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[OFFICIAL] ♔ MinShin (Lee Min Ho ❤ Park Shin Hye) ♔ - Thread 2

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In Shin Hye latest interview she said said her favourite is Cha Eun Sang coz she’s closed to the actors as there was not difference in the age . Is it hinting that there might season 2. Coz mi ho is coming back in May and before he enlisted when he comes back he’ll do a big project . I hope there is but to more matured story and  roles for them as they’re already in their 30’s. 

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a brand new sweet MV from the notorious immelodyxx  :P;)

this one deserves a spot here. Minshin do sure have the best mv's out there :wub:


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The Best KDrama Couple # 3 (Since 2004) 
ROUND1: ~ 8/15, 2019 

 TOTAL PRIZE: 200,000 Coin 
Vote Here >> * Best-KDRAMA-Couple

▶ NOMINEE "E" >> Pick 4 
[Reply 1997] * SeoInGuk ❤️ * JungEunJi 
[That Winter, the Wind Blows] * JoInSung ❤️ * SongHyeKyo 
[Good Doctor] * JooWon ❤️ * MoonChaeWon 
[The heirs] * LeeMinHo ❤️ * ParkShinHye 
[My Love from the Star] * KimSooHyun ❤️ * JunJiHyun 
[Kill Me, Heal Me] * JiSung ❤️ * HwangJungEum 
Refresh the page & You can vote 10 times everyday.


:heart: https://  namesns.com/m/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=569 

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The 5 Different Types Of K-Drama Kisses

Featuring the oppas who give the sexiest lip locks on cam!
by GINYN NOBLE | May 17, 2019

Aside from sweeping confessions of love and epic plot twists, there's one scene every K-drama fan looks forward to: The kiss. Don't you just love how they catch you off guard? Or hate it when they're used as an episode cliffhanger? Here, we run down the most common types of kisses in Korean dramas and some of the best lip-locking onscreen pairs in recent rom-com history.

1. The Almost Kiss

If you were able to watch Heirs, you might remember this short but sweet scene with presko guy Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and innocent-looking Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye). Eun Sang was eating a donut-on-a-stick dessert, and Kim Tan playfully bit the other end—almost stealing a kiss from her!




3. The Cool Guy Kiss 

It's the type of kiss that totally catches the female lead character off guard and keeps her frozen in place at first. The "cool guy" kisses her suddenly and very slowly as if he's testing the waters. If the girl doesn't resist, it progresses to a more passionate kiss. Of course, what makes the guy "cool" here is not how he imposes what he wants on the girl, but how he only does this kiss after making sure his lover wants the affectionate gesture, too.

Exhibit A: Heirs' Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) after Tan's promise to protect Eun Sang at all costs.






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