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(OFFICIAL) Micheoseo Couple T♥G Taecyeon ♥ Gui Gui; Global Couple Thread !! TaecGui ♥ YeonJie Part 2


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Guest spicystrawberry

Good Night Meow ~ ♡

@BiruAngel about the hairstyle, I will take note and reply that when I got my hand to PC ;)

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@korchick ~ re-watching ep 13 and noticed this. when Taec gives her the stuffed animal he won, he describes it this way "it is yellow and big eyes like you"

cr: b8l8

if you do a web search for "yellow orange", you get shades of this colour

now look at the okcat poster...

bef has some seriously big eyes considering her size and is yellow orange....
there you go! @packmule3 will explain it better.. but here is the short version!

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Guest b8l8

yay! we made it!!! awesome job all around! so many memories, so many firsts that we went through together, sad to see the other one closed down but definitely looking forward to many more insightful, awesome and lol posts in this brand new one!!!


is it time for another party?!!!Housewarming Party!!!

I'm doing fine, thank you for asking.  i live far from the san marcos fire but my heart goes out to all the people who live there. we will keep on praying. let us also pray for the firefighters braving the fires in record heat. 
@thet_del_rosario, glad to know you're okay, i heard the fire was only 15% contained this morning. stay safe!
@pluie625, we missed you! glad to have you back!

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Guest cryjingle

Checking in to the new thread...

You gals are amazing, I just not around for one day and you gals already moved to to new thread and at page six... Hahahahaha, looking forward to our achieving another page 2000 XDDDDD

Gui Gui is in Xiamen for her new drama, although it's controversial and as expected will receive a lot of criticism and anti, this is a very good opportunity for her to gain popularity because the TV channel is the biggest TV channel in China second to the Central Government channel!

Gui's The Incisive Great Teacher will be broadcasted in Jiejiang channel starting from 20 May!

photo DA693F41-9636-40DE-ACA4-23FB048880D1.png

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Guest AvaL1430293756

Re-posting from @bluemoonlight back in the old forum on page 312. Fanmade poster~!

It's so beautifully done that has us all squealing!! Thank you @bluemoonlight for finding this!

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Guest greenocean

Firstly, I'm glad to stay in our new house where has all of people that have always spent much love for Taecgui. However, because we have moved to our new house I'm sure that I will remember beautiful memories that we have experienced together at our old house. secondly, i have a question that i want to ask @angelangie : why do not we keep in the house full of our memories with uri couple?. one thread can't exceed 2000 pages? or we want to step through Taecgui's new stage to distinguish from the old stage. Maybe I missed some pages that have already discussed about this matter. Sorry if my question is stupid :D
Murmur: fighting! we will creat plenty of more wonderful memories at our new house. :x

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Here I was with the purest of intentions to help @lmangla with the indirect kiss and the next thing I saw @b8l8 has already created this 5 second time delayed kiss. 
Yes, @biruangel,  You're right; it was @gil_noona who did the reverse -- because I had asked her, too, so don't blame her now --  but she must have used your original gif because it still had your name on it.  :)  That threw me off. 
@b8l8, this gif of yours ...2014-05-16+19_39_15.gif
makes me want to see your gif of Richard I'm-going-to-kiss-you-senseless Armitage again.  With Taecyeon here, he looks like the type to forget how to breathe. We don't want him treated for respiratory distress in the middle of a pata-pata-pata. 

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