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Over It - From "Stuck In The Suburbs"

Guest Raix

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Psh...this is what happens when I don't take time to do things pro
Take me away... Name: Over It, from the soundtrack of "Stuck in The Suburbs" Original Artist: Anneliese van der Pol (She has such a long name x_x) Working Time: 1/2 hour, which explains why it sucks... There are so many other things I could be recording but I want to save it for the weekend. I just wanted to do something quick ><" Where I went wrong: - The timing is all off - The vocals aren't loud enough - I'm flat in a couple of notes, as usual -_- - The end of the bridge hurts ears. It's a pity that the echo things weren't cut out when I vocal cut it. I wanted to play with the channels :lol: I kinda learnt the lyrics as I went along so it's a bit O_o So erm yeah, comment, critique, do anything you can to help me improve xD I'll probably do this song again because there are so many places I could improve on.
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Guest juki_love

- just got back from formal =__+ will edit in the morning +__+ -


hey Rai~~ wtsup?

oo vocal cut~ haha sorry ><..

i think you pointed out what went wrong =__+ coz i couldn't hear you properly -O-

you didn't hit that high note and the song was a bit high for you.

i think if you put more emotion or in this case .. attitude mayb.. ><.. then it would sound better++

but overall you did a good job and i think it's good that you know where you went wrong||

(u do sound older than me <__<)

wanna hear more ++

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