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[Movie 2014] Whistle-blower (제보자) | Park Hae Il, Lee Kyoung Young, Yoo Yeon Seok and others


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OFFICIAL VIDEO TRAILERhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=titJ3zUa2iY

Title : Whistleblower | 제보자 (je-bo-ja)
Director : Yim Soon-rye (임순례) | (South Bound, 2012); (Forever the Moment, 2008); (Waikiki Brothers, 2001) and others
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Production & Sales Company : Watermelon Pictures Co., Ltd. - Production | M-Line Distribution - International Sales
Release date : 2/10/2014
Official Facebook page :  https://www.facebook.com/pd.report
Official Twitter :  https://twitter.com/cinus_movie

Source(s) : Koreanfilm.or.kr



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Guest lunagal


According to this article. The "scene stealer" Lee Mi Do (<Marry Him if you Dare>, <King's daughter Soo Baek Hyang>), plays the role of Park Hae Il's wife who is a longtime friend as well as being his wife. Her character name is Kang Hyo Jin. Her character is described as having a "cool personality" and believes in and supports her husband Yoon Min Chul wholeheartedly. The movie is planned to be released in the 2nd half of this year.
Thank you @day_dreamer for starting this thread. There is so much mystery surrounding this production, and it's such a controversial and topical issue. I'm really excited to see this when it is finally released!

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Guest chappykoo

thanks for this thread @day_dreamer!! cant wait for this movie tbh because they seem so hush hush bout this movie..anyway, YYS and Ryu Hyun Kyung?? AGAAAINNN?? 

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@lunagal thank you very much for the casting info on Lee Mi Do! I've updated the 1st post with the info. :D
I can't wait for this movie. Second half of the year? So I guess soon the trailers would be released (or so I hope). I hope more news on this movie will be released soon.

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I am so excited for this movie! I have been reading up all on the scandal this movie is based on. We have even discussed the ethical issues with this stem cell case in one of my classes. I am interested in the final product. I hope it can spark some enlightening discussions and debate. Ethical breaches can happen in real life like the stem cell case. I hope this movie provides more angles and perspectives to it as well.

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here are two photos of the movie shooting, uploaded by Entourage Production facebook. Thanks for the tips, @lunagal  :x

Source: Entourage Production facebook page 
So the movie was filmed from last year. It coincides with some fanaccounts of seeing Yoo Yeon Seok shooting for a movie right after Reply 1994 ended (will try to find the post on the fanaccount from YYS thread later).
Btw, I've read a few reviews on Director Yim Soon Rye's previous works and I must almost all of them are very positive. That made me wanting to check out her other films like "South Bound" and "Forever The Moment". Here are some excerpts of the reviews on her other films, so that we can expect the same traits for Whistle-blower:  

Review on South Bound (2013) by BeyondHollywood


"It’s a real shame that it didn’t strike more of a chord with Korean audiences, as Lim Soon Rye has done a very solid job of combining commercial cinema sensibilities with a brain and a purpose to both entertaining and thoughtful effect. The film certainly does have a very wide anti-establishment streak, played out through Hae Kab, though while it covers and delves into a number of different social issues, it never becomes a preachy rant, maintaining a fairly light tone throughout."  

  - James Mudge

Review on Forever the Moment (2008) by Asianmovieweb


"Forever the Moment" portrays this historic event in a natural way, turning it into a realistic drama that, interestingly enough, seems to concentrate more on the characters and their problems than on handball as a sport, especially in the first half of the film. Therefore "Forever the Moment" doesn't just stand alone as the first real handball movie in the history of film-making, but also proves to be a drama of delicate storytelling, that isn't meant to immediately drive its viewers to tears, but instead outlines truly authentic characters. Meanwhile, director Lim Soon-rye confronts us with the elemental problems of these women, which makes them seem like three-dimensional individuals."    - Manfred Selzer
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Lim Soon-rye to 'movie-fy' Hwang Woo-seok's story


Director Lim Soon-Rye is creating professor Hwang Woo-seok's story into a movie.

This preparation has already been put into motion. "The Messenger" is a movie about the story of Hwang Woo-seok which was a huge issue in 2006. The forgery of documents on stem cells was such a great issue during the time that it still has strong supporters and oppositions today.

Lim Soon-Rye is a prominent figure in Korean movies who created the movies, "Wakiki Brothers", "Forever the Moment" and "Run to the South". She has earned great trust over the years and the new movie is just brining up expectations.

Through the character who tracks down Hwang Woo-seok, Lim Soon-Rye plans on portraying fanatic idolation that is seen sometimes in our society.

"The Messenger" is aiming to start shooting at the end of the year.

This article is copied from HANCINEMA

Original source HERE

p.s. Thank you @day_dreamer for telling me about this source! Love your chilbongie sniffing skills
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^ @kaylanurul :x
anyway, right after the announcement on Director Lim Soon Rye going to movi-fy the story (29.08.2013 on the original news source), they announced the male lead courted for the movie - Park Hae Il (on 30.08.2013)
The news on Hancinema :

Park Hae-il to star in Lim Soon-rye's movie


Park Hae-il is going to star in a movie directed by Lim Soon-rye.

"The Messenger" is a story about Professor Hwang Woo-seok who was made an issue for his forgery in stem cell documents.

Park Hae-il and Lim Soon-rye go back to 12 years ago when they met in the movie "Waikiki Brothers".

Meanwhile, Sin Min-ah and Park Hae-il started filming the movie "Gyeongju" on the 25th.

Source : sports.hankooki.com/l...

Copy & paste guideline for this articleAlways put a link back to the source and HanCinema permalink
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Guest adniRose

hi guys... :-h YYS will have a family in here right... goshhh, it's about time he got a lover...:D

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^ ahaha @adniRose tho he has a wife and a family in this movie, his life will not be smooth sailing because according to this little actress' interview, there is a mention of this little girl (Kim Soo An) going to act as YYS anonymous character's /sick/ daughter. (thanks to @lunagal for explaining the relevant part of the girl's intervew :x ) 

So YYS gonna be having a sick daughter, he'll blow the whistle to out the fraud professor and later he'll be forced to resign from his job and went into hiding with his family for months (if we go by the true story events that happened)

What made this movie so interesting is that up until now, they have yet to reveal YYS's character name in the movie. Everyone else had their characters names listed. Maybe the movie deliberately made it so since he is the whistle blower thus his identity should remain anonymous. I am not surprised if throughout the story he'll remain anonymous and his name will only be revealed at the end, before the credits roll. ahahaha. such a theory from me. :P 

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Guest lunagal

According to @bokuriko on twitter1xLihgt.png
It seems that "Whistleblower" is set for release on the 2nd of October. YAY!!! Finally!!

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Looks like an awesome movie! reminds me much of Korea's The Client and Hollywood movie of the same title. Thriller with a thick background!! having yys is such a big boost for me to watch this move at first instance

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