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(OFFICIAL) Micheoseo Couple T♥G Taecyeon ♥ Gui Gui; Global Couple Thread !! TaecGui ♥ YeonJie Part 2


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Hello~ :-h The new ship looks AMAZING! ㅎㅎ

TG & TG Shippers,

two songs if you want to listen^^

Daybreak - 좋다 johta (Good)

Hyobin &Tae Hyeong - 썸남썸녀 Some nam Some nyuh (Something Between You And Me)
Because I know, You know, They know..that there is something going on kekeke


@Shermaine Leong Yi Fang unnie, i have one too!  :D =)) :D
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Spam :"D 
This from 2PM - Koreans Talk Show Hello ( maybe ~ 2012 ) 
Sentence captured in this image , Taec said "My girlfriend will suit any style" .While I see here, which I thought was "Oh Taec, with a girl would suit any style, she must score 10 out of 10personality, inner, beautiful,  must love her job, and she must care about me ) ....what your requirements are too high ~ but look at that, when you see GuiGui, surely you can not be let go of her hand, she's SO PERFECT for your requirements..." :"DDDD

And...Sorry, He also has more requirements anymore. ( of course, after he met the right girl of his ideal  =]] )See this? 130508 2PM Naver LINE Star Chatting "I like people with small hand"

Edit : and I always wondered what she was doing when see this. 
She grabbed his waist? * Cr image from...our topic* hmmm, sr, but i dont remember who updated it :(

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I know people have said about this period. (Analysis by dropping his heart and "NO" of the two. So cute <3 ~ ):xBut I spam here about how holding their hand :"Dwhen I see this in the DVD , what I feel like is: 

He took to heart imprinted on the face GuiGui. 
"Come on. GuiGui" "Noooooo" -> awww ~ Her sounded super adorable in here? Does anyone feel like me???? "Oppa ... Same" "Same?" "Because we are ... together .. right now .." -> She began to embrace shook his wrist. "Together ... ohhhh" "So .. you have the same ..." "No" -> he looked at her tenderly, I think he really liked the phrase "together" =)) "Igo? Igo?" (Here? Here?) .. A little ""No ... no ... It's ok ... I'm good ... I have not the ...." -> At this point, I noticed he moved his thumb and he grabbed the hand of her back while the hand relax before.and heart was dropped =]] 

Can I call this "Love for TaecGui from small movements...Haha?"

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@cryjingle mentioned that Incisive Great Teacher will begin broadcast May 20. Here is a photo of Gui Gui and her love interest in this drama. Gui Gui seems to have many oppas. :)
(Photo from weibo.com)tumblr_mv3ckvcoPh1sbjhuzo1_500.jpg

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Guest gil_noona

I know this video has been posted before, but I'm missing them crazy right now.. Watching this video make me cry, but it kinda cures my "missing"-ness (if there's such a word).. And the song, is so sad..(GG's voice) :(( cry-blow.gif

Cr: Connie Wong

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Guest spicystrawberry

Happy Birthday, dear @mikoshine ^^ Stay itpuda, healthy and happy :) Lots of love to youuu :3


EDIT : edit thousand times still wont appear as image == well just click for those curious and @angelangie pali pali !! Help me outtt here @@

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