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(OFFICIAL) Micheoseo Couple T♥G Taecyeon ♥ Gui Gui; Global Couple Thread !! TaecGui ♥ YeonJie Part 2


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Part of an interview during her party. Content related to romance....seems she lower some of her partner standards....eg now said 1.78m will do...last time height is higher, right?

Interviewer (I) : How can u bear it when u don't date (or have a relationship) for 2 yrs?

Guigui (G) : But i can be 暧昧 Ai Mei (it translated as uncertain relationship or maybe not reach actual dating stage). To me, dating would be a stage going into marriage.

Narrator said her best friends help to find guys for her but not her type.

G : I can now accept 1.78m height. 2ndly must be talented....any talent will do...even like your interviewing skill is a good talent.

G : Next is good visuals. Think i can skip that. As long as he look comfortable/ok to me. Next is shoulders. As long as got shoulders will do. (mmm....no more broad shoulders?)

G : The 5th can not be nosier than me.  I : Thank you.  G : Interview over?  I : Ya. "pang pang" meaning good. Everyone laughs.

Her cakes :


Probably her fav.


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Guest spicystrawberry

Ahehehe >o< yaaaa able to catch at very beginning when she start live. If in the mid or almost end...will be difficult to even catch her attention. It just nice she asked us where we all come from - thats why she focusing on the comments. 


Anyway I heard my friend that she read on chinese article that she no longer in CJ E&M T_T so she back to her own management kind? herself and manager? :( 

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Think gifted by an artist and Uniqlo. The words are about how the clothes make the wearer look better/slimmer. 

Think some fan also drew Taecyeon b4....quite realistic.

Cute as usual.

And what's there to hide? if shirtless bod, we have seen already...haha.


Guigui....some recent activity.



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Is this real or a toy figure? haha.

This one confirm cartoon char....unique for Guigui.

She loves ice cream?

Just read the DMC Festival in 2nd half of Sep is cancelled. B'cos of work strike by MBC staff. Guigui was initially invited to perform on one of the days.

Mmm.....btw....no news eg confirmed date on Taecyeon's enlistment, right?

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"2PM will be holding a live stream through Naver's 'V-Live' to celebrate their 9th anniversary.

The live show will take place on September 3, 11:30 PM KST. Make sure to tune in as this will likely be one of the last times in which the whole group will be together for a while due to the upcoming mandatory military service for the members."


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2PM's Taecyeon is reportedly enlisting today.

He'd constantly told fans that he wanted to enlist this year, and it turns out that he's actually enlisting on the 9th anniversary of his debut with 2PM. He and the rest of 2PM had a 'V' live yesterday but he never mentioned his enlistment. 

JYP Entertainment confirmed to Xports News that Taecyeon was, in fact, enlisting today as an active-duty soldier. 

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@mikoshine Welcome back and what a timing.

Read many comments in a few websites eg allkpop, soompi etc....they are impressed that some celebrities/idols like Taecyeon really enlisted so privately....let alone the already known fact that he gave up US PR and chose to enlist in the army....also he got a loose disk in his spine, he could use that as an excuse but he did an op to fix it.


Also he enlisted on 4 Sep, 2PM's anniversary date. And either JYP announced it at 2pm...or he officially enlisted at 2pm....the timing 2pm is linked to the group he's in for around 9yrs.  

Wish Taecyeon a safe and healthy 2 years in the army.

A collection of pics.


Each member filled up some form during the recent vlive. Taec's. I don't understand korean. If anything interesting, anyone want to translate?

1st time seen anyone form heart like this.

The vlive the day before. He never mentioned about the enlistment there. No eng sub. And the clip window is quite small.


If u can read chinese, the window here is also bigger.


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thanks @Cedric Ong ^_^ 

Taec really is earning praises from netizens right now... he gave us his US PR so that he'll be able to enlist and actually corrected his vision and had another surgery just so he'll be qualified... a lot of people would've used that excuse to be exempted from enlisting but not him... :) 

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