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[OFFICIAL] ♔ MinShin (Lee Min Ho ❤ Park Shin Hye) ♔ - Thread 2

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Guest LaDadaista

MinShin : The Water Sports CoupleIt's hard to stop shipping MinShin if they still keep on pouring us with tons of their similarities like this...Aigooo these two!!!:)) :x :))

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Hi MinShinners *wave ... IT'S TGIF !!  It's been a while ... haha I wonder how's everybody ? You guys still hanging ? hehehe ... I miss this thread everyday ... I just trying to avoid it cos I worry

I ate a lot when I'm stress ... Imma stress when Imma read about dating news      Mom : This girl gonna be pig by the end of this month ...       I blame these two   

Who is Bashing????   Did u see me?    Yeaaah I am all smiles. I don't care!   But did u see what hiding behind that smile?    News or no news, not together or together, in love with another or eacho

Hi Dadaista
Is it ok with you if you could give us little English translation regarding your latest magazine post on our Minshin? I just get excited what is it. Thanks much!
@giselle_tw your gift is so nice and cute..I am so proud of you guys  Your gift consists not only in what is done or given but your intention is also there "showing love as a MinShinner to our MinShin"  ♥

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@LaDadaista *jumpy jumpy huggies >:D< >:D< *
The fact that Heirs still lives through their stage performances is indeed spazzworthy...
@giselle_tw why r u making me cry today... i am happy! u know i shouldn't be crying *sob sob*
hmmmphhhhhhh! but who is he kidding?
You think he can ever let this woman go??? naaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
PS : more goodies coming your way if you behave :P

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