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[Taiwanese Drama 2014] Tie The Knot 媽咪的男朋友


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Title: 媽咪的男朋友 Ma Mi de nan peng you
English title: Tie The Knot
Genre: Drama, Life, Romance
Episodes: 70
Broadcast Date: May 28, 2014 - September 2, 2014

Broadcast Days: Mondays - Fridays

Replacing: Fabulous 30 女人30情定水舞間


Yang Cheryl
Wang Kingone
Chen Nylon
Tao Mandy
Sun Steven


A career woman has to remove her womb due to a certain illness. But before that, she went overseas looking for a sperm donor to have a child of her own before removing her womb. However, it was hard for her because she had strong distrust in men after finding out that her father had committed adultery.

Raw Previews:


OSTs:Will Pan Feat. Rainie Yang- Snoring



Rachel Liang - Everytime (I) Love




Cyndi Wang - Bump



Cyndi Wang - Indescribable Taste



Will Pan - Unforgettable Embrace



Will Pan - Exclusively For You



Additional Links:
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Tie The Knot 媽咪的男朋友 Viki Episodes with English Subs
Tie The Knot 媽咪的男朋友 Official SET Website

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I have to admit that a big part of the reason I'm persevering with this is sheer masochistic curiosity - how the hell are they going to fill another 60 episodes of such a tissue thin story?! :D
But the other reason is because it's been nice to see familiar faces from IAGW  in new roles. Steven Sun's arc is actually quite fun, and seeing creepy Professor dude in a softer role is nice too.  and Jennie's brief storyline was very moving, especially with her Dad being played by the actor who played Jia En's Dad in IAGW. If I make it through all 80, I think I will have done remarkably well, but hopefully there'll be a few other good things to take out of it along the way. 

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