH: Eun Sang is not the type of girl who flirts around with other guys. (She only likes one guy.) (*Asking her fans*) Who likes Kim Tan, please raise your hand! (*Many fans raising their hands*). Who likes Young Do, please raise your hand! (*Some fans who just raised their hands for Kim Tan earlier also raising their hands for Young Do again*)
PSH: Awww, look at you guys, you guys don't love just one person like Kim Tan.
Me: Spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing 
---Yeah, Eun Sang is right..Maybe her motto in life is YOLO: You Only Live Once, You Only Love Once and You Only Love One..The ratio when it comes to love is 1:1 (one is to one, one and only) and that One is Kim Tan and remember Kim Tan is Minho Oppa :x :x

MC: Could you please call Kim Tan out?
PSH: Awww,, what a pity! Kim Tan is not here...
MC: Do you think Kim Tan is very handsome?
PSH: Yes, he is very handsome!
Me: Spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing (>_<)

---What if someone came out impersonating KT? I don't know what will be the reaction of baby girl, maybe she will blush or cover her face like what she did everytime she's with the real Kim Tan :D Baby girl he is not only handsome, he is also hot :D

Thanks to all of you guys for sharing your experiences on the fanmeeting of baby girl :x I envied you all haha joke..You are all awesome and you made baby girl cried..I felt I wanted to cried too :((  

@meridian I'm excited to your FA. even it will be 100 pages, I will take time to read it :D

MinShin is real, I don't have any doubt about it and always will be  :x :x

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....and as PSH said with her own mouth and lips......

"We need to choose someone that makes our hearts fluttered the first time our eyes met. I then prefer Kim Tan"

I do not know if I am in cloud 9  but I know that since I read La Dada 's post I have that huge smile plastered on my face...
 PSH (God bless you girl) indirectly not only confirm the owner of her heart but she described how she felt when she met LMH the really first time.
  Chingus I want to give you all a big hug especially our chingus that went to PSH fm and LMH events and had to wait all these hours to see our babies and show them our love to them individually and as a couple.


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Just love this vid at the part (ending with ENG subs) where PSH sent a message to CES reminding ES to invite her if KT and CES get married, lets not forget that both PSH and LMH have said that "LMH is KT" and "PSH is CES".  For me, this is like a declaration of love that is bold that just could not contained itself any longer and that love bubbling in her heart is just speaking for itself:

credit to PSH Arab Fans
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SH was in tears too last year in Thailand (29/06/2013), so touched by her awesome Thai fans:2013070113726583225cpu.jpg

But this year, I'd like to believe her tears were both touched by these same wonderful Thai fans and her bubbling love for KT aka LMH which she was able to openly share them with these fans here who could both accept and understand MINSHIN love:image
credit to owner

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