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[Variety] Crime Scene (추리게임 - 크라임씬) JTBC | Season 2 starts 1 April 2015

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zzzMugiwara said: Hey guys, I have a question. In Ep 2 (case 1) at the end they already have preview of what case 2 would be like. But obviously they change the format a little after the feedback. How can they do that when case 2 had already been filmed?
Also, is this show originally air on Wednesday and we got sub around Sunday?

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I soo love this Show - found out about it just a little time before and watched all in shortest time. Somehow I liked the first Episodes a bit more - but I still just love it!

Just - if the Detektiv is on a total wrong way - and just tried to find evidence for his theory - he can lead us in a wrong direction too. The first case proove that. (Artist Case). It was the first time he could trick me so I changed my mind in the last minutes and was still wrong.

I just started to watch the Idol Case... Most of the time the Person every hint seems to aim - is not the real culprit. So I hope it will not be Vocal Si - in this case. But the first Moment - when I saw the Victim - I too saw tha Poster - and that was when I was sure about one thing. The Music is not from Idol - and the Evidence followed a second later. .


Have to watch it to the end now.  Happy that I found a thread here about it.

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