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♥Quack Couple♥Park Hoon(Lee Jong Suk) & Oh Soo Hyun(Kang So Ra)♥(Sora mentions LeeJong Suk-p385)


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hi Quackers stay strong and keep fighting, Quackers may lose? ???    yes :Dbut at least they lose with honor hhhhhhhhhh the Quack supporters are like a tsunami out there. and as i always say If u gonna die , Die as a hero :)

cr as tagged  :)>- 

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Guest dreamerland

ruzikie said: I just want to say something about my opinion due there are so many obstacles in our couple.

@cravey said before in page 329 at Dr.Stranger thread ...

" Ok, I cannot stay silent. Again Pardon me in advance if I anger or annoy anyone.
WHY are people assuming us PH-SH shippers want them to fall in love in the next like two eps? Y'all are talking like "what's the point of them to fall in love now, how would that make PH's love for JH look like?" Basically you're saying HOW CAN he fall in love with anyone else, period. Excuse me, but that's just stupid. First of all, I can't speak for all, but me, I DON'T WANT Park Hoon to just change his mind one moment, change the direction of his love to SH and to ride off with her in the sunset. I want the slow build up to continue for like 6 or 7 or even 8 more eps. I want to see him doubt his own feelings, I want the angst of that, I want the tender moments, I want it all. I don't want one kiss, and BAM, PH is in love with SH. That would be idiotic and feel unreal, and OOC for PH. Secondly, WHY can't PH fall in love with SH? She's there for him already. They're already friends. She cares for him and will start caring even more. Is there a law in a drama that says the lead man can love only one woman? Then what about dramas such as "Gu Family Book" where KC loved one woman so much in the beginning but then fell in love with YW? He was ready to die for his 1st love, but that didn't stop him from falling in love with Yeo Wool. THERE IS NOT A LAW that only allows one love. Not in drama, not in real life. I am not even talking about loving two people at the same time, because that can happen, too. Thirdly, if PH falls in love with SH, that WON'T mean he's STOPPED caring for JH. We all know that the 1st love stays with you forever, and that you will always care for him/her in a way. If JH will be in trouble, even if he won't be in love with her, it won't mean he doesn't love her anymore and will leave her facing her problems alone! He will always love JH, but he isn't obliged to stay IN LOVE with her. You know what I mean? Here's a quote, again from the same "Gu Family Book", told by Kang Chi's 1st love Chong Jo:
"The difference between the first and last love is the first love helps you grow and the last love completes you."
JH helped form PH his personality. He wouldn't be the same man if it wouldn't have been for her. And you can never take that away from her or from their relationship. But it doesn't mean they need to stay together and love only each other for the rest of their lives. Again, those are my thoughts, backed up with some examples. I don't write the drama, I am not responsible for the characters and the story. The writer can make this the first love triumphs over all story, OR he can make it that the 2nd love comes along and just snucks up on you and you can do nothing about it We'll see.

also @chewii said in that page


said: Have you heard the saying, "true love has no happy ending." It's better to love and get hurt than never love at all. if PH and JH ends up together then

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Guest dreamerland

Rania Zeid said: why are they  saying the shipping war is done ?? hhhhhhwell didn't know there was a war at first place hhhh  :D   but still why it is done ??   :D 

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What Sora said in the early part of this BTS clip:

She was asked whether the back hug scene in the drama means that the love scene between Park Hoon & Oh Soo Hyun has already started. 

Sora said ~ "At present, there's almost a sense of camaraderie between PH & SH and I myself feel that SH regards him as a younger brother & she (SH) regards herself as the big sister at this point. So, please keep watching to know how things will turn out next between them (PH & SH)." 

** In the character profile, Soo Hyun is supposed to be in early 30s while Park Hoon in late 20s.

source: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s1v30u 

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Guest piena

arghhh... i love this thread~~ my quack quack feels ~~ too happy..had been seriously hurt to keep this feeling. love you PH/SH couple..quack couple..KSR/LJS.. <3<3<3<3
:D:D =)) :)) :x >:D<

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