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[Drama 2014] Cuckoo Nest 뻐꾸기 둥지 (KBS2)

Bayu Pratama

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Cuckoo Nest [KBS2]


'Cuckoo's Nest







Genre: Family Revenge Romance

Episodes: 100+

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast period: 2 June 2014

Air time: Monday Friday 19:45

Previous Drama : Angels Revenge




Baek Yeon-Hee's (Jang Seo-Hee) older brother dies because of a woman he loved. Baek Yeon-Hee decides to take revenge on the woman who is responsible for her brother’s death. Baek Yeon-Hee becomes a surrogate mother for the woman who can't have a baby and later tries to take the kid away from her.


Main Cast

Jang Seo Hee as Baek Yun Hee

Jun Noh Min as Bae Chan Suk

Lee Chae Young as Lee Hwa Young

Hwang Dong Joo as Jung Byung Kook

Supporting Cast

Ji Soo Won as Jung Jin Sook

Seo Kwon Soon as Madam Kwak

Im Chae Moo as Baek Chul

Park Joon Geum

Jung So Young

Son Ga Young

Kim Da Hyun

Production Credits

Director: Kwak Ki Won

Screenwriter: Hwang Soon Young




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The poster making of the new KBS 2TV daily drama "Cuckoo Nest" was revealed.
"Cuckoo Nest" starring Jang Seo-hee and Lee Chae-yeong is in the middle of poster making.
The two women in the pictures create an intense but secretive atmosphere.
Their contrasting images show what character they are going to be like in the drama and it reveals their unavoidable fate of conflict.
Jang Seo-hee is wearing a black and white outfit, looking elegant and proud. She looks weak and soft but she's one with innocence and strength within her. She takes on the role of Baek Yeon-hee.
Lee Chae-yeong is wearing a red dress that shows her off volumes and looks intimidating enough with her femme fatale eyes.
The two of them worked very well during the poster making and actually are quite good friends.
Meanwhile, "Cuckoo Nest" is about a woman whose brother was killed seeking revenge by becoming a surrogate mother and protecting her life and child. To be broadcasted on the 2nd of June after "Women By Nature".
source: osen,hancinema

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Son Ga-yeong cast for "Cuckoo Nest"

photo434788.jpgActress Son Ga-yeong is starring as Jang Seo-hee's little sister.
According to Son Ga-yeong's agency, "Cuckoo Nest" cast her as Baek Yeon-hee's (Jang Seo-hee) younger sister Baek Joon-hee.
Son Ga-yeong starred in the MBC drama "Gu Family Book" as a bad character who bullied Chung-jo (Lee Yoo-bi). She starred in "Indomitable Daughters-In-Law" as Sin-woo's (Park Yoon-jae) ex-girlfriend who confused Sin-woo once again and tried to break him and Yeong-sim (Sin Ae-ra) up.
This time, she's Baek Joon-hee, sister to Baek Yeon-hee and a fashion designer at her father Baek Cheol's company. Like the rich girl that she is, she is bold and proud but sometimes weak at heart and clumsy.
Meanwhile, "Cuckoo Nest" is about a woman whose brother was killed seeking revenge by becoming a surrogate mother and protecting her life and child. It's a collaboration by Kwak Gi-won and Hwang Soon-yeong. It is also Jang Seo-hee's first come back in 4 years. To be broadcasted on the 2nd of June.
credits: hancinema
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Thank you for starting the thread, @bayu Pratama.

Since this drama is taking the place of Angel's Revenge I have hope that KBS will post the subbed episodes on YT.

Also Viki has a tentative page for it. Make sure you add to your favorites.


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‘Cuckoo’s Nest” Poster Released Freakishly

On the main poster of "cuckoo"s nest" that was released, jang suh hee is holding onto babies with a very desperate face. Drama "cuckoo"s nest" conjures an image.

'Cuckoo's Nest

Drama “Cuckoo”s Nest” conjures an image of the thriller movie and the poster was released.

On the episode of the new KBS2 daily drama “Cuckoo”s Nest” (script Whang Soon Young, director Kwak Ki Hoon) broadcast on May 27th, the protagonist Jang Suh Hee and Lee Chae Young are conflicting with each other in a poster.

On the main poster of “Cuckoo”s Nest” that was released, Jang Suh Hee is holding onto babies with a very desperate face. Behind this, Lee Chae Young has on bright red manicure and is trying to choke Jang Suh Hee” neck.

Especially in this poster”s color selection, the two people”s faces of Jang Suh Hee and Lee Chae Young are conflicting with each other to draw a threatening and scary vibe.

Meanwhile, “Cuckoo”s Nest” is about a woman that was pushed to be a surrogate mother who was pushed to the death of her older brother and he is planning a deadly revenge. In addition, another woman is working hard to protect her own life and the kid”s. The two women battle each other in what will be a battle for their kids and their own lives. It will be broadcast for the first time at 7:50PM on June 3rd.

Source: www.kdramastars.com
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Poster and Characters


Added new images for the upcoming Korean drama "Cuckoo Nest" (2014)

Directed by Kwak Gi-won

Written by Hwang Soon-yeong

Network : KBS

With Jang Seo-hee, Hwang Dong-joo, Jeong So-yeong, Lee Chae-yeong, Kim Da-hyeon, Im Chae-moo,...

100 episodes - Mon~Fri 19:50
A total revenge story about a woman who becomes the surrogate mother of the woman who drove her brother to death. She conceives and gives birth to the child, lets the other woman raise the child and takes it back again, completely destroying the woman.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/06/02







Source: Hancinema

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yo @kdramafan469....not sure...still on the iffy side, but does look freakishly interesting...

Love the title of the drama...and I do agree that just reading how everything is set up there is a big misunderstanding between the two.

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@BayuPratama,.. Hi.. Thanks for opening the thread and the trailer..
@kdramafan469,.. You know I have a thing for revenge dramas with forgiveness in the end.. I will watch because it will be subbed.. And most likely there will be nothing else on worth watching..
@sichadiva42... I found what I was looking for..
It seems like it will be also another baby involved..?

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KBS World just posted it on their FB page:

<Two Mothers>

★Premiere on KBS World : 2014.06.16★

A revenge tragedy of a woman called Hwayoung who tries to bring Yeonhui down. Hwayoung thinks Yeounhui, her brother's ex-girlfriend, is responsible for her brother's death. She plans her revenge on Yeonhui, who becomes infertile, by being a surrogate mother for her and taking the baby from her.

Mon-Fri 09:30am | 04:20pm (Seoul, UTC+9)



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Oh my I tell you watching these 100+ episodes make me want to scream how they end up forgiving or redeeming the villains in the end, but this one sure sounds intrigue along with the great cast that's behind it and will be looking forward to it as well.

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Morning Everyone,..

I hate seeing baby carriages like these puts me in the remind of rosemary baby....>:) 
So Yh has lost two babies.. ? No wonder  Hy is all twisted look at her home life mom takes the brother ceremony money and go get drunk.. I don;t know if this dude supposed to be the mom's boyfriend.. But I'm going to have to get used to see him playing a role of being poor considering all the other scripts Ive seen him in he's always been a refined character.. 

Now who is the man ceremony they or mourning was it Yh father in law.. Also who is the lil boy we have very little description of these people..   

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@valsava Morning to you too  :-)
I'm confused....did the accident happen 11 yrs ago? His urn said June 2nd 2003. 
I think people are just lurking for now while they decide if this is going to be good or not. I know everyone will be redeemed here because so far I can't see why the sister thinks the ex girlfriend is responsible for his death. She didn't cause or contribute to his death or leave him dying somewhere. We shall have to see.

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