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[Reality Show] MBC Sunday Night - Real Man (진짜 사나이) Season 2

Guest napimve

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Guest tookie18

The show was going great until Sam Okyere was cut from the submarine/water training.

My question this week is, why was he cut without being given a chance to prove his abilities? I am still trying to figure it out. He is a young, strong man in his prime that jumped hurdles in a single bound and many other feats. He proved his strength many times over. My view is, if he learned to speak fluently in the Korean language, he can certainty learn to swim well. Example: For me the Korean language was difficult to learn, however, as I train, I become better and better. Sam just needs training, as do all of the soldiers in whatever area that they are lacking. Some people crawl before they can walk and others just start walking. My only concern is that he could be trained to do a great job.

I am aware that everyone is not equipped to do everthing, however, there are several weaker guys that should not have made the cut. It was obvious to me who was struggling and not up to speed for the submarine and water training.

My opinion is, Sam Okyere should have been given a chance instead of being the first one cut before he could even prove himself. The way it was done was not nice, everyone else's name was called except his before the other men boarded the bus, he was left there standing and watching them on the bus as it drove away. I hope that I am not correct regarding this scene.

This decision is really difficult for me to understand. I am aware that I am not a military person, but it just seems wrong to me.



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I realised in the second season the producers don't give a clue why some cadets simply disappear from the training.

What happened to the Korean rapper who can't speak Korean properly? The other guy with tattoos who came in with him (from the 'Bad Guy' drama) also disappeared conveniently.

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Guest tookie18

I can't figure out why any popular celebrity would want to join Real Men unless they are trying to save their career.
The management for Henry Lau did a great gamble to sign him on Real Men.  His out-of-sync behaviour in the army caused his popularity to skyrocket and saved his career. You either love him or hate him. But his scenes are the ones that make me laugh my head off all the time from episode 45 onwards, driving away all my tiredness.  The Korean guys will hate him because his behaviour will embarrass or bring trouble to the whole unit. If first impression counts, Henry Lau is an antagonism magnet. It's a lesson for us joining a new career or a new company.  EQ matters.  But sincerity matters more than being politically correct. At every farewell, I noticed Henry received the warmest hugs from the non-celebrity team-mates. And to build camaraderie in a mere week takes the eight of them more than cursory efforts in front of the camera.
I am still picking nuggets of gold watching this show.
It's kind of sad that it's not being sub. I looked forward to all the moments the team meets the Commanding Officer on the first day.
Seo Kyung-seok spluttered so much saliva with his shouting of allegiance that the CO literally had to use his hankie to wipe those saliva from his face.
Seo Kyung-seok joined the Golden Eagle Unit and he shouted his resolution to the CO, "I will not become an old eagle."Henry mistook the CO for the driver in previous episode and he went, "Have we met before?"Henry ran out of things to greet the CO, and he said,"Hi I am xxxxHenry, have you had your meal?"Henry was in the Philippines greeting the CO, "I promised to do ......but I want to try Philippine mangoes too."Henry flipped out his new album to give to the CO on the first day at the special forces unit.Henry decided that instead of roaring "huk huk huk" while doing taekwondo, he would say "bam bam bam" "neck slice" instead.  The biggest hurdle during the taekwondo session is learning not to burst out  laughing. 


I was under the impression that Real Men was the actual military. Since there are so many military men and women im my family and others whom I  know, I was drawn to Real Men.  I respect the soldiers so much for all of their diligence and hard work.

I just recently came to the realization that the reality show Real Men is not Real at all. It is truly a funny and interesting show, however,  I am disappointed in a few things. Where I live the show is about eight weeks behind, therefore the events that I am currently watching have already taken place. 

The cast member guy from the drama Bad Guys seemed to be ill,  as if he has a problem with low blood sugar. He is always in a daze and his face is clammy or pasty. It just looks as if he does not feel well. So, I can see why he was removed, maybe for his health. I could tell his heart is not into the show. The Korean Rapper guy (birthday boy) was  not pleased with being on the show either. The Rapper with all of the tattoos is not used to the vigorous exercise. Anyway, they seemed to be nice guys though. I think the entire cast is great, however, the show is lacking. In the real world whether anyone wants to be in boot camp or not, they have to stick it out until the end.

At this point, I am not sure that it would be possible for me to continue watching The Real Men show.  It is my fault for being under the impression  that  it was really showing what the service men and women go through on a daily basis.

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Guest Tinkiebell

For some reason the font on my above post came out so tiny, so, I hope it can be read.

I edited it for you, now they're not tiny anymore :)

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Guest adikkeluangman

Yeo Jin Goo to Narrate “Real Men” Female Soldier Special

Actor Yeo Jin Goo will be taking on a new role as the narrator for “Real Men”‘s female soldier special!

The female soldier special of MBC‘s “Real Men” follows ten female celebrities as they train to enter an elite counter-terrorism unit in the military.


Yeo Jin Goo’s agency Janus Entertainment has confirmed that he will be recording the narration for the show, and it’s reported that the recording will be taking place on September 25.

He’ll be taking over from singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin, who is also the husband of cast member Jeon Mi Ra. We’ll be able to hear Yeo Jin Goo’s voice on the show on Sunday, September 27.


I'm wonder if he will be in the show too in the future. He got upcoming movie where his character is a soldier.

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